Saturday, February 15, 2020

Affirmative Prayer to Remember the Boundless Nature of God

The unchangeable, irrepressible nature of God is the foundation, creator,
source and sustainer of life. It is inclusive of and at the center of all, as all.
It is boundless, infinite, eternal. No thing is outside of It. This everywhere
present intelligence, love, compassion and creative power is always acting
on behalf of Its creation, always available.

And so I am here on purpose through the will of the Divine, as an
instrument and vessel of the One, a child of Father Mother God. I am
connected to all of life, the seen and the unseen, the known and unknown. I
abide within the one body, mind and spirit of the Divine, inseparable from
all that is. There is no spot in, around or as me where God is not. The
divine presence is as close as my breath and is that breath, infused with
infinite potential, love and compassion.

With this understanding I declare a willingness to release any limiting
thought, idea, or attitude which is contrary to my good and others. I open
the doors of my body heart and mind for the release of what is unhelpful,
while welcoming a greater good to inform my thoughts, words and actions.
I take time to examine my thoughts and beliefs before acting. I notice
where I forget the boundless nature of God and am stuck in an unhelpful
belief. I seek prayer support. In the appearance of worry or fear I surrender
it to the Lord Almighty; I trust the infinite love, intelligence and timing of

With a grateful heart I release this prayer, confident it is already known and
acted upon by the One.

And so it is.
Amada Colt RScP

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Prayer for Healing from Melanoma

Prayer for Healing from Melanoma

One Life is eternally living Itself as everything in existence. 

This flow of Life is living Itself in each one of us, always whole, perfect, and complete.

I am affirming now that anything resembling Melanoma is let go, removed, flushed out, released from the body.  The body resumes its healthy embrace of life’s experiences of peace of mind, joy, compassion, and love.  Life renews itself and is supported by the loved ones that are helpers.  Family bonds grow closer and love and gratitude abound with the eradication of Melanoma.

Confident that the universe continues in its perfect expression of life, this prayer affirms that rapid healing energy is being deployed to wherever needed to create wholeness now.

Resting in thanksgiving and in the breath of this healing power of diving living energy, I release it now into those spiritual laws that manifest wholeness perfectly.

And so it is.

Andra Sandberg, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa