Saturday, February 3, 2018

I Am Open to Life

I Am Open to Life

There is one reality; that is the presence of a divine essence in every particle in this never ending universe. It is the forward moving energy of the divine one that is this world we are a part of.  A divine idea expressed as the body of God.  The body of God includes all diverse expressions of itself, balanced, and organized moving toward fuller understanding of itself. 

It lives through each one of us, just like we are its eyes and ears experiencing this mystery of life in all its beauty, joy, love, so that it may know itself better.

This prayer asserts that life unfolds in perfect timing; everything coordinated and integrated for the greatest good of all.  This divine Spirit works through each of us like a compass, inspiring, guiding, and nudging us in directions leading to our greatest understanding of ourselves and others.  Life is now seen as an endless collection of insightful moments where our unique self is appreciated for all the life experiences that have led to this perfect moment in time.

Letting go of thoughts that restrict my experience of joy, peace, love and beauty, I open to the newness of each moment, curious and eager to witness the evolving nature of life.  I relax expectations allowing life to be even better than imagined.  All bodily functions work in harmony to release where needed, heal when called upon, and to relax in an open way allowing peaceful rest, joyful awakening, and curious expectancy.

Grateful for the way the divine one shows up as wisdom, peace, and love in each of our lives, offering us infinite ideas for expression, I release this prayer in full confidence that all the details have already been beautifully worked out.

So I let it be.


Andra Sandberg, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa