Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Affrimative Prayer for Peace

Affrimative Prayer for Peace by Naava Dewey

One heartbeat. One breath. One Life. One unending Peace. One infinite Beingness that created, contains, and sustains all that is. And so much more. Every star in the universe created by and from this One. Held in the seemingly empty vastness, but filled with and suspended in the infinite invisible Light and Peace of the Divine.

And I am made from That, living as That, swimming in that vast Peace of the divine Being. Peace is my very nature. And the True nature of every person on this planet.

And so I invite and embrace the Truth that the Peace in each person is revealed and lived in such a way that it ripples out to everyone around them, affecting family, friends, community, nations, and the Earth itself. Every heart and mind filled with awareness of divine Peace and Love, filling us to such an extent that anything else is seen as unnecessary, extraneous, and obsolete. I accept a Peace that fills the hearts and minds of all of humanity, showering the Earth with Light, Peace, and Joy, radiating brilliantly into the stratosphere, filling every heart and mind in this invisible perfect Light of the One. Peace is here. Peace is Now. Peace is the Truth. Peace is our Essence. Let it reign. Let it rain.

Let it Be. Thank you Life! And so it is.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Clear Intention

Affirmative Prayer for Clear Intention

There is One Mind. It is the Mind of the living Spirit. All wisdom, all knowledge, all insight springs from this One Mind. This One Mind is Life itself. It includes every thing and informs everything. Wisdom, clarity and intelligence are Its very nature. It is this One Mind, this Intelligence that creates Life out of Its loving nature and illuminates the way for the continuous unfolding of Perfect Life.

The One Mind created me and lives in me. It is my mind. All of my thought and all of my experiences are taking place in the pure Intelligence of the One Mind. Its Power is my power.

So, today, I affirm that there is no limit to the power in me to use my mind for good. I am creative through my awareness and attention. I consciously make use of all of the wisdom that is available to me as I move through life with clear intention. I remain steadfast in my Spiritual Practices, those practices that align my mind with the Divine Mind. I open to receive the gift of Clarity and step into the flow of Universal Intention-the intention of the Divine to create through me. My way is clear and filled with the grace.There is nothing that can deter me from living in unity with the loving Presence.

I am grateful as I celebrate this truth.

It is so very clear to me that this Word shall elicit a perfect response form the Creative Medium that manifests all of Life.

And So It Is

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Peace of Mind and Equanimity

Affirmative Prayer for Peace of Mind and Equanimity

The Peace of God is everywhere present within all that exists and all around everything. It is infinite and eternal. It is available always. It gives Itself fully to life, holding nothing back.

I am included in this Peace.

I open to accept this Peace more fully. I trust Peace to guide me into whatever decisions and activities that nourish me.  I accept that my life is unfolding perfectly and I align my myself with this guiding light. I follow the Divine within me, and I am at Peace. I see peace in the world around me. I see the Divine in everyone I meet. I live in equanimity as I open to a deeper, richer, fuller experience of life.

I give thanks and let go into the Divine action that is always taking place on my behalf.

I trust in the full manifestation of Peace and Equanimity in my life. I release this Word in to the Law of Mind knowing its completion is assured. 

And So It Is

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Affrimative Prayer for Loving Patience

A Prayer for Loving Patience by Pamela Heck, RScP

Spirit, the Center and Circumference of All That Is, is Infinite Love, Infinite Truth, Infinite Assurance and Infinite Peace. This profound peace permeates all of creation. It is a Center of Calm that moves and has its being in all life.

This peace is my peace now.

No matter what challenges rise up before me, I choose peace. I choose the loving way. Today, I choose to be patient. Recognizing that Spirit is always patient with me, I honor Spirit by being patient with others and myself. Regardless of appearances, I accept the possibility of patience in this and every moment, in this and every situation,in this and every condition, and in me and every person.

With a grateful heart, I give great thanks that Spirit is right where I am assisting me in the fulfillment of this, my heart’s desire… I am loving, peaceful and patient.


Saturday, December 7, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Caregivers

Affirmative Prayer for Caregivers

There is one loving Presence that extends Its warmth and light to all beings everywhere. This is the Presence of the All-knowing One. The nature of this Presence is nurturing, kind, giving and generous. This loving Presence gives Its absolute, unconditional love to each and every one. It cannot be covered over or removed. It is always present and It is always active.

I know I am one with this loving Presence, as is every person who finds them selves acting in the role of caregiver.  All caregivers everywhere are an emanation of the loving Spirit that has created all of Life.

Knowing the unity of all of life, I speak this my Word on behalf of all caregivers everywhere as I accept absolute well-being. I affirm safety, harmony, abundance, health and goodness for each and every one. All needs are met by the Divine Spirit and so I declare that all needs are met for caregivers. I declare that their work is appreciated and they feel valued and respected. I accept that wheather paid or unpaid, they are each richly rewarded.

I give thanks for this goodness that is present in the lives of caregivers.

I release this word into the Law that responds fully for the highest good of all involved.

And So It Is

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Solitude

Affirmative Prayer for Solitude

There is a still and quiet voice that speaks into the heart of all creation. It is the voice of the Divine speaking of Love and Peace. It is ever-present, giving Its gifts of Love and Wisdom to all.

I have within me this voice telling me of  the Divine gift of Love and Peace.

I accept that the Divine is speaking to me in my most quiet moments. I affirm that as I turn to the inner solitude that is always available to me, I hear more clearly this voice of Love and Peace. Solitude is always with me, always available to me no matter what is happening around me. I allow myself to linger in this inner sanctuary, for It is a great nurturing Presence and brings to me my highest good.

There is a feeling in me beyond gratitude, an absolute awe and wonder at the perfection of life, to supply this ever present solitude for my benefit.

I release in faith and trust, this Word I speak, to the Creative Mind that receives its impress and brings it into my experience.