Saturday, October 22, 2016

Food and Shelter for All

There is this One Thing. It is that which sources all that is, was, and will be. This divine Essence is abundant in Its nature. It is the heartbeat of love, care, and provision. It is consistently seeking to extend Itself in manifold expressions of Itself. This Source, this Life, only knows and expresses that which is good.

I recognize that I am a unique, individualized expression of this Life. I am that which It is, completely formed of the Substance of God. So too, is all of creation, including the readers of this prayer.

I speak my word of blessing, knowing that it reflects the reality of Divinity: with God all things are possible and there is always more than enough. There is food, shelter and all needed provision for every soul upon this planet. I speak an acceptance and an allowance knowing that what is needed or wanted is present and available for receiving. I accept on behalf of all of my brothers and sisters the knowing of the unique gift of life that they are, the truth of their life, and its impact upon the world. I accept for us all that God is Light and in It is no darkness at all, because the truth is, “It's all good.”

It is in joy and gratitude that I give thanks for this knowing and remembering of truth.

I release this logos into that of God which always responds, never returning any word void. 

And so it is.
Lawrence Edwards, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Navigating our Election

Navigating our Election

The one infinite Intelligence, Love, is the source and supply of all that is.  It informs and creates life from Itself.  It is the Body, Mind, and Spirit of creation. It is present in the stillness and activity of Life, one hundred percent available in every moment, enfolding all in the one heart we call Mother-Father God. Nothing is outside of Its ocean of infinite love and potential. It is always acting beneath the surface, at the center on behalf of Its creation.

I am made of this infinite Intelligence.  I am a place where God shows up. I live, move, and have my being within the Intelligence of God. I am a part of this God Stuff.  There is no place where I end and the rest of Life begins; I am one with and inseparable from this Allness. The Divine breathes through me and beats my heart.  I am a vessel and instrument of the Beloved, here on purpose, fulfilled by, through and as the Divine.

From this awareness of divine love and wholeness I speak my word of prayer for and about myself and the election. I surrender any thought, idea or belief in lack, limitation, separation, or fear. I am more aware now when I slip into unhelpful, thinking about issues, candidates and other voters, and I am more able to turn inward and affirm the power One. I remember my connection to all, and this allows me to be  grateful for the election process; it moves me into a deeper spiritual practice. I welcome a growing experience of community, our freedom to disagree and examine our values and beliefs. I validate my desire for honesty in this election and open to a greater experience of safety, acceptance, and justice. I elect to notice and trust in the Good that is already present, being called forth throughout communities everywhere. I allow myself to be guided and informed from this awareness of wholeness, within the divine embrace. I then think, speak, act, and vote from that, affirming our common good.

I am grateful for this shift in my consciousness. I rest in this revealed Truth. I surrender and trust all unto the One. I release my Word into the Law of Mind where it is already known and done.

And so it is.

Amada Colt, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Saturday, October 8, 2016


There is just One Life, the powerful, loving spiritual Essence behind, in, and around all things. This all-powerful nurturing sustainer of all Life is eternally present, the center of all being. Its nature is love, power, peace, lavish abundance, beauty, and love.

This loving Presence is right here where I am, closer than hands and feet, closer than my very own breath. Its love inhabits every area of my life, loving me beyond measure. This is true for every other being as well. We are one global community, each made up of the same spiritual Essence. We are loved unconditionally and continuously—in ways that may seem ordinary or miraculous, in ways that we understand and do not understand.

I claim now for each of us that we experience this love as a feeling of being met, right where we are, wholly and completely. We are loved with the generosity only the Divine can express. We each matter and are all necessary. All sense that they truly belong to Life. All feel the love of Spirit in both a local and global way. I accept enough physical nourishment in the way of healthy food for each of us, and clean, affordable, and safe housing for all. I embrace a world where every one of us truly understands that we belong and that we are a part of the web of life, which can never be broken: a world that works for every single one.

I give thanks for answered prayer with an overflowing heart of gratitude.

I release my word to a God that knows only good, and only says yes. My word has been heard and is being acted upon, now.

And so it is.
Karen Norton, RScP Emeritus

Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Responding to Life

Responding to Life

There is One Life, magnificently expressing infinitely and eternally as all that is. Life is perfect wholeness, perfect order, and perfect balance. Life is the Power of creative activity; Absolute Intelligence. Within Life is everything necessary for loving self-nourishment and the sustenance for all creation. Life is calling, guiding, and responding to Itself as the always-expanding Intelligence and conscious activity of wholeness, oneness, and love.

I am Life. I am one with the Absolute, powerful creative force of Life. I am integral to the nourishing and sustaining activity of Life. l am of the One Life, seamlessly one with all. My activity, choices, thoughts, and consciousness expand as Love-in-action. As this is true for me, so it is true for each person in our world community.  In each person the essence of the One Spirit is active as consciousness, intelligence, and Love.

I proclaim that this awareness of oneness is now the predominant calling and response among us. I accept the revelation of Truth in every heart: that each one is an instrument through which guidance, wisdom, and the creative urge resounds in support of Life’s activity of good. I claim and accept the goodness of all events and conditions as the resonant calling that awakens us to our awareness of oneness. I turn my focus to the good that is taking place everywhere, all the time. I proclaim that expanding Love is making Itself known in the heart of our world as constructive social action. This social action is the self-nourishment that is the essence of the One Life. I consciously support Life in constructive thought and activity. I bless and trust the loving guidance of Life to urge me and all people in our personal activity of social action.

I feel the excitement of all sentient beings, indeed, of all of Life responding to the call of expanding good through right action. Knowing this is already the perfect idea in the One Mind, I am grateful.

It is in this gratitude I release and I let go knowing the Law makes it so.  
And so it is.

Victoria King, RScP

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Creativity and Appreciation

Love, peace, beauty, joy, creativity: these are but a few of the qualities of Divine Intelligence, the One Mind back of all there is, which is everywhere present. This limitless Divine Source transcends time and space, is the Creator of all, and is ever available in support of the highest and best good of all creation. Spirit is the great weaver, continuously creating the tapestry of Life in perfect harmony with Its nature.

I am an extension and an embodiment of this Divine Intelligence. Love, peace, beauty, joy and creativity are my birthright. I am a thread in the ongoing tapestry of Life, weaving my individual path as part of the whole. I am infused with the creative energy of Spirit in unlimited supply. As I realize this truth for myself I recognize it as true for all of life.

From this understanding, I open to a greater experience of the creative process. I relax into the flow of Infinite possibility. I let go of ideas of personal imperfection and embrace the unique ways Divine creativity flows through me. I allow myself to be informed and inspired by the perfection of nature. The gentle breezes remind me to be flexible and the ebb and flow of the tides remind me to breathe deeply and take in the beauty of this life experience. I affirm greater appreciation of all forms of art, music, and the creative ways others are inspired to express their Divine nature. I claim a renewed interest and emphasis on beauty, nature, creativity and art and affirm that this awakening is occurring in all people everywhere. I declare that, through this renewed interest, we are collectively creating a world that works for everyone, in harmony with all of Life.

I am deeply grateful for this conscious awareness and awakening.

Releasing my word into the infinite Yes, and I live from this truth knowing it is so.

And so it is.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Beauty and Creativity

There is one infinite creative Power, steadfast and sure, the Source of all life: the Spirit of God. It has no beginning and no end; It is eternal, limitless and everywhere present. It flows in, through, and as all things and all beings. It is the Infinite Intelligence that gives rise to all creation, and all creation is made of, from and by this Divine Presence. Within this creative Principle is the ever-expanding, ever-creating Love of Spirit. This Love is the source of all that is—all beauty, nature, creativity, art, and esthetics. This irrepressible force of Love both lifts up and provides the foundation for all being, beauty, and for the natural music of Creation.

I am completely one with the Creative Principle, deeply aware of my connection to Spirit. I am inseparable from the all-inclusive fabric of Its life. Spirit breathes through me in every aspect of my being as It expresses, loves, and creates through me. I am a unique instrument of the Divine, a vessel overflowing with unbounded good and potential. In the same way that I am birthed from this Creative Principle, all beings are also made of It, immersed in Its unlimited nature. There is no place where I, or anyone, ends and God begins.

From this place of unbounded Good and Oneness I claim an ever growing capacity for love, joy, and creativity. I declare an irrevocable partnering with my Good, remembering it is embedded in every fiber of my being, poised, ready and willing to express through me, however life shows up. When I walk in nature, I walk with the intention to enjoy all its beauty. I actually do see the blue of the sea and the pinkness of the flowers. My awareness of creativity reminds me to be present, and helps me to place ever increasing emphasis on beauty, nature, music, and art. I remember that as an expression of the Creative Principle, I am creative, and that there are no degrees of creativity. I begin to practice, experiment, view, and enjoy my life, actually engaging in play, and the wonder of all life.

I give thanks for the Creativity that lives in me and expresses as me.

I release my Word into the Law where it is already known and done.

And so it is.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Meaningful Involvement

There is only One, one intelligent Energy, one compassionate Power, one Essence, one Life. This Life is the Divine Urge of creation and connects all things. It is the essence of love and the joy of possibility. It is the I Am of all that is.

I am of the essence of the One, the I Am. The divine urge of the one Life creates and connects through me and all beings. Divine Life is my life and all life. There are limitless variations and all exist within the One.

I recognize that Divine Life inspires every human being to contribute, to create, and to give, and responds to every act of generosity. I claim for every individual the joy that is experienced in giving, creating, and serving. Every act of compassion and creation is meaningful and satisfying. Every act of service and generosity inspires others to act. The Divine Urge draws each individual to those who can support them in expressing themselves through service. People are drawn by Love into communities that are designed to serve through the expression of individual gifts. Every person has a part in creating and supporting through their service to the world, and to each other, with love and compassion. Truth and beauty are valued and honored as we work together and reveal the truth that heaven is at hand.

I am filled with gratitude in the recognition that God's will is even now revealing Itself on earth as it is in heaven.

With a full and grateful heart, I release this word into the Law of the Divine Will and Action.

And so it is.

Sherry Vierra, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa