Saturday, May 28, 2016

Prayer for a Child in the Hospital

Prayer for a Child in the Hospital

This child and his family are surrounded by a Divine Loving Presence. Like a protective blanket, It comforts them during times of challenge.  So this prayer includes the family and all of the healthcare providers attending to this child now. The powerful healing energy of Spirit flows through now bringing just the right elements needed to create the perfect healing environment. All the doctors and nurses and healthcare assistants are blessed in seeing their activities as divine tasks of healing.  This perfect child and his family feel this healing energy surrounding them now. I affirm rest and comfort for them during this time.  Confident in the faith that this powerful, loving, healing energy surrounds this family now, I affirm that all is well.  And so with gratitude knowing that this divine healing is already active, I let God do God’s work with awe and gratitude.  With this grace flowing mysteriously, beautifully, magically, through all of life, everyday miracles show up as a reminder of the wonder of life. 

Andra Sandburg, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Affirmative Prayer to Know the Truth

Purpose Statement: To know the truth of myself – who I really am. To speak my word of truth for my own worth, joy and wholeness.

There is only one God, one infinite Presence. It is the Presence of the perfect loving spirit that is everywhere present, all of the time. It is all that is known and also the mystery yet to be known. This Presence is the giver and sustainer of all life. It is truth, beauty and acceptance of all Good.

I am one with this loving heart of consciousness. This powerful and loving Presence resides at the core of my being. It beats my heart and pulses in my veins. Spirit’s nature is my nature. Spirit’s love is my love. I am a divine extension of the one Presence that runs through all life beautifully, harmoniously and lovingly. Every act, thought and consideration is but an extension of divine thought and truth.

I claim for myself an acceptance of who I really am as an embodiment of God right now in this present moment. I accept for myself that harmony, gratitude and peace well up from the center of my being. Joyous living is mine and I choose right action and right thought as life unfolds. I know for myself that from the place of harmony, abundance and power that is the loving Presence, I experience acceptance, wisdom and peace in my daily affairs. In a Universe that is always for me, I consciously identify with the good in my life and in the trust and belief that God knows what it is doing and has my best in mind. I claim the truth of happiness and joy as I move through my daily activities with poise and grace. I claim now for myself freedom from uncertainty and misconceptions. I am enough just as I am

I celebrate this treatment. In calm confidence and abiding faith I rest in deep appreciation. With love in my heart of knowing that truth demonstrated, I rejoice.

I speak this Word as the Word of Spirit and release it to the Law. The Law always responds in the affirmative. I believe this truth and accept its manifestation.

And So It Is. Amen

Tamarya Hulme, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living Santa Rosa

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Natural Creative Abilities Shine Forth

There is one infinite Presence: the Power and creative life Principle which is the source and sustainer of all life. This One is constantly and dependably expressing and expanding throughout all time, space, and every person, place, and event. It is forever expanding and expressing more; that is Its very nature.

This One must and does act the same through all people. That includes me and everyone I have ever met or am yet to meet. Spirit is always present, always expressing.

I claim an expansion of our understanding of the creative energy within all people everywhere. I claim the openness to allow all to honor their own and others’ natural creative abilities. I delight in witnessing the joy and freedom of creating something new that has never been experienced by humankind, like the light bulb or the internet. I call forth the experience and expression of something new in individuals. This newness, and this allowing of ideas to come forth, serves the entire world. I claim an increased awareness of everyone’s innate talents and that this awareness is a blessing to all. I am so grateful to know that each person is honored and valued for their talents, and this honor allows their uniqueness and magnificence to shine for their own and everyone’s good.

My heart fills with joy witnessing a world that allows personal creative power to bless all.

With absolute faith and confidence, I release my word to the Law of Creation, which makes it so. I let it be.

And so it is

Kelly Metcalf, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa
#AGlobalVision  #aworldthatworksforeveryone

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Creative Power

We see a world where humanity rediscovers personal creative power

There is One Source, One Creative Power, One Infinite Intelligence, One Power for Good, One Spirit, an Infinite Divine Presence that is the only power and presence in the universe. There is nothing outside of It, nothing separate from It, nothing in opposition to It. It creates all, includes all, loves all, sustains all, and empowers all. It knows only good and It knows no lack nor limitation.

I am one with this Infinite and powerful Presence. It created me, guides me, sustains me, and empowers me in every moment to express the truth of my being—I am Spirit in full expression. Spirit knows who I am and reminds me that I am Spirit too; one with the One. I know this same truth for and about every single member of humanity. We are all one in Spirit, all guided, directed, and empowered by the One. Spirit knows our function in the world and guides each of us on our path to wholeness and full expression of our truth.

As each of us wakes up to this awareness of who we are, guided by the One, we rediscover our personal creative power—the individualized expression of the One Creative Power. As each one wakes up, there is healing on a personal level and a planetary level. We are healing ourselves and healing the world through finding our true selves as Spirit. We are bringing to ourselves and the world greater peace, wholeness, and personal satisfaction by finding our creative power within.

I celebrate this movement in consciousness that is taking place for myself and for all of humanity. I am so grateful for knowing that Spirit is guiding me and each one of us in this process and that we cannot fail.

I release this word to the Infinite Powerful Creative One and know that it is already so.
And so it is.

Brenda Kobrin, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa
#AGlobalVision  #aworldthatworksforeveryone