Saturday, August 27, 2016



There is one Power, one Holy Presence; a field of Infinite Love and Intelligence, in and through all things; everywhere present, seen and unseen, expressing as form and vast spaciousness. It is one unifying wholeness that is the source and potency of life Itself; a magnificent harmony of love, light, intelligence, beauty, joy, creativity, and vitality. It is God, Spirit, Life, the Tao, Universal Intelligence, Unconditional Love.  It is that which is beyond one name. 

This Power, this Holy Presence is in and through me, expressing as me. I am one with this infinite presence of unconditional love and intelligence. It is my source and I am its eyes, ears, hands and feet. It is the love in my heart and the wisdom of my soul. It is all that I am. I know this is true of everyone and everything. We are all unique expressions of life, connected through this field of loving intelligence.

In this awareness, I accept for myself and for all of humanity a greater respect and value for spiritual guidance received from this vast field of loving intelligence. I claim a deep knowing that this guidance is sourced in infinite possibility and vision for the highest good and thriving harmony for all creation. I accept a widespread release of limitations based upon past experience, current conditions, fear or lack.  I claim an expanding willingness in every individual to explore and experience their precious, inherent gift to perceive the wisdom of Spirit. I celebrate a global shift where spiritual guidance expressed as intuition, insight, and answered prayer, is honored, valued, and encouraged in all areas of life. I know the world is blessed as more hearts and minds choose to receive and act upon insights and guidance from this Living Intelligence, this most Holy Presence, I call God. 

My heart overflows with gratitude for the way this awareness of infinite love, the wisdom of God, and divine guidance is recognized in us, accepted for what it is, and acted upon.

I joyfully release this prayer to that aspect of God that receives the Word and responds to it. Blessed be. 

And so it is.

Linda Marshall, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Spiritual Guidance

There is a natural pattern of divine perfection guiding and informing all of Life. It is the wisdom and intelligence of the Living Spirit forever giving Its light to all of creation.

We each are a recipient of the spiritual intelligence that expresses in the perfection of life, of the profound wisdom of the ages. The intelligence and wisdom of the Loving Spirit is our deepest intuition and our guiding light. This guidance comes easily and naturally to all beings everywhere. True intuition is the voice of Spirit within.

I accept that we, as a spiritual community, and I as a spiritual being, step into a greater alignment with this flow of spiritual guidance. I am naturally attracted to all choices that bring me to living in the flow of goodness. I take time to slow down and tune into the wisdom that is available to me from within me and from all around me. I am open and receptive to that which has heart and soul meaning for me and for others around me. I listen well. I respond wholeheartedly. I am guided to perfect right action by the spiritual guidance available to me.

I give thanks for this greater realization of the perfect pattern of Life that guides me to contribute as I value spiritual guidance in all of its forms.

I release this Word into the creative medium that responds fully and completely.

And so it is.

Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Stillness and Peace

To know in the stillness of the presence of the One.  I am filled with peace and calm

God is all there is. Wondrous and whole, God-Spirit is everywhere. God-Spirit created and sustains all the wonders of the world. All around, ever-present, God breathes life into being for the beauty and good of all. God is the creator and sustainer of still waters, deep green forests and the quiet sweetness of dawn. There is simply no place that God is not. God is the source of all there is.

I am one with God - fully united with the depth and power and beauty of life. I am loving and filled with trust in God and life. As nature puts on her summer dress, I too don my summer gown of natural beauty trusting in the way that life will unfurl. As I sit with Spirit I know I do not need to have all the answers right at this moment. I can trust in the mystery and allow myself to be guided by that part of the Divine residing inside me at all times. I can rest assured that the right thing will happen at the right time.

Life is beautiful. I claim for myself the ‘remembering’ that I find peace in the heart of God. I accept and know that this peace is always present offering the knowledge, wholeness and beauty of life through prayer and affirmation of the one life. I live in the present moment with God by my side, trusting in my well-being and the well-being of my family and friends through this time of transition. I love unconditionally and trust that all will be fine as I travel my own path making my own decisions. I accept that I let go of any attempted control of family members knowing they will find their own way in their own time. I delight in the time we spend together and they all experience a timeless and eternal love.

Joy and acceptance sings in my heart as I give thanks for this shift and knowing. I celebrate this gift.

I surrender my word into the Law that always says YES and know that everything is as it should be. I release it and let go. And so it is.

Tamarya Hulme, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa