Saturday, May 1, 2021

Love is my Guide

The Creative Life Force is forever renewing Itself through all of creation. Its power is love. This Life Force is the starting point for all inspiration. All of life is interconnected and interwoven in this unlimited flow of love and energy.

This Creative Life Force is alive and active in me. It is the very essence of my being. I am united fully with all of life through its flow of love and energy.

I accept that my life is filled with love. This love comes from the Spirit and is animated by the Creative Life Force within me. I am renewed daily by the Creative Life Force that opens my eyes to see love all around me. I am inspired by this Life Force to honor my unity and connection with all I come in contact with. I let love be my guide. I love deeply, boldly, and powerfully. I willingly step into the adventure of life energized by the Spirit.

I am grateful to know and accept this as the powerful reality of my life. I exist in this flow of love and energy.

I release this Word into the Creative Law that governs creation and manifests it in my experience.

 And so it is.


Saturday, April 24, 2021

Revealing Wholeness

Revealing Wholeness

There is one Intelligence creating this reality, I see Its presence everywhere as life unfolding. Spring emerges in the tulips and daffodils, the breeze dances in the trees. Life is reemerging over and over again. This one that I call now, “Sweet Lord God Almighty,” is the source of all that is. This sweet abundant life reveals itself brilliantly. Every creature, blade of grass, cloud, and mountain are all examples of this magnificent one. The seasons change according to this grand master planner, and this planet evolves reinventing itself. Life is eternal.

Just as all the planets and stars are made of and by this One, so I too am made of the same stardust that each one of us is made of. Each of us has access to all this intelligence expressing uniquely as me and each one of us.

Accepting that life is unfolding just as it does eternally; I allow now the mystery and magic of this creative life to flow through me to inspire my passions. I release any negative or restrictive beliefs. I see others through the eyes of God appreciating their challenges just like mine. I accept a deeper commitment to my spiritual practice. I see every routine activity as an avenue to see the divine flow, reminding me that all is well and even small activities can be meditative. I assert the life is God is my life now and I am grateful for this body with all its senses that reveals God’s nature to me.

Building now the intention to reveal wholeness at every moment of my life means remembering my divine connection and acting accordingly. I am quick to forgive, and quick to admit my part in it all. I do not argue nor shout excessively. I am serene and confident. I remain centered and grounded having confidence that this loving power is watching over me. I relax feeling uplifted, held, comforted, and loved by this internal and external presence.

Gratefully, I release this prayer to that infinite law that is already acting upon it and has had made it so.


Andra Sandberg, RScP

Saturday, April 17, 2021

I Am Grounded in Essential Goodness

God is eternal. It has no beginning, was never started. God caused the world and everything else to exist. Here at this present moment, there is an awareness of the grand intelligence that is the cause of all; this original thought in form.

Connecting with this awareness as my essence now, embodying this intelligence in this human form, I embrace the miracle that I am.

Knowing that each one of us is this miracle in expression, I pray for peace, love, and harmony to be expressed in our lives. It shows up as compassion for others and our planet. This connection brings comfort where there is loneliness; relief where there is fear, hope where there is desperation. 

Each moment is an opportunity to be free and be my true authentic self; so, I take that step to feel who I truly am. Using spiritual practices, I remember over and over again that I am grounded in the essential goodness of my being with infinite possibilities in the expression of my life.

Knowing that all is truly well and that I have all I need to be my authentic self, I step forward into the future, confident and serene that the greater yet to be awaits me. 

Grateful for this awareness, I release this prayer into that activity of the Law that unfolds life perfectly.

And so it is.

Andra Sandberg, RScP


Saturday, April 3, 2021

Power, Strength and Courage

 The Divine Presence is steady, constant, and reliable. It is both changeless and ever-changing. It is both deeply known and yet unknowable. This Divine Presence is the power that includes all beings in its embrace. It is the endless energy that motivates life.

 I am one with this Divine Presence. It is the origin of my strength and my courage. It is both the Creator of my path and it is my path.

 I affirm that I stand in power, strength, and courage as I embrace the great mystery of life. I remain open and curious about the life that unfolds before me. I resolve to stay loyal to my union with Divinity. My faith deepens as I confidently place one foot in front of the other. The Divine Presence is my constant companion.

A sense of gratitude settles in me as I accept this as already accomplished in my life.

 And so it is.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Affirmative Prayer for Travel

Prayer for Travel

There is only one force and power in the universe, and it is God, the creative force, intelligence and substance of all Life. It is the seen and unseen, everywhere present source and  sustainer of all that is  always acting on behalf of Its creation.

It follows that It is the source and substance of my being, in around, through and as me. I exist within it as a part of it, inseparable from this one life, connected to all that is.

In this awareness I claim a peace and calm as I travel. I welcome each day; I accept and savor however life unfolds. I trust the one intelligence that is at work on behalf of myself and all of life. I notice how I am irrevocably connected to all that is. I am a center of comfort, reverence, comradery and connection as I move through my day. All is well.

In gratitude and joy I recognize this spiritual truth of my being.

It is known and done in the heart and mind of God.

And so it is.

Amada Colt, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Kindness and Civility

God is the center and circumference of All. Nothing is outside of It; Mother-Father God is the one presence and substance of all being. It is boundless Love, Goodness, and Intelligence always acting on behalf of Its creation, everywhere present, creating anew in each moment. It is the seen and unseen Substance and Sustainer of Life.

And It is the allness of my being. There is no spot where the Divine is not moving in, around, through and as my life. I am inseparable from God, created and sustained as an individual expression of the One in body mind and spirit. As this is true for me this is true for all beings, all life.

From this understanding I declare and affirm God's everywhere present love, compassion and creative power are fully available in the midst of however life shows up. I allow kindness, civility and reason to inform my thoughts, words and deeds, especially when I disagree with someone else's point of view. I lean into and trust God's presence in the midst of the everything that is happening. I practice listening with an open heart and seek common ground so I am a source of connection rather than separation in my daily activities and encounters. I am lifted up as I deepen my daily spiritual practice.

With a grateful heart I accept and celebrate this Spiritual truth. I release this prayer into the Law of Mind where it already acted upon.

With deep assurance I let go and let God. And so it is.


Amada Colt,  RScP

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Infinite Possibilities

The life of Divinity is unrestricted and unopposed. Today I call it the Absolute Source. This Absolute Source is forever harmonizing all of creation. Infinite and eternal, It is the great giver of life and the home of creation itself. Infinite possibilities flow from this Source. All beings are included in the expression of Its endless good.

Therefore, I am an expression of this endless good. My life is a unique aspect of the divine life. All of the good that flows from the Source flows through me and my life.

I open my mind to the wealth of infinite possibilities for transformation. I affirm that the inner knower within me is guiding me to my highest expression of good. I surrender to Its guidance. I open my heart to that which is calling me forward. I commit to the practices that bring greater awareness. The Absolute Source is pouring Its good into my life in every moment, and I am receptive to it.

 I celebrate this powerful realization of the action of the Absolute Source in my life.

 I release this word into the Law of Mind knowing it is made manifest in my experience.

 And so it is.