Saturday, March 30, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Renewal

Affirmative Prayer for Renewal

There is one Life Force, one Intelligence, one Loving Presence that is ever available to all of existence. It is the Power for Good and it gives Itself freely to all. It is this Power that  governs all of the activity of life and Its nature is peace, harmony and renewal. Life is always being made new through the Creative Power.

And because this Creative Power knows no bound or limits and is everywhere present, I know that It is fully present in me and in my life. I am one the peace, harmony and renewal of the Loving Presence.

So today, knowing my oneness with the Power for Good I accept for my life a complete renewal. There is nothing in my past which can determine my current experience. There is nothing about the future that can limit my life today. I release all regret and all fear and step fully into the healing power of forgiveness. My mind, my body and my spirit are refreshed by this realization and I claim that I  am made new with every dawn, with every breath. The peace, harmony and renewal of the Creative Power are always bringing me home.

For this great and powerful realization of the truth about the Power for Good and Its action in my life, I give thanks.

I release this Word into the Law of Creation, trusting it to manifest fully in my experience.

And So It Is

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Compassionalty Responsive

Affirmative Prayer from the Beyond Limits Class 
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Purpose: To be compassionately responsive

Recognition: The breath of Spirit is Peace, it is the bringer of clarity, wisdom and harmony. It is the one source of compassion, and is everywhere present.

Unification: The breath of Spirit is my breath. Is my peace and establishes me in clarity, wisdom and harmony. I am where Spirit’s compassion is: everywhere. 

Realization: Therefore I listen, breathe and give space to people when they speak to me. I, through the power of Spirit within me, take it all in. As a result I declare-I am clear and I resonate with Life. 

Thanksgiving: I am really excited. I am filled with relief. I can breathe, breathe, breathe. I celebrate the prayer I have spoken. 

Release: I breathe it out easily and let it be. I know this is already done so I can release this Word with peace.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Right Livelihood

Right Livelihood

There is one organizing Life-Force that propels life into expressing the one true reality. It is the energy of creation and it is always active. It is the eternal presence and Its nature is generosity and connection. All of life is interconnected by this natural pattern of perfection.

I am one with this Life-Force. Its creativity is active in me and it is also present and active in my livelihood.

I accept for myself a beautiful expression of right livelihood. I am drawn to activities that allow me to express my highest and best. I am richly rewarded for all of my efforts. I accept that right livelihood is coming into full manifestation in my life right now and I  align myself with it. I declare that I know all that I need to know and I do all that I need to do to receive this good in my life right now.

I give thanks to the creative power within me and all around me for this realization of how it is already working in my life.

I release my word into the subjective aspect of the Divine that receives its impress and  expresses it fully.

And So It Is

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Affirmative Prayer of Faith

Affirmative Prayer of Faith

Something has always been here. It is Wisdom, Love, Light and endlessly Creative. Call it Spirit, God, Universal Intelligence; by whatever name, It is everywhere present, always.  Beyond space and time, this eternal, infinite Spirit is the source of all-that-is.  It is expressing as every life, in countless forms, yet all have their very being, within this One. Many forms, One Life. As the wave rises in expression, yet is One with the ocean, so too every life is One with Spirit and all that Spirit is.  One life, One mind, One heart, which flows in and through every thing, supporting all with Its fullness and Grace. Each life is a beloved expression, of the Love of God.

 This is the Truth of my life and of everyone’s Life. I live, move and have my very being in this Source of all. Spirit’s grace has brought me forth as a beloved expression; here to be the Love of which I am made. I am One, with all that is. Every breath I take is the free gift of Life, moving through me. I am a vital part of the One, loved and supported as Its beloved expression of life, as surely as I breathe.

 As I go about daily experiences and challenges, I embrace this Truth. I accept the love, support and wisdom of Spirit which guides me, in this adventure of my life. I remember that I can draw upon the limitless Source of all, in whatever circumstances are happening, in my life and in our world. I rest in faith, knowing that there is a bigger picture happening than what I see. I am a wave and draw upon the loving ocean of Spirit, knowing that support and grace are here, always. In faith I stand, accepting that even when I can’t see it, that all is well. This faith brings harmony to me and emanates outward, to all those whose lives I touch, for we are one. 

How wonderful to know this Truth! My heart sings with a quiet joy for the many gifts of Spirit.

So I now release my Word into the Soul of Spirit. In faith I just let go, let God and let it be.

And so It is.

Angél Fiorito

Friday, March 1, 2013

Constant Companion

Constant Companion

The One living Spirit, the Almighty God, presides over all of existence with Its wisdom and intelligence. The nature of this Divine One is absolute, unconditional love and It gives of itself freely to all and all alike. It is the constant supply and source of all that is needed. It is the abiding companion to each and every one. It includes every living being and all that is seen and all that is unseen.

It is the unconditional love of the Almighty God that gives rise to my life in every moment. It is within me, all around me, expressing through me. I am Life.

From this understanding of my oneness with that which has created me, I accept for myself, a deeper and fuller alignment with my own inner wisdom. I declare that I am constantly guided by that wisdom within me that clearly knows exactly what to say and do  in every moment. I open myself to be a clear channel for the unconditional love of the one that illuminates my way, my constant companion. I am compassionate and patient with myself and with others as I walk this path of life. I cast my vision forward to dream big, for there is no limit to the good I can experience. Today I choose to walk hand in hand with my own unique inner voice, the voice that calls me forward into the greater good.

I am so grateful for this clear revelation of the truth about me and my life. I celebrate the constant companionship of the Living Spirit. I live in the goodness of unconditional love and for that I give thanks.

I release this word into the law that responds in full measure.

And So It Is