Saturday, March 22, 2014

Affrimative Prayer for Abundance and Supply

Affrimative Prayer for Abundance and Supply by Bette Smith

Turning within to that place where Spirit dwells.  Spirit is all knowing and all powerful and is everywhere present.  Spirit is glorious love, Spirit is perfect peace, and Spirit is that magnificent power for Good.  Spirit is infinite and abundant; the source of all creation.  Spirit is the source of all supply and there is always enough, and never a shortage.

That power for good dwells within me.  That infinite source of supply is right where I am.  It is a magnificent power;  it is glorious love and perfect peace.  It is all right here, right where I am.  I am a creative expression of Spirit, unlimited in my ability to express that perfection and love that is within me.  There is a part of me that has never been harmed and cannot be altered by external circumstances.   Spirit is the light within me that illumines my path and makes perfect my way.  It breathes me, it expresses itself through me in greater and greater ways. 

As I speak my word in first person, I am speaking for everyone reading  this prayer.  I claim an opening to recognize that Spirit is my source and supply.  I claim an opening to step into my awareness of the power and presence of Spirit that dwells within me.  I claim an expansion to open to greater possibilities than have ever gone before.  I open the door to divine wisdom and divine love moving through my life and making perfect my way.  I claim a release of anything that blocks my perfection from revealing itself to me.  And I claim that love guides and directs me in all actions.   I declare that the never ending supply of love and peace and power within me expresses itself each day.  I can relax and open to my good.

I am grateful for the realization of Spirit’s presence in my life. 

Giving great thanks for this shift in thinking to recognize the greater good in my life and in the lives of everyone listening, I release my word now into the law of mind and I let it be and so it is.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Affirmative Prayer for Good Self-Care

Affirmative Prayer for Good Self-Care

There is One Loving Presence that is the Source of all of Life. Life originates from Love and Life is sustained by Love. This Love is the absolute power of the Divine and it is continuously creating Life. Its only intention is to express Life more freely through all that is. This Love, this Presence, this Power is infinite-that is without beginning and without end, and eternal-was never born and shall never die. It includes all that is formed and all that is unformed.

It includes me. I am one with the absolute Love of the Divine Presence. It is my source and my nourishment. It is continuously creating through me.

So, I am right now affirming that I cooperate with this intentional creation of Life through me. I open my heart to receive  absolute Love. And as I do, I am called to and drawn to activities that promote my well-being. I become a master of self-care. And as I do, I am serving all that I come into contact with. When I am kind to myself, I am easily kind to others. When I am patient with myself, I am easily patient with others. When I am well, I can support the wellness of others. I care for my body, mind and spirit naturally and easily. I gladly accept responsibility for my own well-being. I am delighted to practice good self care.

I give thanks for this realization of Life expressing Love and Care through me.

I accept this my Word is complete and accomplished without delay.

And So It Is

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Affirmative Prayer for Ukraine

Affirmative Prayer for Ukraine by Bonnie Chase, RScP

The One God in its infinite and eternal power knows only peace, love and joy.  This is the energy that gives existence and life to all there is, and it is the truth of all there is.

 This truth operates in these words with the creative power of the All-in-All, it infuses the world with its majesty and graces the land of Ukraine with its glory and peace.

 Peace permeates the fertile soil of the Ukraine.  Spirit's joy lifts its people's hearts.  The power of the One gives strength, meaning and direction to those who inhabit this blessed land.

 They stand firm in their love for each other, for life and for Spirit.  They stand open to the guidance and support from divine realms.  They are firmly lead to peace and prosperity that none can vanquish, for the Ukraine is a divine idea in the mind of God, and the divine knows no defeat.

 In great gratitude for this shift, for this new strength and majesty arising from the pains of Eurasia, I release my word to the law that always makes it so.  And so it is.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Affirmative Prayer for Peace in Ukraine

Affirmative Prayer for Peace in Ukraine by  Suzanne Sackett, RScP

There is one Magnificent Power - ever-present in love, harmony, and balance - flowing in, through, and as all Life…and it is God, Spirit, Creation.

