Saturday, April 4, 2020

Affirmative Prayer for Good Leadership

Good Leadership 
There is a Power for Good in the universe. It is the Power of the Creator that gives rise to all of life. This Power creates life out of its loving intelligence and wisdom. Its nature is caring support for all of life. Harmony is the result of the action of this Power for Good. This Power is unlimited and universal.

This Power for Good is present everywhere all the time. This Power for Good is right here in my life, fully active. The loving intelligence and wisdom that has created life is here and now in my life. And as this Power for Good is in me it is in the leaders who govern my world. The loving intelligence and wisdom that had created life is available to and active in all leaders.

There for I accept leadership in my world that is rooted in goodness. I accept the loving intelligence and wisdom are the basis for all decisions. I declare that my life and the lives of my neighbors, friends and family and all people everywhere are right now receiving the caring support of the Power for Good. Harmony is forever restoring the lives of all people everywhere and especially all people effected by the current situation.

I feel the quiet comfort of knowing the Spiritual Truth that the Power for Good is the only power and it is fully active in my life and my world.

I let it be as it is,

And So It Is

Diane Tapogna, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Grounded in Spiritual Practice

Resting in the fullness of infinite love, boundless connection and intelligence there is only one thing happening. It is all God, enfolding all in its irrepressible goodness.

And so I am made of this one divine substance, inseparable from this everywhere present good, the source and sustenance of all. It breathes through me and beats my heart; I am an individual expression of It, a place where the Divine shows up. As this is true for me it is true for all of life.

With this understanding I speak my word for and about myself and all. I accept how life is showing up in Its expected and unexpected ways. I ground myself in daily spiritual practice affirming the highest and greatest good for all. I recognize that Infinite Intelligence is always available to inform and guide our leaders and those providing health care, crucial services and medical materials in our community and the world.  Resources are available and generously shared. I practice this awareness in all I think say and do. I turn from divisive, unhelpful attitudes and invest in our common humanity. I am compassionate and responsible in how I show up in the world, choosing safety for myself and others. I remember that peace and guidance is everywhere present, 100 % available in the midst of however life shows up.

I gratefully accept this spiritual truth that is already know and done in the heart and mind of God.

And so it is. Amen

Amada Colt, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Saturday, March 28, 2020

I Accept My Good

Breathing in the fullness of the infinite that is everywhere present in and through and as all life. There is nothing outside of it. All is encompassed within its infinite love, boundless intelligence and creative power. It is always acting on behalf of its creation.

And so I am created through the will and power of the Divine. I am Inseparable from my divine nature, an individual expression the one, here on purpose. I am a drop of water in the ocean of the Divine connected to all of life.

From this understanding I speak this prayer. I claim and accept my good which is everywhere present, in the midst of however life is showing up. My heart softens as I let go of resistance. I release any conscious or unconscious thought, idea or belief in lack, limitation or separation. I recognize and act on opportunities to express the Divine in me and to support that activity in others. I listen with my heart to the meaning beneath someone's words. Kindness grows in me as I realize my connection to every part of the universe, seen and unseen known and unknown. I remember my thoughts and actions whether big or small have power and impact, so I strive to be present and thoughtful. I anchor myself in daily spiritual practice.

With a grateful heart I recognize this truth for and about myself and all of life.

I am confident this prayer is already known and done in the heart and mind of God.

And so it is.

Amada Colt, RScP

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Blessings for the Center for Spiritual Living

"The great blessing of the Spirit pours through me now and protects me in all my ways. My good is around and with me so that I am secure and safe. The loving presence of Spirit is with me now and forever, so that I am divinely protected. I let go of all problems and know that Spirit is with me. The great quietness and calm of the universe of love is within me. I am richly blessed."

"The armor of God is faith in the good, the enduring and the true. With this armor knit together with the thread of unity running through all, strong with the strength of the Almighty… we are safe. There is no uncertainty about my future and no fear as a result of my past. I live in an eternal now which is filled with good alone.”

"Goodness and beauty follow me. Peace and joy accompany me. Happiness and wholeness fill my entire being with the realization of love and perfection.”

Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes 

A Prayer for our Times

One Creative Spirit lives as life itself in all its manifestations. It is strong, everlasting, resilient, and always evolving.

Just as I am a part of it all, so is everything and everyone else. And our Center for Spiritual Living is a vibrant force for good amidst it all.

With serene confidence I affirm that our Center is blessed with an abundance of resources. Healthy financially and physically, our Center for Spiritual Living Santa Rosa is a beacon of connection
and hope for our beautiful planet and is richly rewarded in kind.

