Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I am Motivated and Inspired

I am motivated and inspired

There is one Life, one Mind, one brilliant Intelligence. It is the one powerful, creative Presence. It is the Source of all that is, ever-present and all-knowing. This Presence is fully available to all and all alike.

Therefor it is fully available to  me. I am a creation of this brilliant Intelligence, one with It's perfect expression.

I accept for myself that I am fully motivated and inspired to express my unique gifts in all that I do, think and say. I recognize the value of my contributions and I am encouraged and supported by the power of the Divine moving through me. I am guided on my way by the same brilliant Intelligence that created me. I am open to new experiences that come to me as a result of this awareness. I am motivated and inspired from within and I appreciate the beauty all around me.

I accept this Truth of my being with a grateful and joyous heart.

I release this Word of Truth to that receptive aspect of the Divine that responds to its highest intention.

And So It Is

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Perfect, Rapid Healing

Perfect, Rapid Healing

There is one perfect Power in all the universe and It's nature is wholeness and order. It is that perfect pattern of nature and It expresses fully and completely in all and all alike. It is the powerful healing presence of the Divine Spirit that gives Itself to every circumstance and situation.

Because this power is everywhere all the time, I know It is in me and in this prayer.

I therefore declare that it is the healing power of the Divine Spirit that is setting everything right in my body. Every cell is responding to the realization of this truth of my being. I am made in the same perfect pattern as all of nature. The healing Power of the Divine Spirit is right now returning me to perfect balance and harmony in  my body temple. Whatever support I need from persons or technologies is freely available to me and I am divinely guided to perfect right action.

I recognize that there is nothing that can stop or interrupt this powerful healing process. The timing of it all is perfect. I release any thought of delay and accept the instantaneous results of this prayer.

I appreciate and celebrate the power of this Truth to transform my experience.

I release its full and highest intention into the receptive nature of the Divine Mind and I let it be.

And So It Is