This Divine Nature expresses fully as my life, as all things, all beings -- consistently and perfectly creating lives of love, health, peace, flow, balance, and communication. It is the very essence of all life for all people in Ukraine and Russia; for all people everywhere.

As I feel complete peace in mind, heart and soul, a feeling of well being fills my world. Peaceful is my way of life. This same peace lives within each person living in Ukraine and Russia. In all that they do, they are guided by Infinite Wisdom. In all that they think, Universal Truth is revealed. In all that is said, the Love of God is shared. The awe of Spirit blesses all of their relationships, exchanges, intentions, and their lives are ones of peace, love, happiness, and prosperity.

This rich, gentle, and endless stream of peace of the Absolute fills my heart to overflowing. I am truly grateful. I release these truths into the Omnipresent Law of Mind, knowing that as I have claimed it to be so, so it is!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Prayer for Ukraine

Prayer for Ukraine  by  Brenda Kobrin, RScP

 There is One Power and Presence in the universe, One Spirit, One Creative Source, One Holy, Divine Center of all that is. It's nature is wholeness, peace integrity, oneness. It is never divided against Itself, but always in harmony with It's own nature. And there is nothing outside of It.

 It encompasses all that exists and that includes all people and all nations of the world, east and west, north and south, and everything in between. In recognizing this, I recognize that there is inherent peace and harmony in, through, and between all nations, each one expressing its unique flavor of the Divine. There is wholeness, peace, perfection, and harmony at the heart of Ukraine and at the heart of Russia. This divine perfection is naturally present in every citizen and in every leader of these countries, and in all of those who look on to the interplay between these nations.

 I call upon this Divine Presence in all to override fear and tension between Ukraine and Russia and to guide these two nations and all of their concerned neighbors and world citizens to harmonious relations and peaceful interactions. I know that a higher good is bubbling to the surface of expression in the current situation in Ukraine and that it is guided by the Divine Creative Source. I claim peace, harmony and well-being for all of the people of Ukraine and a greater opportunity than ever before for each of them to express their divine nature. I claim for each of them a release of fear and a deep knowing of the truth. I claim for all Ukrainians a greater sense of confidence in knowing who they are and in expressing their divine nature, as individuals and as a nation. Peace, joy, and a deep sense of well-being prevails in Ukraine.

 I am grateful for this shift in consciousness that is taking place for Ukraine, for her neighbors, and for all the world, as we see Ukraine emerge more free and powerful in her divine expression, more confident in who she is, and more willing than ever to play her divine part in the world.

 With a deep sense of conviction in knowing the truth, I release this word to the Divine presence which has already said yes and has already made it so. And so it is.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Affirmative Prayer for Vitality

Affirmative Prayer for Vitality

There is one Power, one loving Energy. This Power and Energy flows through everything. It is the Power and Energy of the living Spirit. It is generous and abundant. It is infinite and eternal. It reaches into all of life and gives Itself fully to all of life. Vitality is Its very nature.

I am a creation of this one Power and I am made from this one Energy. The Power and Energy of the living Spirit reach into every part of me.

I affirm that the Power and Energy of the one living Spirit is fully alive and active in me. I am filled with vitality as my nature is the same as Spirit's nature. I am blessed with overflowing abundance of positive, constructive, loving energy. I am enlivened by the flow of the Spirit through me and It leads me to great and wonderful experiences. I drink it in and savor all that comes to me and through me. I am fully alive in Spirit. Vitality is my natural state and I open to receive it. I allow vitality to be fully expressed through me.

I am grateful as I celebrate this as my personal truth. I give thanks for the revealing of this truth and the manifestation of its highest intention in my experience.

I release this Word now, trusting Spirit to bring it forth.

And So It Is