Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Comfort in Times of Grief

A prayer for comfort in times of grief

There is one living Spirit almighty. It is God, and God is the eternal presence of love, peace and joy. God’s love is the only power. The perfect intelligence of this living Spirit is what has created all of life and it is what sustains all of life. God gives itself fully to all of its creation. This living Spirit has its life in each and every one of us.

So then, it must be that this living Spirit is alive in me. All of its power and intelligence is present within me. The love, peace and joy that has created the universe is alive in me.

I accept that all I need is supplied to me. In this time of grief, I accept comfort and peace of mind. I remember that love is eternal, and that nothing or no one can truly be lost or gone. I claim for myself that even as my heart feels heavy with a sense of loss, I am at the same time filled with awe and wonder at the power of love in my life. I trust the wisdom of the living Spirit to guide me through this time. I realize that I cannot be stuck or stagnant in the flow of God’s love.

I am alive and present for each moment. My heart is comforted by this remembrance of the truth of life. I allow the grief I feel to flow through me in its own time. I am tender, gentle and compassionate with myself and with those around me. I accept the loving embrace of the divine Spirit in this time of my life. I let the light of God to lead me forward remembering that joy and peace will return to me, for they live in the very fabric of my being. I am love.

I give thanks for the remembrance of this truth. That I am fully alive in God’s love even in this time of grief. I am grateful for the comfort I receive.

I release this prayer unto that which has created all of life, knowing it will manifest the highest good in my life.

And So It Is

Monday, April 16, 2012

Lovingly Connected to Spirit

Purpose: I am lovingly connected to Spirit.

Begin by recognizing your highest idea of Divinity: There is one universal power that has created all of life. Everything that exists is a part of the matrix of this one life. There is a pattern of perfection that extends itself across all boundaries. It is the love of the divine Spirit that connects everyone and everything. This love is infinite and eternal.

Then remember the unity of all of life including yourself: I know that I am included in this infinite, eternal love. I remember that my oneness with the divine Spirit can never be broken for I am Spirit in expression.

Knowing this Unity and knowing the power of  affirmative prayer, affirm the desired outcome is already true: I accept then that I am living the life of the divine Spirit. I claim for myself that I am able to feel this loving connection in every circumstance and every situation. I feel the love of the divine in my body, in my mind and in my soul. Love is the very fabric of my being. I realize in this moment and in every moment I am one with the love of Spirit.

Next let yourself feel gratitude for this Truth: I am so grateful for the realization of this truth that I am now and forevermore lovingly connected to Spirit.

Now it is time to relax and trust the natural laws of the universe by releasing this prayer:  I release this word into the receptive nature of the Spirit and I allow it to be so in my experience.

And So It Is

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Navigating Change at Work

A prayer for navigating change at work

There is one changeless Reality. It is the reality of the one loving Presence that is in and through all things. It is the perfect Intelligence that guides life into its full expression. It is the nurturing support of the universe. And it is all-powerful and eternal. It is the beacon of light that calls all of life home to itself. Divine, sacred Reality. 

And it is this Reality, this loving presence, that has its life as each and everyone of us. We are each an emanation of the perfect Intelligence that has created all of life. I am, we are, each guided by the light of the Divine. 

I accept for each one reading this prayer a greater faith in the perfect changeless reality that stands behind all changes. I accept a deeper awareness and faith in the one loving Presence that has created life itself. I remember that I am , we each are fully supported by this nurturing universe and that the power that has created life itself is fully active in our lives. I claim that I listen deeply and see clearly the guidance of the Divine that is always available to me calling me home to the sacred Reality of a life that is filled with love and peace. 

As I remember this truth about my life, about our lives, I am fully confident that I can navigate any change at work with ease and grace. I realize that the power and light of the divine One is leading me into ever greater expressions. I am, we are, allowing ourselves to be  filled with awe and wonder at the understanding of this truth.

Giving thanks now for the powerful realization of the truth: that it is completely within each of us to navigate the changes at work with ease and grace, I rest in gratitude.

I release this Word into that receptive nature of the Divine One that responds fully to its highest intent. And I let it be.

And So It Is