I am grateful for the loving activity of the living Spirit.

Letting go of this prayer, anticipating that all is truly well, remembering that the
heart of God is within, I look for the good.

And so it is.

Andra Sandberg, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Monday, March 23, 2020

Affirmative Prayer for Centers for Spiritual Living

Divine Spirit is the everything and all that governs this universe and all that is seen and unseen. It is both formed and unformed, infinite potential and creative spirit behind all that we know to be true, all that has ever been and all that is yet to be. It gives to all and to all alike expressing with unlimited abundance in all areas. The vitality and richness of nature, the countless stars in the sky, the endless grains of sand on a beach, the uncountable drops of water in the ocean, this is all God. The is no place where this presence is not revealing itself as easily as the sun unveils itself each daybreak. It is the order of the universe.

As it is in all things and everywhere, It is right here where I am. I am like a drop of water in the ocean of God’s life. I am not the entire ocean but everything I am is made of the ocean of life. We are each expression of this one in our own unique precious ways. God is always here regardless of condition and circumstance. It is in all we do, all our activities, and in all our communities and family systems.

So I claim that the Center for Spiritual Living, and all who call this their spiritual home, is infused with the abundance of health, well-being, infinite resources for good, calm blessed assurance in all situations. I feel confident that Spirit is expressing itself here with the same presence and dynamic abundance as I see coming forth in nature and all it’s beauty, vitality, and gifts of fruition. The promise of fruit on the trees as they awakened, the expectation that the seeds in my garden are germinating in the moist soil of life to become all they already are, the birds gathering all they need to create safe homes - all of this is also happening on the unseen side of life for and about Centers for Spiritual Living and all its members. And it is not limited there. As I claim and affirm this for my own spiritual home, I claim it for each individual and the collective family of earth. I envision all beings everywhere resting in faith that something good is unfolding, supporting us, removing obstacles and opening our hearts to a greater love than ever before. 

With a sense of gratitude for being able to hold this truth in my heart I, release this word into the law which is the creative force. 

And so I let it be. And so it is. 

♥ Claire Victor, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living Santa Rosa

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Affirmative Prayer for Easy Travel

Prayer for Easy Travel

The Divine flow of life continues eternally on. This flow evolves life reaching for its highest good. Miraculously, this Spirit flows through me now; every atom, every cell, every organ is a testimonial to the brilliance of this intelligence.

As I travel, I remember that I am connected to the one power that moves and coordinates the universe. It keeps everything in balance flowing perfectly. I am a vehicle for Spirit’s journey through life, getting to experience joy, peace, connection and the sense that something wonderful is going on here and I am a part of it all.

So I declare that as I travel, I embrace the flow of humanity that I am a part of. Each person I encounter another incarnation of that one Intelligence. I silently bless all that I encounter. I merge into the flow of life, moving through lines and waiting times with ease. I relax in confidence knowing all is truly well. Perfect travel is assured arriving at the destination in good time, feeling refreshed and renewed, grateful for the adventure ahead.

My mind remains on the divine expression through me, glad that I am supported, sustained, healed, and uplifted by this loving Spirit. Resting in faith that the perfect outcome is assured, I release this word of prayer to the spiritual laws that bring it about masterfully.

And so it is.

Andra Sandberg, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living Santa Rosa

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Affirmative Prayer for Wisdom, Kindness and Connection

Within, around and as all being there is only One, everywhere present and boundless--- light, love, power and intelligence. It creates all from its divine substance. The Compassionate Mother,  Father, God enfolds all within Itself. No thing is outside of it.

And it follows that I am made of this divine stuff. It is the nature of my being. I am a place where God shows up, through divine will. I am inseparable from this truth.

From this realization I affirm this prayer for and about myself and all life. I remember the Divine in me is everywhere present poised for my recognition. 

I affirm that within the present world health situation---  people, communities, agencies and nations work together for the highest good of all concerned. The needs of vulnerable individuals,  groups and world regions are met with abundant wisdom, kindness and resources. I accept that health strategies and connections are strengthened and continue to grow and adapt beyond the current need. It is a framework for expanding communication and a deepening understanding of our common humanity. I declare that the Divine within  recognizes the Divine as all life, there is no other. I act from this understanding as I navigate my daily activities  within my local community. I choose trust in the infinite resource of the Divine.

I gratefully acknowledge and accept this spiritual truth for and about myself and the world.

It is known and done in the heart and mind of the One.

And so it is.
Amada Colt, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa