Saturday, December 29, 2012

Prayer for the New Year

Prayer for Acceptance and Opening by Bette Smith

There is only one thing going on here and now and that is God.  In every moment, in every action and circumstance, God is.  God is in the winds and rain, and in the dark of night and the same in the light of day.  God is everywhere, all around, always available, all knowing, all powerful, all wise.  God is love and peace, joy and wisdom, eternally, now and always.

I am a creative expression of God.  I am love and peace; I am wisdom and joy now and forever.  I am the light of God, showing up here and now and relaxing into this knowing.  And what is true for me is absolutely true for each one of us.  Each one is a creative expression of God, filled to overflowing with love and wisdom, joy and freedom.  Each one of us blessed with a love that has no end.    Equal in God’s love, each of us has at our center a wellspring of peace and ease, love and power.            

From this place of unification, I now claim a blessing for this New Year.  I claim a gentle and easy opening to expand into my understanding of that unifying force of God.  With open arms, I declare a welcoming to what is yet to be.  Although the end is not in sight, God lights my way one step at a time and the path is easy and clear.   I bravely take that first step now and claim my intention for 2013 realizing the power and love of God within. 

With great gratitude for this time of opening and expansion, I allow a shift of consciousness.  I am grateful and thankful, and I feel so blessed.

Feeling confident in the power of my word, I release it into the law and let it be.  

And so it is. Amen.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Affirmative Prayer for Financial Freedom

Here is a lovely prayer from a student:

PURPOSE – I want financial freedom with all bills paid.

RECOGNITION – God is the Creative Source of all that is. God is abundant supply of everything good: love, life, joy, beauty & abundance.

UNIFICATION – God & I are one. The mind of God flows through me as thought. I am a whole & complete child of God with the power for good in my finances.

REALIZATION – I totally accept abundance in my life. I have faith in my ability to thrive financially. The wisdom of God within me guides my every move. I experience unconditional love flowing through me at all times. I believe in my financial abundance & open my heart & mind to receive it. My mind is free to explore my creativity in every area of my life. I feel the joy & peace of financial freedom.

THANKSGIVING – I celebrate the freedom that comes with this shift in consciousness. I am grateful for the feeling of freedom this abundance brings into my life.

RELEASE – I release my word into the Law of Mind & I surrender, let go & let God. And so it is.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Affirmative Prayer for Peace of Mind

Affirmative Prayer for Peace of Mind

There is One Mind, it is the Mind of the Living Spirit Almighty. And that Mind is ever-present and all-knowing. It is the very source of peace. The peace of the Living Spirit expresses Itself through all beings everywhere. It is the ground of all being, fully available to all in every moment. The nature of life itself is deep and powerful peace.

Because the One Mind is everywhere, all the time, I know that it is my mind. I am one with the perfect mind of the Living Spirit. All of the attributes of the Spirit are alive in me, including perfect peace. As this is true for me, it is true for all beings everywhere; the deep and powerful peace of the one Mind, the Living Spirit Almighty is our very nature.

Therefore, I accept by means of this Affirmative Prayer, Peace of Mind for us all. In this time and in this season, I claim that peace is at the heart of all of our relationships. Peace is at the heart of all of our activities. This peace of the Living Spirit within cannot be disturbed or disrupted in anyway. It is a deep and powerful peace and it supports clear thinking, loving communication and right action. So I open to accept it fully in my life and in the life of anyone who chooses this peace.

I am so grateful for the way peace of mind is mine to claim right now. I feel its power moving in me and I give thanks.

I trust that this Spiritual truth will continue to make itself known to me throughout the coming season, and I rest in the power of this Word to manifest the highest good for all beings everywhere.

And So It Is

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Prayer for Successful Surgery

Prayer for Successful Surgery

There is one perfect healing Power, one supreme Intelligence that is at the heart of all of life. It is the rhythm of the seasons and the patterns of nature.  It is the complete order and  interconnectedness that expresses through all of existence. It is wholeness and well-being. It is love and peace and joy and beauty. It is the light of this one Power and Intelligence that guides every activity into the best and highest outcome. It is success.

All of us, everyone of us, are fully united with this one Power and Intelligence. Its life is our life, Its perfect order and  wholeness are imprinted on our very souls. We are each one with the all in all. The love, peace, joy and beauty of the universal Life are present in each of us.

So from this place of unity I accept on behalf of anyone facing surgery, a complete and absolute success. I accept wholeness and well-being. I declare that the perfection of the one Power and Intelligence are fully active in this person’s body. All the people who are involved in the medical and surgical care are divinely guided and participate graciously in the success of this surgery. I accept the perfect healing for body, mind and spirit. I affirm that love prevails, and where love is peace, joy and beauty also reside. 

I  rest in the gratitude that this realization has brought to me. What a blessing to remember this truth, that successful surgery is in the hands of the One. I appreciate the power of these words to manifest the highest good for anyone who accepts them as the truth.

I now, with a sense of completion, turn this prayer over to that which has in its nature the ability to make it so—the One Life.

And So It Is