Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Affirmative Prayer for Baltimore

Affirmative Prayer for Baltimore  

There is this One presence enveloping all in it’s loving embrace.  Nothing is outside of it, it is all inclusive.  Everything known and unknown , seen and unseen is invisibly woven together.  It is that Power which moves the substance of Life in and out of form, recreating, transforming anew in each moment, it is the breath and heartbeat of All that is. The infinite source and supply of compassion and peace is 100 % available, knowing Itself through all of Creation, always conspiring on behalf of Its creation for the greatest good.

It being everything,  I know that I  too am made of this God stuff. As this is true for me this is true for the citizens of Baltimore,  true for all humankind,  for all aspects of Creation.  All are within this One Life, there is no separation, no place where one part of Life ends and the next begins, we are one whole, connected,  living expression of Spirit.

In this acknowledgment of wholeness, I claim a remembering that when any part of our body is injured it effects the whole, and the rest of the body sets about healing, bringing it into wholeness, balance and harmony. This is the divine design of all beingness.  Right now, in this very moment, I recognize a willingness to release and surrender any thought, idea or belief that is contrary to the good of all concerned, allowing a  bigger space to create anew, to trust and allow the shift in healing consciousness that is already unfolding. 

I recognize that beyond the appearance of lack, limitation and separation our inherent nature is being called forth to support and express understanding, love, peace and inclusiveness.   There is a growing atmosphere where sharp edges and rigid thinking soften, where there is a greater experience of understanding and justice .  I claim   an opening  to  ease and comfort as  injuries and broken places begin to heal and mend within each heart and the community.  Our brothers and sisters in Baltimore and around the world come together  with lives grounded in Faith, enfolded in Peace and a growing confidence in the power of Love and a world that works for everyone.    I celebrate and accept this divine configuration of robust  healing; knowing it is Truth revealing with infinite possibility  for Good. 

With deep  love and assuredness,  I  rest in this Truth for and about the community of Baltimore.

I release my Word into the heart and mind of the One where it is already known and done.   And so it is.      Amen 

Amada Colt RScP

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