Saturday, October 25, 2014

I Know Who I Am


There is only One thing happening. It is Life. It is God.  The endless heavens above, the countless galaxies swirling, and all the space between is made of God. God is the beauty, the joy, the harmony, the eternal peace, and the powerful yet quiet voice of Nature in and throughout all things.  God is this divine experience called Life, which is happening in every moment.  There is no beginning and no ending. Without a center or circumference, this very moment is Life in action. Spirit is always re-creating itself fully and perfectly in every moment which is evident by the blossoming abundance of life in all its diversity.

As God is that which makes up everything, I am of God. I am part of Life. Life is in me and works through me.  My life is an expression of the one Spirit common to all.  The gift of Universal Life has created me, and is creating through me.  The inherent beauty, harmony, and peace of Life are bound within me. These qualities are in me and always will be. There is no time in God.  As God has no beginning and no ending, neither do I.  What is true for God must be true for me, for I am made
of Spirit. My very nature is born of peace, harmony, and abundance. These qualities are my nature and God lives its life through my thoughts and actions.

I was born in this time, in this place, and into this body by a God that I feel in my heart when in communion with Spirit. I let go of my story. I surrender to that still small voice within.  I let go of future worries. I let go of past regrets. I am present in this miraculous moment, and I know who I am, a child of God. I am a vital part of Life, a life that was given to me without prejudice. It is mine for the living.  I am awake and express peace, harmony, love and abundance, for all of these qualities and more are who I am. I am peaceful. I am harmonious. I am love. I am light emanating from the One.  I am made from God and I radiate with the cosmic brilliance of a billion stars.

I am so blessed. I am so grateful. My heart, soul, and mind overflows with the presence of this moment, so much so that I don’t know what to make of it, and this is wonderful! I rest in gratitude with a profound sense of wonder. I experience Life in me, through me, and around me. I accept this Life just as it is, and just as it is not.

I release my word into the Law of Spirit knowing that my word is already manifest in this moment.

Michael Magill

Monday, October 20, 2014

Affirmative Prayer for One Experiencing Dementia and Their Care Giver

Affirmative Prayer for One Experiencing Dementia and Their Care Giver
There is One, only One.  The Source from where all things come forth into manifestation, both visible and invisible, both tangible and intangible.  This One, the Living Spirit Almighty, Maker of All that is made and without which nothing that is would be.  This One creates only Perfection.  And this Perfection was and is and will be always Perfect.  This Supreme Being is the Giver of Immortal Existence.  

Within this One, I have Life Eternal.  I live and move and have my being in the Mind and Body of this One.  Through me flows the Love and Law, freely with ease and order. Through me flows Clarity of thoughts and emotions.  There are no obstacles, no obstructions blocking the flow of Truth. I am one with Divine Mind.  What is true for me is true for all beings, all essences.   And so naturally, my Mother is one with the Divine Mind.

As I enter into my greater expansion of Perfect Peace, I claim and accept that the experience of confusion and chaos during dementia is a temporary and false condition. The Divine Consciousness is more than the physical organ called brain.  Immediately upon transitioning into the next Life phase, the consciousness is clear and vibrant.  All doubt and confusion transition into the nothingness that it is and always was and forever will be.  Now clear and vibrant thinking and feeling are Revealed.  The Truth of God, the Living Spirit Almighty is all there is.  Peace, Harmony, and Tranquility reign.  The individual soul continues on its journey, forever and ever expanding.  I receive the Divine Gift of Clarity and Peace for my Mother now.

What a blessing for this knowing of my Creator’s Desires.  Reverently, I give many thanks.

I release these words into the atmosphere that knows only Good and always says Yes.  It is done.  It is complete.  It is perfect.

And so It is.

By Kristy S. Powell

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Peace and Forgiveness

Peace and Forgiveness

There is one breath, one heart, one source of all being. It is that irrepressible force of love, creating from Itself, moving the invisible into form, sustaining, dissolving and creating anew in each moment. It is infinite potential and goodness, everywhere present, seen and unseen, known and unknown, inclusive of all there is. It has many names: Mother, Father, God, Spirit.

However I name It, I am made of this divine substance, a child of God, inseparable from this goodness, a place where God shows up. It is my very breath and heartbeat, It flows through, around and as me, there is no place I end and the rest of God begins. It is the source of that which expresses through me, the purpose of my being. I am inseparable from this everywhere present Good.

From this oneness I choose to remember the divine nature of who I am, my connection to all life. I claim a deeper awareness of the harmony and balance inherent in my being, reflected in how my body systems work together for the good of the whole. I allow this to inform my inner life, those activities and spiritual practices that support balance, harmony and peace within myself. I let go of limiting thoughts, judgments, wounds, and fears that I may more fully experience my natural peaceful state of being. I make friends with the supreme court that resides in my head. I am kinder to myself when I am challenged and frustrated. I practice Peace and Forgiveness instead of war when dealing with my inner chatter. This better equips me to sow seeds of peace and harmony in all my interactions in the world. My internal and external responses grow more understanding, compassionate and helpful. I listen more completely for the meaning beneath the words. I let go of wanting to “fix”, more confident in the process of what is wanting to be known. I allow this attitude of Peace to more fully embody who I am.

With gratitude I celebrate knowing this Spiritual Truth, this shift in consciousness for and about myself.

I release my word into the One, the Power of Now that has already acted on it. I let go and let God.

And so it is.

By Amada Colt, RScP

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Affirmative Prayer to Keep My Faith in Goodness Alive

Affirmative Prayer to Keep My Faith in Goodness Alive

Every breath, every heartbeat is the breath and heartbeat if the Living Spirit. All of creation is the outpouring of Good, the gift of the Divine One. The Beloved creates life out of Its generous nature. Infinite and Eternal Love reigns over all of existence with its Goodness.

I live in the breath and heartbeat of the Beloved. The Love of the Beloved is alive in me.

I release all dark thoughts. I release all fear and doubt. I release all hesitation. I surrender all struggle to the love of the Divine One. I open to a greater faith, the faith of God. I know in my heart and in my mind that goodness always prevails. So I choose today, to align myself more fully with this Good. I practice my faith by seeing the Good in all of life. When I falter, I return quickly to this Spiritual Truth: the Good of God reigns supreme over all of life.

I am so glad that this is so. I relax and take it in. My heart is grateful and filled with faith.

I release this, my word, into that sacred law of life, trusting it completely.

And So It Is

Diane Tapogna, RScP

Saturday, September 27, 2014

I open to a generous way of living

I open to a generous way of living

The great giver of life, the provider and protector of all creation, the generous Living Spirit is the only reality. The gifts of this One pour forth without limit, without hesitation.  Generosity is the very nature of the Creator. All of creation is one with this Living Spirit.

I am one with this Living Spirit. The generosity of the Creator is alive in me.

I accept for myself that I release all fear and holding back and allow the natural generosity of the Living Spirit to move through me. I am safe and at home in the Spirit and I give freely and fully, for there is no limit to the resources available to me. I allow myself to demonstrate the nature of the Spirit that lives in me, the Spirit of generosity. This is my way of life, this is my gift, my inheritance.

I am grateful. Simply grateful.

And I let it be.

And So It Is

Diane Tapogna, RSCP

Saturday, September 20, 2014

I Am One with God

I Am One with God

There is one Power and Presence in the Universe that is the Source of all life. It is the all abundant creative energy that forms and sustains everything in existence. This one I call God. God is Love, and Beauty, and the Giver of all good, and is present in every person, every moment, every condition and every need.

I am created from this One--this God. All that is true of God is true of me, in this moment and always.

Therefore, I know that the Intelligence of God quickens my mind and guides me into right pathways. The boundless Love of God blossoms in my heart and moves me to compassion and love and understanding. The Power of God sustains me and allows me to express the Divine Principle that lives within me. I am one with God, and my life is blessed in this greatness.

Knowing this to be true at every level of my consciousness and being, I am filled with great gratitude, thanksgiving and peace.

I release this word, my prayer, into Divine Law--knowing with complete trust that is it done in Divine Mind right here and now and forever. And so it is. Amen.

Trish Watkins

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Loving, Peaceful, Joyous Work Environment

Prayer for Loving, Peaceful, Joyous Work Environment

God is love and love is infinite, unlimited, all-powerful and all-knowing. Joy is the natural state of things. Peace is the foundation of all existence. This is the one true Spiritual Reality.

This Spiritual Reality is my reality. The love, peace and joy of God live in me and express through me. My workplace is also a part of this Spiritual Reality.

I accept for myself an experience of good at work. Love, peace and joy are in every person and every activity. I declare that creative solutions pour fourth healing all appearances of discord. I release all ideas and experiences of discouragement and blame and accept responsibility for my own experience. I choose to align my thought and feelings with the natural joy, love and peace that is always available to me. My workplace abounds with love, peace and joy.

I celebrate this, the truth about my life and my workplace.

I trust the natural Law of creation to respond to this word of prayer with a complete manifestation in my experience.

And So It Is

Diane Tapogna, RScP