Wednesday, July 30, 2014

No Enemies

This prayer is inspired by a facebook page: Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies.

There is one blessed life, the life of the Living Spirit. It lives in the formed and in the unformed. It expresses itself as love and harmony.  It is ever peaceful and loving. Its perfect intelligence creates all of life in divine order. All beings everywhere are one with this blessed life.
In this same way, I am one with all of creation and one with all beings everywhere.
From this oneness then, I release all enemy images and enemy thoughts. I hold no idea, no religion, no nation, no group and no person hostage in my mind. I, rather, open my mind to a greater and greater experience of oneness. I accept this for myself and for all being everywhere. I know that peace lives in the heart of every one and I accept that love will guide the way always. I do not let myself lose faith, but rather I stand firm in the conviction that life is essentially good and that each person will come home to their own spiritual truth.
I feel a quiet inner confidence in the ability of life to find a solution to every appearance of conflict. For this gentle insight I am grateful.
I place this tender intention into the hands of the divine one, creator of all of life. And I let it be.

Diane Tapogna, RScP

Saturday, July 26, 2014



There is one Power, one Life Force. It is the Power of Divine Love. This Love is un-caused and unconditional. This Love is ever-present and infinite. It gives life to all of creation. It is self-generating through creative expression. It is generous and supportive. Kindness is a natural expression of this Divine Love.

I am one with the Divine Love that has created me and is forever creating life through me.

Therefor, I am naturally kind. I let go of all fear, all hurt, all rigidity and all false ideas fall away. I open to the natural, unconditional love that is at the heart of my very being. I forgive myself, I forgive life, I forgive others for any appearance of unkindness. This gentle, tender softening is bestowed upon me by the Spirit within and I am glad for it.

I am grateful for this truth.

I trust it, I allow it to manifest fully in my life, for it is already true and already done.

And So It Is

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Affirmative Prayer for Clear Thinking

Affirmative Prayer for Clear Thinking

There is one Mind, one Life, one Presence. It is the Divine Presence. Its nature is light, and love and harmony. All of life is ordered and guided by this pure light of being.

Because there is only one absolute reality happening all of the time, I must be a part of that absolute reality. The mind of the one Divine Presence is my mind. The life of the Living Spirit is my life. My nature is Its nature.

So, I choose today to align myself more fully with the light and love and harmony of the Divine Presence. I open and relax as my thinking returns to clarity. I allow myself to be guided to thoughts and activities that support my higher purpose: to be love in action.

I rest in confidence as I celebrate this as the truth of my life, of my being.

I let it be so, and so it is.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I Bestow the Essence of Love by Ernest Holmes

I Bestow the Essence of Love
From Creative Ideas
Ernest Holmes

I now rejoice in living. All my sorrows, unhappiness and regrets are definitely and quietly subjected to the transmuting quality of love. Divine love never remains abstract, but in a vital and dynamic manner molds every aspect of my experience.

As I accept the action of love in my life, I bestow the essence of love upon everything. This love is a healing power touching everything into wholeness, healing the wounds of experience with its balm. With enthusiasm and joy, I embody love in my thoughts and acts, and the perfect action of the law makes love manifest in my experience. Everything is beautiful and meaningful as I accept and express love in every way.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Affirmative Prayer for Resolution of Debt

Affirmative Prayer for Resolution of Debt

There is one power, one creative life force, one perfect, divine presence. This presence presides over and is present in all of life. Every detail and all of the big picture is contained within the one mind, the one heart, the Divine.

I am one with the power that has created me. This power and presence is fully active in the details of my life as well as the big picture. I am one with the one mind. I could never be outside of Divinity.

Therefore, I claim for myself a deep peace and assuredness that the universe is on my side. The creative power that has created me is active in my financial affairs, working to resolve all debt and I easily cooperate with it. I take action where action is needed and I relax and allow Divinity to handle the rest. My thoughts are peaceful and secure. I move through the details of my life with a sense of belonging, with a sense of the big picture. My confidence is restored and joy flows through my life.

I celebrate the good. I celebrate this realization of the action of the creative power in my life and my relationship to my finances. I am grateful for this higher consciousness that leads me to trust Spirit within.

I surrender this word into the Law of creation, and I let it be.

And So It Is

Friday, June 13, 2014

Affirmative Prayer for Abundance

Affirmative Prayer for Abundance By Trish Watkins 

Purpose:  I am abundant in all areas of my life.

Recognition: There is One Power and Presence in the Universe.  This one is God.  God is the All-Abundant source and substance of everything in existence.  It is the Intelligence that creates and the Love that sustains all Life.  It is present everywhere, in everyone, in all time and in all conditions.

Unification:  I am created in this One.  God is the essence of who I am, and all that is true of God is true of me.  This Love, this Power, this Intelligence moves in and through me, creating all that I need and desire, in all the affairs of my life.

Realization:  Therefore, in this knowing, I claim and accept for myself, now and always, and abundant life. I accept an ever increasing flow of money into my life and affairs.  I release old thoughts and patterns that deny my good and open to the Divine flow of financial wealth as it pours in and fills up my mighty cup.  I choose to receive the blessings of good in every aspect of my life.  My home is warm and cozy and peaceful.  My relationships overflow with joy and a mutual exchange of love.  My work delights me and I find my soul purpose there.  Every need is immediately filled with my positive intention and desire, and I am always aligned with the divinely perfect pattern of my own inner truth.  All is well. All is perfect.  All is good.

Thanksgiving:  I give great thanksgiving in the knowing of this truth, which permeates and roots deeply into every level of my consciousness and being.

Release:  I release my word into Divine Law, where it is received and acted upon and returned to me in the abundance of complete fulfillment.  I allow it to be so.  And so it is. Amen.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Affirmative Prayer for Spiritual Practice

Affirmative Prayer for Spiritual Practice by Tamarya Hulme

There is only one God, one heart, one source, one divine consciousness that lights the way. God is the generosity and abundance and the source of harmony, peace, and perfect love found in all things. God is all that expresses perfectly in nature. Evidence presents itself in the glorious change of seasons and in the gift of birdsong. God is the cause through which all thought forms. God is all we know and everything we do not yet know. God is all there is.

I am one with this loving heart of consciousness. I discover beauty in all things of the natural world, all creatures and humans and inside myself. I reflect the same inner God qualities of nature and of human nature. I know that even my imperfections are part of my divine being and these imperfections offer opportunities for growth and greater love. As God IS moral rightness and spiritual rightness and the basis for integrity, the God part of me is too. I am an individualized expression of God drawing clarity, harmony, wisdom and love from the One divine universal mind.

I accept that I too, like Spirit, dream reality into being. I claim for myself the joy of living and being with all aspects of myself. I declare and accept the truth that my strength of faith is built upon daily practice and remembering who I really am. I also claim for myself the freedom to choose empowerment which is my divine right. My choices made through right thoughts of peace, happiness and harmony are already in the form of a loving heart and mind. Right thought, right action and right livelihood are already mine. I practice this awareness and set in motion the accountability for the outcomes of choices made. I release my hold on expected outcomes of others and love them just as they are. The loving relationship that blossoms between myself and others is a beautiful thing to behold. Truth and Love are demonstrated for my highest greatest good. I express composure and grace with eloquence with feelings of trust and worthiness. I am enough.  I am connected to the source of all of it.

I am so grateful and thankful of the awareness that these shifts are working in my
Life now. With ease and trust I simply let it be.

I speak my word and release it to the activity of the One mind known as the Law.  I believe this truth and accept its manifestation. And So It Is. Amen