Thursday, January 31, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Wildlife

Affirmative Prayer for Wildlife by Jennifer Mann

All of life emanates from the one spark of divinity that continuously creates everything. The night sky, the rotation of the seasons, the flora and fauna worldwide, the living oceans and all of humankind is created from the same source. This Creator knows what it creates and loves its creation infinitely.

As I remember that all of life is a miracle, I think right now about the untamed life worldwide that lives in harmony with nature, keeping our planet balanced and healthy. I am aware of the magnificence of wild animals and the glory of sea life as it reveals the awe and wonder of all creation.

As I allow myself to focus on all the miracles of nature, I accept that these ambassadors of God itself are protected and nurtured by conditions and circumstances that are life enhancing and in balance with all of life. I accept harmony and accord with the order and beauty of the universe for these beings.

I swell with the joy of gratitude as I contemplate the magnificence of all existence.

I surrender this prayer to the activity of the law, which manifests heart’s desires into experience for the good of all and the harm of none.

And so it is.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Water

Affirmative Prayer for Water by Siota Belle

The One Life flows in and through every living being as Love, Harmony, Vitality and Healing. This is the Eternal steam of Wholeness which creates, restores and maintains all life and the entire universe.

All the waters on our planet are the perfect expression of Divine Life and its renewing, creative healing flow.

As the One is the life of our planet’s water, so our water sustains all life. I claim that the rivers, oceans, streams, lakes and seas are the perfect expression of peace, healing, and natural vitality.  I know that Divine Intelligence restores our water so that everywhere it is cleansed and cleansing and that it flows with unlimited supply forever.

The healing essence of the One Life brings new purity to our entire water supply. Now and always these waters nurture and supply all beings and our magnificent planet with the Divine Essence of Life.  They flow forever with unlimited abundant supply for all.

Gratefully I receive these gifts for our water. I celebrate with thanks for the action of the Law on our water.

I release this Word to One Mind knowing it is done.
And so it is.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Prayer for Utilities

Here is a prayer for utilities by Wayne Haught

There is one life. It is a life of abundant good, peace, nourishment, vitality, health, and truth. This one life is the life of spirit, the creative energy flowing through all beings, the expansion of good in all experience, and the ancient wisdom alive in every particle of the earth. 

I am in harmony and unity with the one life and the one spirit. I am one with the oneness. I declare on behalf of all life that right where I am there are all the utilities in the universe.

I declare I attract clean, safe, and affordable utilities to my self, my family, and all who walk the earth. These utilities include but are not limited to natural gas, electricity, water, waste removal, and telephone service. I abandon any belief in the depletion of earth’s resources in order for my utility needs to be met. I release any thought that my energy needs contribute to the impoverishment of earth’s people.  

I let go of the idea that there is a lack of affordable, safe, clean, and renewable energy available to all people everywhere. I remember spirit gives freely from an unlimited source and remain open to an experience of utility availability and disbursement greater than what I have ever known. I accept that no one is diminished anywhere by my experience of good.

 I am grateful for this transformation in my heart, my mind, and my spirit.

 I release my thought into the action of the law knowing that it is done and done well. It can only come back to me as a yes, and to this I say And So It Is.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Transportation

Affirmative Prayer for Transportation by Marissa Fitrakis

There is one Source.  This Source is operating throughout all of life.  It is Life!  Its movement is the natural flow of all Its creation.  Divine Intelligence expresses in the most unique ways, beneficial ways, ways that demonstrate the Abundance, Harmony, Joy, and Freedom that is always present.

I am one with this Divine Intelligence.  It is always and forever moving in, as, and through me and all of Its creation.  This is the truth for each and every one.  We are fully and completely connected to each other and Source.

I speak my word with full faith and confidence, knowing that God is always present in the mechanics of the Universes.  I recognize that every mode of transportation begins with an idea in the mind of God.  In this one Mind, where love is the natural way of things, we are always safe, always guided by divine GPS (Guiding Presence of Spirit) along our highest and best route.  So I claim that each one is awake and aware of the direction of guidance.  The perfect mode of transportation is available to all.  I claim that all inventors, engineers, manufacturers, mechanics, operators and pedestrians are inspired by love, moved by Divine forces of Universal Intelligence, guided and held in safe and sustainable ways that benefit all creation.  I recognize that the evolution of consciousness is brilliantly held as the next greatest expression of transportation, its workings and its use, is right where we are.

And so I give great thanks for every awareness of Universal Truth and every right use of it.  We are Blessed!

I release my word to the creative genius of life that makes all things so.  I let it go, knowing it is already done.  And so it is!  ~Amen

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Teenagers

Affirmative Prayer for Teenagers by Siota Belle

There is One Loving Heart that is God moving forward with exquisite sensitivity and Divine Intelligence to create and sustain all life-unified with its own Wholeness.

This Divine God Presence lives in me and is at the very center of all teens. Each of them is a unique and perfect expression of Wholeness, Love and God in action.

I claim for all teens an awakening to their innate Divine Wholeness and recognition of their unity with Spirit and all life. As teens explore new opportunities and seek to find their right place in the world - Spirit guides them to creative satisfying adventures - always providing  freedom, fulfillment and a deeper ability to love themselves and to truly know how wonderful and special they are. 

Parents, families and teachers of teens are blessed with patience, compassion, love and understanding to easily remember the Divine Perfection of these precious beings-for our teens bring the gift of wise action and expanded consciousness for the future of the planet.

Gratefully I accept these gifts and I Celebrate the expression of Spirit in Teens everywhere.

As it is spoken so it is done. I release this Word.

And so it is. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Teachers

Affirmative Prayer for Teachers by Pamela Heck

The Divine Intelligence of the universe flows in and through all creation. It is Creation itself…the One expressing as the many. This Spirit of Selfless Love pours itself into everything that is.

 I am filled with this Spirit. What is true for me is true for all, but today I am celebrating Spirit as Teacher.

 I recognize the special, sacred role that teachers perform throughout the world. A teacher is not defined by gender, or geography.  A true teacher is defined by their dedication to learning and their devotion to each and every student without bias or prejudice. I bless those who teach in our schools and our universities.  And I also bless each and every person who mentors others, who shares their knowledge and their passion for life and learning wherever they may the workplace, in the home or in nature. They are all teachers...conduits, channeling the intelligence of the universe into receptive minds.

I accept for all teachers the knowledge that they are divinely guided and that they are safe in the performance of their duties. The principle of giving and receiving is beautifully expressed through their work. As they encourage critical thinking and impart knowledge, they receive the love and respect of their students, the cooperation of families, the support of administrators, and a fair and equitable livelihood. Divine Mind lives in them and guides them in their many roles as friend, leader, coach, motivator, confidant, counselor and role model.

Grateful for all that they do, I give thanks for teachers everywhere. God’s grace lightens their load and surrounds them with peace and joy.

And so it is.


Friday, January 25, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Service Providers

Affirmative Prayer for Service Providers by Jennifer Mann

The loving, giving nature of God is all there is. The Creator’s essence is love and the destination and the result of its creation is love.

There is nothing outside creation. Everything that was ever made arose from this one source and is constantly nurtured and sustained by the One. Whether we are aware of it or not, this love is always around us, within us, and living as us.

It is from this remembering that I speak a word of prayer for those people who offer themselves in service to humanity. Each person who takes time to give to others whether for an hour a month or as a lifetime career, exhibits the selflessness of Spirit Itself and richly rewards all life. I accept for the service providers of the world that their peace and serenity results in a healthy balance in their lives and therefore affects all with whom they come into contact. The reciprocal nature of this kind of sharing benefits all humankind.

Resting in my deepened faith and expanded gratitude, I simply release this prayer to the universal Law of mind where it manifests as experience for all.

And so it is.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Schools

Affirmative Prayer for Schools by Marissa Fitrakis

There is one Life, one Source, one God-presence.  This Life lives and breathes as all that is, ever was, and ever will be.  This Source goes by many names, God, Love, Buddha, Jesus, Nature.  Whatever It is called, it is rooted in love, for it is Love.  It is joy beyond measure.  It is wholeness beyond the imagination.  It is a place of the highest intellect and creative expression.  It is constant in Its presence and perfection.  It is unique in each appearance and expression.

This is who and what I am.  The very DNA of God pulses through me, breathes my breath and beats my heart.  The Love of this Divine Intelligence is who and what I am.  And as this is so for me, this is so for everyone, everywhere.  This is so for you!

I know that the intelligence of the ages is always available to each one.  I claim the awareness of this Truth for every educator, and every student of every age.  The perfect qualities needed for teaching and learning with passion and compassion, health and safety, kindness and trust in an active community are right where we are.  I recognize the conscious intelligence of each unique teacher, administrator, parent and student is engaged at the highest level of communication and comprehension.  This perfect individual expression of God that is right before us, today and every day, has all that it needs to travel safely, and learn enthusiastically.  I embrace the knowing that each one is a beneficial presence in the world.  I claim that every shift in consciousness necessary to access the highest expressions of innovation, diversity, creativity and inclusivness is making its way.  It is right here, right where we are for the good of all!

