Saturday, December 3, 2016

Generosity of Spirit

Generosity of Spirit

Divine creator, that which animates all of life, You are the One. All of life comes from and returns to this Spirit. Call it God, Love, Holy Light-by what ever name, It is the all in all.

I am an individualized expression of the one as is everyone and everything seen and unseen. Spirit is creating through me, as me, by me, of me.

Spirit gives to all and to all alike. There is no separation in the mind and heart of God, no judgment, no withholding. And so I recognize there is no limit to the generosity of this creative spirit.  Spirit is always giving itself through this experience we call life. The sun rises and freely gives it light to all the world; the air we breathe has no limit. There is nothing I can do that will stop nature from giving itself to me.

And this is the nature of the Divine One. As I open my heart and focus my thoughts on the giving spirit behind life, I recognize the generosity of Spirit and see that I am filled with Light and Love. I am immersed in a beautiful world that is abundant in all ways. Be it money, relationship, right livelihood, peace of mind or any other possible worry, I now return to this thought of abundant generosity and know that all is well. I am a place where Spirit shows up. I recognize that I am also generous of spirit in all my affairs. I have more than enough to give and I open my heart and allow myself to receive.

I breathe and relax. I let these word fill me with the peace and ease that gratitude brings. I graciously give thanks to the One.

And I just let go. I release this word knowing it is done. And so it is. 

Claire Victor, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Saturday, November 26, 2016

One Human Family

There is one human family that shares this planet.  Although each human is unique, we share the same divine essence of Spirit.  This brilliant, creative intelligence, many call God, exists everywhere in full measure.  It works in mysterious and beautiful ways to move life toward its greatest expression.  The essence of Spirit is love, and its direction is freedom of expression.  Life is filled with evidence of God’s grace on this planet, from the beauty and power of the seasons, to the spontaneous smile of a baby. 

Just as this brilliant intelligence is everywhere present, it therefore expresses as me and each member of this human family.  Each of us linked together yet sometimes very different in temperament, personality, and life choices.

Thus, this word of prayer is intended to support family life in all of its activities and endeavors.  Taking care of the inner conversation that is stimulated by family members, thoughts can be directed to more gentle ways of viewing ourselves and situations.  Remembering to lean into the flow of spirit as it takes care of all life; there is a sense of calm and well-being that evolves.  And remembering that everyone has this divine wisdom guiding and supporting them and each can live their own life accordingly, I am grateful to relax knowing that all it well.

Glad that family creates bonds of acceptance, forgiveness, and caring, allowing each member to be exactly who they are,

 I release this prayer now to that spiritual activity that has worked out all the details perfectly.  

And so it is. Amen

Andra Sandberg, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Affirmative Prayer about Wholeness

An Affirmative Prayer about Wholeness

There is a higher Power; it is the highest Power, the Creator of the Universe. This higher Power is eternal; it’s an infinite Source of energy; a creative energy that flows through all Its creations.  It is intelligence, infinite wisdom, and eternal love. This Power is perfection; this Power is God.  It created all matter, the stars and planets, water, food, and all life on earth.  It is the Father and Mother of all men and women. It is the Spirit of love.

This loving Spirit is omnipresent. Its physical form is the Universe.  It is Nature Itself.  It is my own Self, my body, my mind, my love.  I am the undeniable truth of Its existence and the proclamation of Its omnipresence. My life is the testimony of the Almighty, and this is the Truth!  This Truth reaches everyone; they are part of the one infinite Source of energy. Everyone: their mom, their sister, their dad, and their friends are blessed with It because everyone is part of It. It moves and flows through every one of us.  I realize and know that in our essence we are one with God.  So, I declare that our essence is perfection and our love is eternal.

This perfect Essence flows freely on earth, through every being; woman, and man, old and young, black and white, tall and short. It has no borders and It never will. It flows in the United States of America and every person in America is a perfect manifestation of the Spirit.  The Spirit creates, the Spirit innovates, the Spirit discovers, the Spirit loves.  It manifests Itself as wisdom in people and leaders.  The Spirit is perfect, and it makes no mistakes.  Our awareness of It evolves and improves perpetually.  Its power is love.  And I declare that love is the Power that unifies everyone. Love is the power that forgives. Love is the key that elevates our consciousness and awareness of the truth.

The wisdom and truth of this express in me as joyful appreciation for the life we share with our friends, families, loved ones, and with those we have yet to meet.

So, I release this word to the Law of Mind, and it reaches everyone and everything which is part of the Wholeness we call God.   And so it is.

