Saturday, April 25, 2015

Prayer for a Healthy Baby

Healthy Baby

There is a divine perfection that is all-inclusive. It is the creative power behind all of life. The pure intelligence of the Living Spirit gives Itself to all of creation. Its nature and its gift is Love. Unconditional, unlimited Love. Wholeness and health are everywhere present.  Support and joy abound.

All beings everywhere are one with this divine perfection. This includes this newborn baby. This baby is one with the Living Spirit. One with its love, one with its wholeness and health.

I accept that this baby is a perfect expression of the creative power of the divine One. I declare that this baby is filled with love and surrounded by love. Health and wholeness are complete in this baby. This baby is surrounded by loving family. All needs are met by the source of all of life. Perfect growth, unlimited protection, joyous expression all are present for this baby. There is no limit to the goodness in the life of this baby.

I give thanks for the perfect gift of life expressing as this new baby. I celebrate the love that abounds in baby’s life.

I trust the Living Spirit to create, provide and manifest the highest and best in the life of this baby.

Diane Tapogna, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa
#AWorldThatWorksforEveryone #TheGlobalVision

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Embracing Natural Vitality

Embracing Natural Vitality

There is one unlimited source of energy. It is the one life force. It is constantly giving itself to all of creation. It is generous and free.  It is the source of all inspiration. Free flowing energy abounds eternally.

I am one with the source of life, one with the source of energy. I am the recipient of the all-powerful, generous life force and vitality.

I accept a greater experience of unlimited energy in my life. My mind is clear and alert. My body is filled with vital energy. I release all sense of weariness and embrace the flow of the life force and vitality within me. I find rest when needed and I engage in activity with a calm sense of well-being. I have more than enough energy to meet all that comes to me. I am inspired and free. I embrace my natural vitality.

I give thanks for this revealing of the truth that the vital life force within me is unlimited and constant.

I release this word into the law of creation and allow it to manifest fully in my life.

Diane Tapogna, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa
#AWorldThatWorksforEveryone #TheGlobalVision

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Making Space, Opening to More

Making space, opening to more……

The Breath on which this prayer rests, is that which carries it forth, moving it into form. It is all there is, greater than the sum of Its parts, there is no thing outside of It.  One Presence,  irrepressible, undaunted, unbounded Good,  Love everywhere poised and 100% available,  ready to express, always acting on behalf of Its Creation.

I am made out of this One, a unique individual expression of It. This loving, creative Presence eternally loves, shepherds and guides me.  I am immersed in Its divine flow of Life.  It is the ground I walk on, it is that which keeps me from floating off the planet.  It is the Beauty and Love that moves through my being. I am without edges or borders, woven into this One Life, in body, mind and spirit.

In this remembering I declare a breaking free, a falling away of limiting beliefs, attitudes and behaviors, wildly opening my heart to the unlimited possibilities of Good, that which is already here---jubilantly poised and ready to express through and around me.  It merely awaits my attention, this shift in my awareness.  As I let go of that which does not serve me, I make room for this tidal wave of Love and Goodness that washes over me and lifts me up as I allow it to flood every part of my being.  I am giddy with joy as I uncover and accept, more easily, the precious gifts in each moment.  When I fall off the Joy Wagon, I more easily reorient myself to my natural state of being.  I recognize how easily and strongly my creative gifts express when I open to the joy within.  I claim a growing strength from this awareness, a resilience and comfort as I experience demonstrations of my Spiritual Truth.

I gently fall into the Divine Embrace, this shift in consciousness, with absolute trust and comfort. With a grateful heart, I let go of this prayer into the Mind of God where it is known and done.

And so it is.

Amada Colt,  RScP

Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Recognizing, Accepting and Allowing Love, Joy and Creativity

Recognizing, Accepting and Allowing Love, Joy and Creativity

One Presence breathes life into All that is. It swirls in, around, through and as Itself, the
Creator, Sustainer and Dissolver. This irrepressible Force of Love lifts up, provides the anchor and foundation for all beingness, the Beauty and natural Music in all of Creation. It is the form and the formless, that Divine Vibration reverberating throughout all existence. It knows Itself as Unconditional Joy, and Potential, everywhere present, 100 % available, always acting on behalf of Life. It celebrates and cherishes Its Creation.

I am birthed from this One Presence, made of It, immersed in Its unlimited nature. I am inseparable from this all inclusive fabric of Life. Spirit breathes through me, in every aspect of my being, expressing, loving, and creating through me. I am a unique instrument of the Divine, a vessel overflowing with unbounded good and potential. It is Joy, as a sweet belly laugh moving through me, uncontainable giggles; I am part of It, being moved to tears in awesome awareness of Beauty and Love, tapping Godʼs foot to a catchy rhythm. There is no place I end and God begins.

From this place of Unbounded Good and Oneness I claim an ever growing capacity for love, joy and creativity. I declare an irrevocable partnering with this my Good, remembering that It is embedded in every fiber of my being, always poised, ready and willing to express through me, however life shows up. I declare a growing tendency to lean into this awareness in the midst of all situation, condition and circumstance. I recognize a lighter response and attitude in relationships and daily activities. I am willing to smile and laugh more easily. With unbound eagerness, I open to a greater experience of kindness, forgiveness and generosity for myself and others, while allowing it to spill over in new and unexpected ways. I celebrate, honor and appreciate as a daily practice. I release rigid and limiting thoughts, and welcome a lighter more relaxed and flexible body, mind and spirit as my gifts express freely. I trust that my purpose is being fulfilled. I wholeheartedly announce that my Good is here right now, I am filled with It, Good is me and radiates outward from me.

This shift in consciousness is a balm to every aspect of my being. I pirouette, leap, sing and clap my hands, as I joyfully fall into this irresistible dance with the Beloved. With bells on, I delight in this sweet knowing of my Spiritual Truth.

I release my Word into the Law where it is already known and done.

And so it is!

Amada Colt, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa, California

Saturday, March 28, 2015


Purpose Statement:
The following is a prayer for continued support from Life for practicing accountability, integrity and impeccability of my word and actions.

Only One Thing, One Life, One Power, One God. Itself operating within Itself in Harmony, in Unity, in Order. These Principles are universally and abundantly apparent as Life moves throughout Itself with an undefinable power, in observable peace, promoting calm and ease in all that It does. Always in action, always in balance, always creating more of Itself from Itself.  The thing Itself is beyond time and space, and that which created these concepts. God unfolds in perfect harmony and integrity, and Grace is that binds this seamless experience unto Itself.
As God is all there is, I am of God. The Life principal that is God ever creating must be in me, for I am here. The fundamental principles of Life ever creating Divine Nothingness into Divine Form operate through me, and they are in me. My life is born out of Unity, Order, Grace, and the Love of Spirit’s Self. The Creative Life Principle operates through me without obstruction.
In every moment, in every experience, I am supported, guided, and live from the inherent Life principles operating beyond time and space. In every interaction with myself or others, in every thought or deed, I am cradled by a God who only knows love for Itself. My actions are born out of Harmony and Unity. These principles govern my life and show up in my relationships as integrity, honesty, kindness, and impeccability of my word. My thoughts and actions support these principles in all my deeds.
With a grateful heart for words of prayer realized, I put gratitude into practice by living life from a place of principle. I go forth and simply be, nothing more and nothing less.  I carry peace, happiness, and laughter into the world, and for this I am grateful
Having impressed these thoughts into Consciousness, knowing my prayer is already done, I release and I let go and let God run my life.


Michael Magill
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Prayer of Gratitude

I sit still and I remain quiet. I wait for something to arrive.  I wait until that moment when I land and forget everything in my mind. I wait until I feel what is happening around me.

There is but one God, One Power, One Spirit, or Universal Intelligence. God is but a name for the indescribable. It is the source of Life and Its resting place. Each universe and everything within is of God, and there is more God than can be known. Its Light shines forth equally in all directions extinguishing the facade of darkness. Its light is cast upon every moment revealing what is really happening. The Universal Soul, always available, always perfect in the singular manifestation by which It is known. God, a word for Love, for kindness, compassion, for eternal peace.

As God is infinite, I must be of God, from God--a piece of this larger life in the singular.  Within me is peace, harmony, and love—all this fills my spirit. My thoughts, influenced by these qualities create my life.  It cannot be otherwise. As this is true for me, I know it is true for you. Each of us are in a special relationship with the Divine. Every subjective or objective thing, known or unknown emanates from the One. As Life pours forth in Spirit, it flows through us. Our Unified Spirit is a vital force in this creative process. This creative process is not bound by precedent because God is infinite and Life expands safely and harmoniously. In quiet mediation the One Voice speaks through our soul and we live in peace by Its wise counsel.

In this quietness, what appears to be ordinary is revealed to be truly extraordinary. We are one with this moment and grateful to know we are part of this stunning miracle of Life. There is nothing to control, manage, or worry about. Life unfolds perfectly and we as ride this wave of gratitude knowing our part is to be present, nothing more. We rest in the loving arms of the Divine, the Lover of our Soul, and surrender to that still small voice within. Any weight carried on our shoulders falls into nothingness for it is not real, it is only a thought, a dream.  For this awareness we are blessed. For our individual life, for our collective Life, we are grateful beyond words. We practice gratitude by sharing our presence with those who are in our presence.

This practice of gratitude is self-perpetuating and sends currents of Good into the Universe. As this prayer is reflected upon time after time by the us, it belongs to the Collective Self.

And so it is.

Michael Magill
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Affirmative Prayer to Live Now

I choose to release and forgive the past and live NOW

One Life in and through each and every moment.  One Infinite Presence enveloping all, including everything and everyone – excluding nothing and no one.  A Presence that is Love, Wisdom, Connection, Joy – the very Source of all. This One Life is eternal and is always present in all circumstances and life adventures. It is the flow of Good that creates and blesses all creation.  It is God.

And I share in that Life.  One Life includes me.  As the realization of God’s Life flows through me, and as I open to It, the love, wisdom, joy and reality of connection with all things become evident to me.  It is what I am.

I am open to the guidance that Love inspires in me.  I open to wisdom to guide me through this release and forgiveness.  I open to the realization of the essential connection that I have with all that has ever occurred in my life and all that has not. Each and every experience of life has shown up at exactly the right time to be the unfolding of my spiritual evolution.  I am grateful for being exactly where I am right NOW. 

I am deeply appreciative of all who share this Now with me.  I am grateful for any and every event, conversation or circumstance that has brought me to a deeper understanding of God as my life. This love, wisdom and connection is God acting through me.  I cherish the understanding that I have the power to choose the fullness of being and with that comes Joy.  Willing to release any ideas of past hurts or judgment, I claim my freedom from any thoughts or memories that may obstruct my view and experience of my Good right NOW.  I choose to be right here, right now in the very heart of my heart’s desire. 

The breath I breathe right now feels like a blessing of gratitude.  So I give great thanks for that which brings me back to realizing my connection with All That Is.

Going forward now, I release this Word, letting the Infinite Presence as the Law manifest that which is spoken in faith and intention.

Kathleen Kearney, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa