Saturday, August 30, 2014

I release all negative self-judgment

I release all negative self-judgment

There is just One Life. It is the original Source of everything in existence. This One is the energy of Good, of perfect Intelligence, and unending Love. It is the Power to do and be according to the deepest longing of Life for life.This Power and Intelligence and Love is everywhere, available at any time with It's complete Presence for every person, every condition and every need.

I am birthed in this One Life. I have my being and life contained within It. The Power and Love and Intelligence of this One is in me now and always. It is my Source, my Intelligent guidance to do and be the deepest longing within me.

Therefore, I claim and accept a great self-love. I recognize myself as divinely made, deeply loved and created for a 'uniquely mine', divine purpose. I know this longing within myself and I allow it to have expression in my life. I release every thought that opposes this pure beauty and power and intelligence within me, knowing they have no real existence. I remember to remember how blessed and wanted I am. I claim my divinity in every moment that I am tempted to forget and bring my full 'God -Self' awareness to every thought of myself. I love and cherish myself and am grateful for all that I am.

I give great thanksgiving at the knowing of this truth. It permeates into all levels of my consciousness and being.

In releasing my word into the perfect law, I have complete trust that it returns to me in perfect realization. 

And so it is. Amen.

Trish Watkins

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Affirmative Prayer for Success in Business

Affirmative Prayer for Success in Business

There is one Life. One infinite Being. One invisible sparkling Presence that is in, around, and through me. Just as the stars are present even though they are invisible during daylight, the one eternal Being is here now. I call it God, I call it Spirit, I call it Life itself. It is that invisible infinite Presence that created me, that created everything that exists, and so much more. This Infinite Presence is the Source, the Substance, and the Supply of everything in form. Its Nature is Abundance and constant givingness of Itself to Itself as each one of us. Every moment, all the time.

Because it is all that there is, I am made of that Presence. I move through It and It moves through me. Its Abundance is my abundance. Its Light is my light. Its Nature is my nature. Its givingness is my givingness. It circulates in me, through, me, and as me.

I now remember that it is always giving, and I open myself to all that Spirit offers me. I reflect Its nature in my being. I throw wide the doors of my mind and heart to dissolve any blockage there. I open the mental doors of my business to welcome clients and customers into my business. People who benefit from what I offer, whose lives are enriched, and who feel that they got a great deal for my products and services. I give my gifts to those who appreciate and enjoy them, and they reward me with dollars so that I may continue to give what Spirit offers through me. I rejoice in the blessings I receive from the One and that others receive from the One through me. I accept the flow and buoyancy of the Current, which brings me currency and my clients/customers great benefit.

I celebrate this Truth, delighting that inn so knowing, it is done in the mind of God.I release my Word to the Law that always says YES, and has already said a big Yes. I simply step back and let it unfold and let it be.

And so it is.

Naava Dewey, RScP

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Affirmative Prayer for the Courage to be Honest

Affirmative Prayer for the Courage to be Honest

There is only one glorious life, the creator and its creation. This one life is in and through all that is known and also all that is not yet known. Spirit is all there is. Truth, Beauty and Love exemplify this one source. In the natural world examples of this beauty abound. Everywhere present is the breeze, the warmth of the sun and the sweet hymns of birdsong. Rioting in gorgeous colors, the sunrise and sunset provides further examples of the true and honest beauty of the one all-inclusive vibration. Spirit is all there is.

I am a part of this truth and beauty. I breathe it and it breathes me. I pause and take in the colors and the sweet air of life. I cannot be separate from it or it from me. I know with surety that I am not outside of all of the glorious good.

I claim the truth as mine. I need not fear it. My courage to walk and stand in truth is buoyed by my daily practice and connection to Spirit. All is indeed well and that includes me. I am enough just as I am – I need not make ‘more’ of myself to receive the approval of others. Kindness is mine too. I can walk in truth and honesty and share the path with kindness and compassion. My best and highest self sees and feels and knows what is really so. Speaking my word truthfully and honestly allows personal and relational development. I accept that my heart and mind and body are an extension of the Divine. This is the basis for speaking my word honestly and non-judgmentally. Trust replaces fear and anxiety. Peace soothes me and wraps me in a warm blanket of worthiness. All is well.

I appreciate the shift I feel at this moment. Assuredness is the sweet gift of faith.

I release my word unto the Law of Mind, allowing its works to unfold before me.


by Tamarya Hulme

Saturday, August 9, 2014

I Live in the Flow of Life

I Live in the Flow of Life

The flow of Life is forever moving into greater and greater good. In this activity known as Life, there is a pure and abiding peace and a clear, guiding light. Balance and harmony are the attributes of this Divine Flow.

I am one with Life, with Its flow, balance and harmony. Its life is my life.

I accept greater ease in my life as I move with the natural flow of life's creative expression. All of my activities are in alignment with the balance and harmony of the Living Spirit. I am well and I am peaceful.

I give thanks for this powerful truth as I live in the flow of life.

I release this word of prayer into the creative medium, the law of life and I let it be.

And So It Is.