Saturday, August 19, 2017

Affirmative Prayer for Physical Health

Affirmative Prayer for Physical Health

There is one Life, one Law that creates, comprehends and coordinates all physical laws. This One lives as Its creation, formless Spirit has taken form in order to express and experience Its own nature. The beauty, wisdom, grace and perfection of this One is the essence and substance of all that is. There is no separation between Creator and creation.

This perfect Creator is living Itself in me, as me and through me.  It’s perfection is revealed in and as my life, my heart, my body, It is my soul and my substance.

Spirit can not be obstructed, impaired or limited.  As I open to this realization, I release any ideas of limitation for myself.  Spirit is never stagnant It is always creating and Its creation is good, I am good, my body is good.  Spirit renews Itself in my body with every breath and I am renewed.  The experience of renewal and right action is manifesting in my body right now.  I believe that my body is the substance of Spirit and Spirit only chooses good.  I trust in my own vitality as I lean into the loving Presence of Spirit as me.

With gratitude and confidence in the ever goodness of Spirit, I release this word into the divine Law, the creative action of the Spirit that always responds with Yes.

 And so it is.

Sherry Vierra, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Trust in Life

Trust in Life

God, Spirit, Jesus, the Buddha, however named is the source and sustainer of all that is. This creative force is always at work on behalf of creation. It is the One Consciousness moving in, around, through and as Life. It is unconditional love and compassion expressing through the seen and the unseen, the known and the unknown. The allness of God is irrepressible, unshakable, everywhere present, 100% available, gathering all unto itself.

So in this allness of God, I made from the Divine's Love. It is the substance and essence of my being. God is every aspect of my body, mind, and spirit. I am inseparable from this goodness. It is the nature of my being, always poised to express in my life. It lovingly wraps itself around me as I sleep and kisses my brow as I awaken. The love, power and intelligence of God walks with me acting for my highest and greatest good. God is my very breath and heartbeat. I am a vessel and instrument of the Divine, here on purpose.

From this awareness I speak my word for myself. I claim a release of unhelpful mind chatter. When an unhelpful thought or feeling pops into my mind I kindly notice it. I allow it to direct me to its opposite spiritual principle.  If I experience fear, I claim Love.  I affirm that unhelpful thoughts and feelings become opportunities and tools to remind me of the truth of my being.  I open to a greater perspective. I trust that I am right where I need to be and God is with me. I trust Life's intelligence in the midst of situation and circumstance. I am willing to uncover the truth about myself to know more fully my oneness with Life. I more easily accept and love myself and others. I surrender to God’s will, grateful for however life shows up.

In gratitude I celebrate knowing this spiritual truth for and about myself and all beings.

In the One that made me I know this prayer is known and done. All is well.

And so it is.

Amada Colt, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Saturday, August 5, 2017

The Healing Power of Love

The Healing Power of Love

There is only one loving presence. It is the source and sustainer of all. It is the root and foundation of life. This life is an expression of God’s love, creating anew in each moment. It is God, at the center, beneath the surface, behind the veil, everywhere without exception. Love is the breath and heartbeat of existence, the seen and the unseen, the known and the unknown. It is divine intelligence and potential inherent in all life.

And so I am made of this. Love is the substance of my being. It beats my heart, it breathes and expresses through around and as me. I am inseparable from this good. I call it God and Love. It is the nature
and activity of my life. This love is in, beneath and behind all that shows up in my life. I am wrapped in Its embrace always.

From this place of wholeness and inseparability, I speak my word for and about myself. I claim that in the experience of hurt and a wounded heart, love is still present. I allow my heart to open and feel that tender place. I am willing to look deeply into myself. I realize love is not absent. I turn to that indwelling Love, the source and sustenance of my being. I rest in this sanctuary. I lean into it and feel love press up against me. I allow that which is contrary to love dissolve and transform. I abide in Love that is as close as my breath. It flows through my body, swirls around me, is in all I see, say, do and think. I am assured that my trust and conviction in this truth allows life and love to unfold perfectly.

With a grateful heart I accept and embody this spiritual truth.
This prayer is known and done in the heart and mind of God.

And so it is.

Amada Colt, RScP 

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Grieving the Loss of a Friend

Grieving the Loss of a Friend

The flowing nature of reality has no beginning and no end.  In the evolving nature of life, nothing is excluded from this creative expression.  The birds know just how to sing and make their nests; the seasons come and go, all in some perfect portrait of this one living Spirit.

I am and we all are, one with this living Spirit. We all are, included in the creative expression of life.

Understanding that our body is designed to feel deeply, to express sadness in a number of ways, I affirm easy passage of these powerful emotions through our experience.  We allow Spirit to guide us as we listen to our intuition.  Softening our experience by holding our emotions more gently, I accept that we are safe as we grieve.  Whatever support that is needed is supplied by this living source of all good. 

As we walk this earth together, sharing life’s powerful experiences,  I affirm that Spirit comforts us bringing to us just what is needed, lifting us up again.  This powerful force gratefully lives and breathes each one of us through whatever life has in mind.  Going on with our life there is a clearer awareness of the preciousness of time itself.

Honoring all those that have gone before as beacons for our own inspiration, I give thanks for the power of Spirit in, around, and through all. 

Letting my word go, I rest and relax in the faith that all is unfolding just the way it does.

 And so it is.

Andra Sandberg, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Prayer for Sobriety

Prayer for Sobriety

Creation exists through the love and will of God. There is nothing
outside of It. The Divine is the source and sustainer of all that is
known and unknown, seen and unseen. God is everywhere present in all
worlds, all universes, in all dimensions and planes of existence. God
is the formed and unformed divine substance of being. God is right
here and now in this moment and always, giving infinite, boundless
love and light to all life.

I am made from and through God's boundless love. I am a child of God.
This divine presence lives in every aspect of my being. It is my
divine inheritance. I am made of this divine substance. I am
inseparable from this good. God breathes and loves through me. It is
that divine yearning within me to fully know the whole, perfect and
complete Presence of God. There is no place in my life where God is
not. The presence of God is in, through around and as me. I live in
the allness of the compassionate One.

From this place of oneness I speak this prayer for and about myself
and all life. I affirm a steadfast willingness to be present with
life. I practice gratitude with all that shows up. However it appears
I trust that it is here for my benefit. I am willing let go of old
unhelpful ways of avoiding, escaping or numbing out. I remember my
Higher power, Mother-Father God, Spirit---however I name it, is all
powerful and loving me always.  I open to Its 100% available
support and guidance. I replace unskillful habits and reach out to
those around me. I choose connection rather than isolation. I affirm
choices, activities and relationships that support my spiritual growth
and sobriety. I am more kind and forgiving with myself. I recognize
progress and let go of the tendency to overthink. Unhelpful self-talk
is interrupted and redirected with prayer and the spiritual truth of
who I am. Occurrences I consider "triggers" now direct me to life
affirming thoughts, words, practices and connections. I welcome and
allow this boundless good into my life as it shows up in myriad ways.
I accept that I am never alone. I embody the awareness that God is my
constant friend, ever-present companion, support and guide, loving me

I give thanks and celebrate this spiritual truth.

I let go and let God.
And so it is.

Amada Colt, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Prayer to Surrender


That which is everywhere and all knowing envelops life in Its loving presence. It is divine activity, infinite potential and intelligence and It is always available, acting on behalf of creation. It is the source and sustainer of all it is. It is eternal givingness, creating anew in each moment. It is uncaused joy, and is completely available, as the irresistible and unshakable nature of beingness. Its will is always expressing through creation.

I am made of this divine stuff. It flows in, around, through and as me. I am a divine activity, an expression of God. I am inseparable from this, my divine nature. God is my source and sustenance. It is my breath and heartbeat. I am an instrument of the Divine. Gods' will flows through me. I am connected to and inseparable from all that is.

From this awareness I accept and surrender to God's exquisite will. I recognize and embody the divine yearning within me. I let go of attachment to outcome and trust in God's unlimited power and intelligence. The Divine's exquisite boundless capacity conspires for the highest and fullest expression of Itself through me.

With gratitude I rest in faith knowing this spiritual truth.

I let go and let God.

And so it is.
Amada Colt, RScP

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Graceful Aging

Graceful Aging

The infinite eternal one, the great giver of life is ever-present in all of creation. This is the perpetual presence that guides, sustains and nurtures all of life.  Its nature is joy and well-being. This one life, this one presence includes all beings.

I am included in this one life, this one presence. I am a recipient of all the gifts of this life. Its joy is my joy.

I accept that as I encounter changes in body and mind that I am open to a graceful acceptance. I release any limiting beliefs that hold be back from embrace my life to the fullest. I am right now living a full and rich life, filled with love and well-being. There is no limit to joy in my life

I celebrate the knowing of this beautiful and profound truth about myself.

I release this Word into the Law, trusting completely in its fulfillment.

And So It Is

Diane Tapogna, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa