Saturday, September 22, 2018

Affirmative Prayer to Live in Spiritual Wisdom

Purpose: To Release all Doubt and Live in Spiritual Wisdom 

Spiritual wisdom is free flowing and ever-present. God is the supreme intelligence that is forever creating reality through its impulsion to express. This is the life force of the Spirit and it is dynamic, vitalizing and invigorating all of creation.

My nature, my essence is one with this dynamic life force, one with the Spirit, one with the supreme intelligence.

I am hereby accepting that the power and strength of the dynamic life force is renewing me. I lay aside all doubt and weariness. I rest in the free flowing wisdom of the supreme intelligence. I allow spiritual wisdom to guide me and renew me. I know the invigorating energy of the Spirit is bringing harmony and peace to my life.

I give thanks for this shift in consciousness that allows me to  release all doubt and live according spiritual wisdom.

I release this Word into the receptive aspect of God and I let it be.

And So It Is
Diane Tapogna
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Affirmative Prayer for Housing

Purpose: All my needs are met by the Source of all Life. I find housing that provides a place where my family can be together with a feeling of safety and comfort.

There is one infinite Source of all of Life. It is the unlimited outpouring of goodness that comes from the Divine One. The Beloved Friend is always supplying guidance, comfort and safety to all and all alike. All needs are met through the generosity of the Living Spirit.

I am a part of this divine, generous flow of goodness. I am the recipient of guidance comfort and safety for the Beloved and I are one.

I accept right now that all my needs are met by the Infinite Source. I am on my perfect path to receive the housing I need that allows my family, including my pets to be together. I accept a full experience of guidance, comfort and safety. I know deeply that I am one with the Divine One that is forever supplying my greatest good.

I give thanks for this deep knowing of the truth about my life.

I release this Word into the Law of Good.

And So It Is

Diane Tapogna, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa 

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Aligning with My Good

Aligning with My Good

While breathing into this loving presence  there is only one thing happening. It is all God, in through and as all being. It is the source and sustainer of all life, always acting on behalf of Its creation. It is everywhere present, that which moves the invisible into form, creating anew from itself, as itself, in each moment. It is this force of love everywhere present, this infinite intelligence and  potential, 100% available to Its creation, gathering all unto Itself. There is no other, no thing outside of It.

And so I am made of this divine stuff. It is the source and sustainer of my being, my existence, creating me as an individual expression of Itself. I am here on purpose through the will of the Divine, an instrument and vessel of the One. I am inseparable from this one life, connected to all that is. The one breath and heartbeat of all that is expresses through me. There is no place where I end and the rest of God, the rest of  life begins. The infinite presence is the source and substance of my body mind and spirit. All of this one boundless presence is right where I am.

From this awareness I speak  for myself. I recognize that all I need in any moment is within me and around me. As I joyfully receive I remember that I am also a conduit of the divine. I open to this inward and outward flow of love and understanding in the midst of however life is showing up. I trust my intuition more and  look beyond situation, condition and circumstance.  As I generously forgive myself I am kinder to people, critters and things. I look for the joy, goodness and beauty that presents itself throughout each moment. I slow down to honor and cherish the gifts and unique qualities with which I and the rest of life have been imbued. I celebrate and nurture the expression of those gifts in myself and others. I recognize and am grateful for the Good that is happening in the world. I notice what I am for and share that perspective, as it informs my words and choices. 

I rest in this understanding, accepting this spiritual truth for myself and others. With a grateful heart I let go and let God, absolutely assured that it is already known and done. And so it is.

Amada Colt, RScP

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Affirmative Prayer for Healing

Prayer for Resolution of a Health Issue

Purpose: Clarity of diagnosis, skillful medical team, complete and rapid recovery.

There is one powerful, healing Presence.  This Presence is the Universal Intelligence that is forever restoring and revealing wholeness, harmony and well-being. This Intelligence is informing all of life with Its clarity and light. This healing Presence is absolute, infinite and eternal.

I am one with this powerful, healing Presence. The Universal Intelligence is working through me expressing clarity and light. Wholeness and harmony is my natural state.

I accept a full revealing of wholeness for my body. Wherever healing is needed, the powerful healing Presence is active and effective in me. There is clarity for me and all medical practitioners about what is needed to support my compete recovery. Every medical practitioner I encounter is skillful and compassionate. I rest in a deep sense of wholeness and connection. I trust the full return of my vitality and well-being. Harmony prevails in my life.

I give thanks for this shift in my awareness and understanding about the truth of my life.

I release this prayer into the loving arms of the Spirit.

And So It Is
Diane Tapogna, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa