Saturday, December 20, 2014

Affirmative Prayer for Knowing Love, Peace and Joy

Knowing Love, Peace and Joy

In this sacred Now, there is an irresistible Force that fulfills and unfolds through every aspect of Itself, a power always acting on behalf of Its Creation. It is all there is, wholly inclusive, nothing outside of it. Its nature is Love, Peace and Joy, abundantly available. In every moment. It is that transforming Power, everywhere present. It is the One, Spirit, Mother-Father-God, the Nameless One. 

And so, being made by God, out of Its One Divine Stuff, Its Goodness is my nature, unfolding and expressing infinitely through and as me. I am connected to all that God is, in known and unknown, seen and unseen ways. Love, Peace and Joy are the Source and Sustenance of my being, I am made from and a part of this one Body, Mind and Spirit. I am a place where Love, Peace and Joy show up. 

I am simultaneously blessed and a blessing. From this place of Oneness I proclaim a deeper experience of Goodness: I surrender and release any limiting thought, idea or belief, creating a spaciousness to recognize, receive and radiate Love in the midst of however life is showing up. With greater ease I access my inner Peace--- especially in the appearance of confusion, chaos, conflict and fear. This heightened awareness of Love and Peace activates my innate Unconditional Joy. It is a Love, Peace and Joy Fest! Hanging out in one Divine Quality begets the other, they are divinely inseparable, and express more fully through me each day. I am so grateful for knowing this Spiritual Truth. 

I celebrate its abundant expression in my life. 

With deep trust and comfort I let my Word go, into the heart and arms of the Beloved, where it is already known and done.

And so it is!

Amada Colt, RScP

Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Friday, December 12, 2014

Affirmative Prayer for Safe Travel

Affirmative Prayer for Safe Travel

There is one perfect Order, one Intelligence, one harmonious Flow to Life. It is the Living Spirit Almighty and It guides and protects all of creation. The one Power, the one Life Force is always present in every circumstance and every situation.

Each one of us, all of humanity is a part of this Divine Order. All of life is guided by this intelligence and strengthened by this Power. I am, we each are, guided and protected by the Creator of Life in all ways and at all times. This includes all travelers everywhere.

I accept for all who are traveling, a safe journey, perfect departure and perfect arrival. Wherever assistance is needed it is provided. The way is made clear and the movement is easy and harmonious. All travelers are held in the safety and protection of the Living Spirit Almighty. The solution to every appearance of a problem already exists, and is fully active and available. Resolution is assured by the great order of the universe. The perfection of Spirit prevails always.

I rest in ease and confidence in the power of this word to move all appearances to the contrary out of the way and bring the highest good for all travelers. I give thanks and I trust that it is already done.

And So It Is