Saturday, May 26, 2012

Greatest Good for My Career

Greatest Good for My Career
A treatment by JoAnn Newton

There is One Life.  One Infinite Perfect Energy.  One limitless Source of all good, Light of divine wisdom, and creative Power of right action.  One Mind that is perfect Life, Light, Peace, Joy, Power, Beauty and Love – everywhere present, unlimited, all-knowing, and always available.  God is all there is.

This Life is my life.  Everywhere I go, everything I do – this Light of Truth surrounds and fills me.  The essence of this Living Spirit is my essence.  The presence and power of God is right where I am in the midst of my being, my life, and my affairs, flowing through me as an individualized expression of Itself – perfect, whole and complete.

And so as I know that there is a pattern of spiritual perfection at the center of my being and that Spirit is creating everything new in my life this day, I embrace that I am a magnificent child of God here on earth to express God.  I know that which I desire is exactly what God desires for me, and I accept an opening in my heart and mind a fuller awareness of this Perfect Life moving through me and expressing as me now.  I declare that the purpose for which I was born and the destiny that I am here to fulfill is already known in the mind of God and is unfolding perfectly, easily and effortlessly.  As Spirit now reveals Itself as me, I claim and accept that I am guided by divine Intelligence and powered by divine Love as I open to a fuller awareness of my true nature and to the perfection of God’s loving plan for me.  I trust and know that Spirit provides me with perfect ideas, plans, inspiration, and courage and I accept them now.  I now declare that right contacts, right influences, and right activities are now established and that, today, goodness, abundance, joy and success are manifest in my experience as I embrace the highest and greatest good in my career.

With deep gratitude, I wholly accept that this is the Truth.  I give thanks for this shift in consciousness and for the perfection of Spirit expressing as my life now.

I now release this Word into the law of divine Mind, trusting and knowing that it always say yes, and therefore, accepting it as so.  And so it is.  Amen.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

The Rhythm of Life

Here is a prayer about slowing down to the natural rhythm of life.

There is a natural rhythm to the life that God has created. Perfect balance and universal harmony are ever renewing life according to the absolute law of creation. There is no end to the power of the Divine. The one perfect life of God is fully and equally present in everyone and everything at all times.

So here and now I identify myself with this reality, knowing that the rhythm of life has it expression through me. Balance and harmony live in me. I am one with the power that has created all of life.

I declare that my life is governed by this natural rhythm. Perfect balance and universal harmony express through me and manifest in my experience as a slow and relaxed pace. My awareness of the wonder of life deepens. Each moment becomes filled with awe and wonder.

I open to the powerful action of the law of mind in my life to create a beautiful experience.As slow down to the natural rhythm of life, I experience more joy, peace, balance and harmony in my life.

I give thanks for the tangible effect of this natural rhythm of life in my experience.

I welcome this new reality into my life and I allow it to be so.

And So It Is

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Prayer for Peace

Prayer for Peace by Bette Smith

Oh Mother Father God, how great thou art, how magnificent, how wonderful.  All the fullness, the glory, the wonder of Spirit is present here today.  For this powerful Spiritual essence is everywhere, seen and unseen.  It is the creator of all life, it is the giver of all life, and it is the source of all.  All powerful, all knowing, all encompassing is this Spirit Divine.  God is everlasting peace and infinite love.  God is the never ending light of perfection and wholeness.  God is the vitality and energy of Life.

I am one with this holy essence of Spirit.  I am love, I am peace, I am whole, complete, and perfect.  At my center, there is a wellspring of God’s divine gifts.  As this is true for me, it is true for each one of us.  Each of us is a unique manifestation of Spirit.  Each of us is whole, complete, and perfect.    

And from this place of unification, I now invoke the Great Spirit, the one creator of all things.  I declare that this day is good, that my life unfolds perfectly and I am guided by Spirit every step of the way.  As I align with Spirit, I open myself to greater peace in my life.  As I align with Spirit, my every breath becomes the breath of God.  I allow peace to heal me, to soothe me, and bless me.

I am grateful for this time of remembering the truth and anchoring the love and peace of God.  Thank you, Mother Father God. 

With a grateful heart, I release this word into the law of mind and let it be.  And so it is. 

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Deep Knowing

Deep Knowing

There is one Mind. It is the perfect, absolute, all-inclusive mind of the divine Spirit.This Mind is all that exists and Its nature is love--pure, powerful, unconditional love.

I am completely and utterly a creation of this Mind and It consciously creates through me.

I declare that I live my life from a keep knowing of this truth: That my mind is a center of divine activity in the Mind of God. I am therefor compelled to nurture only the highest thoughts. I use the power of my attention and awareness to train my mind to express more fully the divine love which flows through me. I open the doors of my heat and allow the pure, powerful, unconditional love of the divine Spirit to express through me.

I refresh myself in the deep knowing that I can never be lost or stray away from this my only purpose-To be Love.

Oh how grateful I am to once again take to heart the knowledge of this truth. I give thanks for the continued renewal of my soul through this realization.

I release this pure intention of this declaration into the absolute law of life in faith and confidence that it is already so.

And So It Is

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fall in Love with Life

Fall in Love with Life

As I turn my attention to that which has created all of life, I marvel at the magnificence of the Divine. There is definitely an intelligence that is greater that I am that is orchestrating this wondrous life. I call it Spirit, or Love or Life. Love is the power that moves through all that exists. Spirit is generous all the time.

This divine Love lives in me, always. Its power and intelligence acts through me.
As I open to a greater realization of my oneness with Spirit, I begin to have the courage to hope for a better life. I find time to dream about living a life of love and generosity. I know that love and generosity are already present in me, so right now I am accepting their fuller expression in my life.

In my mind, I paint a clear picture of my better self and let the law of life fulfill its intention. As I gaze upon the beauty in this world showing up in nature, art, and the faces of children, I am filled with awe and wonder. And it is awe and wonder that opens me to be more loving and generous. I persevere, being gentle with myself in this opening. Step by step or all at once, I fall in love with life again and again.

I am so grateful for this natural awakening to love and generosity that is unfolding in my life.

I relax and trust Spirit to continue its creation through me.

And So It Is