Monday, September 24, 2012

I Make the Best Choices

I make the best choices

There is one all-seeing, all knowing Divine Presence which gives rise to all of existence. Its nature is love and peace. It is this perfect Intelligence which guides life into its perfect expression. Its wisdom is completely available in every moment to all beings.

I am a perfect manifestation of this Divine Presence. My nature is love and peace The perfect wisdom and intelligence of the Living Spirit  has its home in me.

So I declare that I have all that I need to make the best choices at every turn. I slow down and become aware of the wisdom of the Spirit that lives within me, guiding my every choice. The power of love prevails in every situation. My thoughts, my emotions and my actions are all in alignment with my highest good. I stay awake to this reality. I maintain my sense of awe and wonder as I navigate through my days and nights. I choose healthy foods to eat, healthy activity to nourish my body and kind words in every communication. I entertain the highest thought about every situation. I am nurtured by the quiet support of the Living Spirit within me. I release all judgment and regret and step into each moment made anew.  I am more that enough and worthy of a fantastic life. Standing in this foundation of Truth, I make the best choices and am abundantly blessed.

I am so grateful for this new awareness and for the power of affirmative prayer to bring this Truth to full manifestation in my life.

I let it be as I release this Word into the law of mind that responds fully to its highest intention.

And So It Is

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gentle Persistence

A prayer for gentle persistence

There is one unwavering Power for good that gives itself fully and freely to all that is. It is the abiding love of the Spirit and it cannot be hindered or compromised in any way. This pervasive Reality is the Keeper of all of life.

I am one with this Power for good, one with the abiding love of Spirit. My ways are guarded and guided by that which has created me, the Keeper of all of life. And because I am one with this Power I remember once again that my thought is creative and my prayers are effective.

I accept for myself, therefore, a gentle persistence in all good endeavors. I awaken daily to a new and fresh idea about my life and all that is present in my life. I set a course daily for that which I wish to experience, and as a result more love and more harmony become my steadfast reality. I am gentle and kind with myself and others. My way is made clear and straight by my awareness of this one great Reality. I walk the path of love and devotion with gentle persistence.

I celebrate all of the good that unfolds in my life as a result of this realization of truth. I am grateful to be once again aligned with the power that governs my life and brings to me all the good I desire.

In full knowledge and confidence of the way it works, I release this Word into that law of Mind that responds to its highest intention.

And So It Is

Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Prayer for Contentment

There is one powerful peace. It is the peace of the divine Spirit and it infuses itself fully into every aspect of life. All needs are met by the generosity of the Spirit. Its nature is beauty and joy.

The peace of the divine Spirit lives in each and everyone, fully and completely. I am, we are each an expression of the peace of Spirit. The beauty and joy of Spirit are fully available in every person and every situation.

So therefore, I relax and trust the currents of life to carry me to that which I am seeking. I let go and open my awareness in order to take in the powerful peace of Spirit as it expresses within me and all around me. I open my eyes, my ears, my heart to the awesome joy and beauty of the divine Spirit that gives itself so freely to every aspect of my life. Deep within me I contact the natural joy of being alive and I see that I am surrounded by beauty. I slow down and take it in. I allow it to be more than enough to nourish my soul and I am content. Contentment becomes my natural state of being.

I celebrate the movement of this awareness in my mind and heart. I am so grateful for the power of prayer to renew me in this way and for the reestablishment of contentment in me.

I release this word of realization into the receptive nature of life itself, knowing it is already absolutely established in my life.

And So It Is