Carlos Mendoza
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Harmony and Peace

There is only one Life. It is the wholeness and unity of all being. Its nature is peace and harmony, infinite wisdom, all power and unconditional love. This One is the source of all, the divine Giver of Itself to all. Creation is the perfect reflection of the essential unity and inclusivity of Oneness. There can be no separation or exclusion from the nature of pure Spirit.

We are made of this One which chooses to express Itself uniquely as each of us; each one a divine idea brought into form in order to express the love, peace and harmony that we are. Each person, every thought, idea, activity and situation is included within the perfect wholeness of the One.

From my faith in this truth I speak my word for a greater revelation of peace and harmony in our world. As I embrace a vision of unity and peace in my own heart and live that vision, my life is transformed. My peace and light are revealed to everyone I meet as kindness, generosity of spirit and faith in the essential goodness of all people. This peace cannot be diminished by any conditions of discord or injustice I see around me. These conditions call me to remember my connection to all that is, to every being on this earth—no matter what the appearance.

And so I practice peace. I share my peace with others, free from judgment or expectation. I become the peace I wish to see in the world. I accept that the hearts and minds of all people are ever more receptive and responsive to the harmony, the unity and the peace that dwell at the very center of life.

In gratitude for knowing this powerful truth, I release this word and let it be so.

And so it is. 

Vivian Strand, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Reverence and Connection to Mother Earth

There is an indestructible living Presence of Love, the Source and Sustainer of all that is. It is that Power which brings the invisible into form, recreating anew in each moment, always acting on behalf of Creation. It is inclusive of all, the Body, Mind, and Spirit of all being. It flows in, around, and as Life.

I am an inseparable part of this Love and Life. There is no place where I end and the rest of Life begins. As this is true for me this is true for every aspect of Creation—every person, grain of sand, drop of water, and life form. All are connected and are cherished instruments of the One.

Knowing this, I affirm a world where resources are valued, cared for, and shared. I release any belief in lack, limitation, or separation. I recognize the perfect unfolding of Infinite Potential, meeting the needs of all of creation’s shareholders. I accept for all a deeper reverence and connection to Mother Earth—cherishing her beauty, wild places, and creatures. I open to a deeper experience of Love among us, and envision a world where collaboration in preserving and sharing earth’s gifts and beauty is the norm.

At home in God, I am comforted and grateful in knowing this Spiritual Truth. I release this prayer into the heart of the Beloved, where it is already known and done.

And so it is.

Amada Colt, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Saturday, November 5, 2016

A Prayer for Planet Earth

There is one Source, one Power, that has created and sustains Its one endless creation, the All-In-All, world without end. It is Beauty beyond belief, everlasting Life, one Light of Love.

As a living, breathing, sentient being, I am an extension of the One. I am created, sustained and loved by the One. I am of It, made out of It, one with It and one with all of creation. This is true for all other beings that inhabit this wonderful world, and all others. We are one with our creator, and one with each other.

From this place of oneness, I speak my word for this world, our planet earth. I claim for each being an opening to our earth's wonder and riches and appreciation of the grandeur and beauty that surrounds us in each moment. I claim a recognition within each person of the great honor of being caretakers of this incredible creation, our planet earth. I claim a humbling of hearts as we gently, with loving care, nurture and love our home. We recognize, too, that there are overflowing resources to be shared by all. We are the docents of the breathtaking beauty and wealth of our wonderful world. We love it. We share it.

With an open heart full of joy and gratitude, I give thanks for this knowing.

I release my word into that creative medium that has already responded and is making manifest these words.

And so it is.

Vicki Dodson, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Peace, Harmony and Justice

There is only one Life, one Love, one Heart, one Mind ... only One, and that One is Spirit. It is without beginning, without end, ageless, timeless, It always has been and always will be. Present in Its fullness in all situations, all places and all persons, for there is no place that Spirit is not. It is the field in which all things are possible and in which love pervades.

The life of Spirit is my life, right now. I am one with It, and everything It is I am in every moment. Every attribute of the Divine expresses in, through and as me, for I am one with It, one with all life, one with all that is.

And as this is true of me, it is true of everyone. The life of Spirit moves in, through and expresses as each person. All that Spirit is moves through all of creation for everything and everyone exists within the realm of its divine love. We are one.

I claim and I accept a world in which peace and harmony reign supreme; a world that works for everyone in that laws, customs and conventions are applied fairly and equally to all persons; I accept a world in which all persons live in relaxed harmony, trusting and having faith that all are safe, secure and treated fairly. I claim and accept for all persons the ease that comes from the certain knowledge that all is well, all is fair and all are safe.

I am so grateful for this shift in consciousness. I celebrate it, and I give thanks for it.

And with a grateful heart, I release this prayer into the creative medium—the Law—that has already said yes, and I let it be.

And so it is.

Debbie Butterfield, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa