Saturday, May 25, 2019

Affirmative Prayer to Experience More Physical Energy

To experience more physical energy.

Recognition:  There is a Power that has created everything. It is the Power of Life Itself, and It is present throughout all of creation. It continuously gives of Itself to support, sustain, and empower all It has created.  

Unification:  I am one with this Power. Its Life is my life. Its strength is present as me. Its life-supporting and life-sustaining essence flows through me

Realization:  Therefore, as I go through my daily life, this one Power must be infusing all of my activities, providing all the energy I need for whatever is required. So I now accept an awareness of the life-giving properties of the Divine one, vitalizing me right here and right now. I allow Its Power and Its strength to be felt and experienced by me in all that I do, from the moment I arise in the morning, until I lie down to rest at night. And as I peacefully sleep, I know that It is restoring and renewing me for the activities of the next day, so that I once again arise energized.

Thanksgiving: I give thanks for the awareness of this Divine Power. I celebrate, the many ways this awareness blesses my activities and my experience.

Release:  Knowing that what has happened in Mind must bear results in form, I release this treatment to That which makes it so. 

And so it is.

Reverend Joyce Duffala
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Saturday, May 11, 2019

I am Guided by Divine Love

There is one Mind. It is the Mind of the Living Spirit Almighty. It is the only power and It is forever creating life out of It generosity and love. This one Mind includes all beings.

I exist within and express as this one Mind. It creates life through me.

Today I accept a greater experience of the creative power. I open to be guided by Divine Love. I align my thoughts and actions with this love. I direct my mental atmosphere toward that which is the goodness of life. I live from a deep understanding of the one Mind operating as me.

I am grateful for this realization and for the way it works in my life.

I release this word of truth into the Law of Mind which always responds.

And So It Is

Diane Tapogna, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa