Saturday, June 25, 2016

Affirmative Prayer to Recognize My Unique Gifts

Affirmative Prayer to Recognize My Unique Gifts 

There is one Mind, the Perfect Intelligence, the one pure Light of Being. This One is all knowing and ever present. It is the Creative Presence that gives itself to all of life.

I am one with this divine Mind. The divine Mind is my mind and it is absolutely clear. It is the same intelligence that guides the planets on their path and it is guiding me on my path.

I am open to this guidance. I am clear about my unique gifts. I am a creative presence in this world. I give of myself in ways that nourish life. I remember that I am enough. I am worthy. I am unique and I am essential just as I am. I participate in life through the inner yearning of my heart. The way is made clear before me.

I give thanks for this revelation and realization of my true spiritual nature.

I let it be as it is already true and done.

And So It Is

Diane Tapogna, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Connected to All Life

Connected to All Life

Connected to all life, remembering that Divine Love flows eternally, witnessing this earth’s evolution up to this moment, I rest in this prayer connected to all there is.  My breath reminds me that I breathe with all life on this planet.  We are all interconnected by this divine thread of life’s intelligence living itself. 
In tragedy and sad hearted times, I hold tight with the tools of our faith which affirms that good will overshadow any hate.  Love is stimulated now into action by the conditions of the world, thus this prayer is a word for healing at our deepest level of humanity.  I affirm that it starts with me as I look into the corners of my heart and weed out any ideas of separation, hate, or prejudice.   I replace negativity with gratitude for life living itself as us in this important time in history.  I claim that healing starts in me as I allow feelings of hurt, sadness, disappointment, anger, fear, worry to flow in and more quickly flow out, as I give them safe passage through my thought atmosphere.   This allows divine love to flow more freely through me.
Understanding that when we are feeling the weight of world’s conditions now, we can choose to turn toward the truth that love emerges stronger and more unified than ever before, and with it a sense of hope, and peace, and faith that all unfolds in God’s grace.
Gratefully, I rest in confidence that love shines brightly in my heart and this light lifts up all those in my thought atmosphere.  As I release this prayer, I bless the work that is already at work in our world.


Andra Sandberg, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Transmission of Love for all Humanity

There is one spark of light from which all life emanates. This original Source is timeless, seamless, endless, and intelligent. It creates from love and then loves Its creation. Whatever name it is given does not matter. It is the Source and Supply of all.

Nothing is outside of It. It lives as each one of us. The entire tapestry of life is woven together by the Creator. It is complex, beautiful, diverse, and inclusive of all sentient beings. Each thread is unique and adds to the beauty and magnificence of the whole. Without any one segment of thread, this life would not be the same. All are uniquely important to the Divine design we call life.

It is from this remembering that I accept for all humans the knowing of Divine connection. In this knowing comes serenity and space for light and love to grow new awareness. I accept that each of us in our own way realizes the nature of creation as loving and nurturing. And that as this realization occurs, there is less and less questioning and defining, but merely the acceptance and transmission of love. I claim that the urge to serve and help effortlessly arises in the face of need, and that this arising is the norm. We are a global family and our prayers for one another are affecting the entire planet. I claim that news reports of circumstances, which appear as dire, are merely prayer requests for each of us to incorporate into our daily practice. The remembering of our world in our prayers lifts and transforms energy toward sweetness and serenity.

Lifted in gratitude for the opportunity to remember the way it works, I surrender. My faith is strengthened and I rest right where I am.

I release this spiritual mind treatment to the movement and activity of the Law where it is immediately manifest as experience.

I let it be, and so it is.

Jennifer Mann, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa
#AGlobalVision  #aworldthatworksforeveryone

Saturday, June 4, 2016

One Global Family

There is only One Thing going on—it is Spirit: Holy Father, Wakan Tanka, Allah, Elohenu, Jehovah, Mother Earth—called by many names, It is all the same all-encompassing One. Everything seen and unseen, past, present and future, is created from Spirit. Spirit's love and peace blankets the entire globe. It is always available and continues to create through every part of this planet. 

All of life—each sentient being and everything on this earth—is created by Spirit.  Each one of us is created by Spirit as a unique expression. Each one of us, just slightly different from the rest, is an individualized expression from the same all-encompassing One. I have within me the qualities of Spirit: love, peace, joy and power. I have within me the ability to align with these qualities at any moment.  They are always available to me. I am, and we all are, part of the One. We are connected by Spirit's love all the time. We are united with each other in love and peace through the Spirit within each one of us. 

From this place of unity, I speak my word. I declare that each person in this global family feels this connection. I claim an opening for me and for all of us to understand that as something happens to one, it happens to all. I claim a shift in consciousness to uphold the awareness of a global family connected by Spirit. I am open to Spirit's love flowing through me and through each of us to the other. I claim peace and ease as consciousness moves toward embracing the idea of a global family. 

I give thanks for this realization of our oneness. I am grateful for this time of praying about the collective whole in Spirit.

I release my word into the Law and let it be. 
And so it is.

Bette Smith, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

#AGlobalVision  #aworldthatworksforeveryone