I now express great gratitude for the gift that is each child, each teacher, each student of life and love.  Forever thankful for all that is.

I release my word as a seed in the creative soil of Life, knowing it is planted, it is nurtured, it is done.  And so it is!  ~Amen

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Public Services

Affirmative Prayer for Public Services

There is one infinite loving Presence. It is the all-knowing divine Spirit, the Creator of all of life. The eternal wisdom and intelligence of the loving Spirit guides and informs all that is. In the light of pure Spirit, life unfolds perfectly. Peace and wholeness are Its very nature.

Everything that exists and all beings everywhere are included in this one life. All of the public services in our community are unified with this infinite loving Presence.

From this understanding of unity and oneness, I accept on behalf of all of the public services in our community perfect function and operation. I accept that all services are respected and valued. I declare that the all-knowing divine Spirit that has created each one is fully present orchestrating every detail. Because God is the unlimited source of all that is I accept that all of the resources needed for the success of each service is supplied. I accept safe and pleasant working environments for those who work in these service areas. I claim that there is an uplifting in awareness of the important role these services play in our community and I know that success is fully present.

I celebrate the power of this truth to manifest the highest good for each public service in our community.

I release this Word into the spiritual law that responds fully and completely according to its nature.

And So It Is 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Police Officers

Affirmative Prayer for Police Officers by Claire Victor

There is one life, that life is God’s life. There is one mind, that mind is God’s mind. This presence is a power for good and flows through all people, places and things. God is harmony and balance ever revealing itself as the peace that it is at the center of all things.

This all-knowing infinite presence of God is in all places at all times, revealing itself in all situations. It is always in dwelling within me, around me and through me. What is known in one place is available to all because we are all made of the One.

 Recognizing this unified field of being, I now speak this word for all law enforcement personal and police officers. I recognize that we are supported by a loving God and claim that each person who has been called into this community service is protected by the knowledge that there is no situation where God is not as they strive to maintain the peace, safety, and order of the community. 

I recognize that God is perfect being and perfect action and so in all situations, I claim for all police officers to know this about themselves and others: The light of God surrounds me, the love of God enfolds me, and the Power of God protects me. The Presence of God is always with me. I came from the light, wherever I am, God is. We are never alone. I affirm that peace is at the center of all life and this peace has the power to allow these officers of the peace to be in service to the One Love and to be a safe haven for those in need and also for their own hearts in every moment. Love eliminates all fear and makes the way clear.

So with this prayer I give thanks for the men and women who chose to serve in this way. For their courage and desire to hold the balance of the appearance of opposites in a way that creates harmony. I am grateful for the presence of these brave people and the Laws of the Universal Mind that directs their affairs and guides us all towards greater peace and harmony within the diversity of life.

As I release this prayer into the Law that responds, I rest assured that all is well.

To learn more about Claire Victor click here

Monday, January 21, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Places of Worship

Here is a prayer for Places of Worship by Brenda Kobrin

Infinite, divine, holy presence is everywhere, as the one and only reality in the universe. It includes and encompasses all that is in Its perfection and It guides and directs all of creation toward expression of that divine perfection that exists within all.

This divine presence exists not only in all people, but in all places. Its holy presence and perfection is absent nowhere. It is the organizing principle behind all human expression and all human organizations.

I affirm this perfection in all places of worship all over the globe, knowing that divine intelligence and divine order is present and available in every place where people gather to worship. It is that which lifts up and inspires those who gather in these places and it is doing its perfect work in and through each of them. The variety of forms of worship and places of worship in this world are a reflection of the infinite, unlimited nature of Spirit, each expressing and honoring truth in its own way, each one part of the perfection of the Whole, each one serving the Infinite in its own perfect way.

I celebrate this knowing of the truth and acknowledgement of divine perfection everywhere, particularly in places of worship all over the world, not only in me, but in hearts and minds of humans everywhere.

I release this prayer to Infinite Intelligence, with full confidence that this truth is being expressed and is blessing all of the world.

And so it is.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Pets

Affirmative Prayer for Pets by Suzanne Sackett

There is one unwavering Power for good that gives itself fully and freely to all that is. It is the abiding love of the Spirit and it cannot be hindered or compromised in any way. This pervasive Reality is the Keeper of all of life. This one Source is the giver of life, the creator of life and it is active in every moment, in every person, in every creature, and in every situation. Its nature is peace, balance, harmony and joy. 

I am one with this Power for good, one with the abiding love of Spirit. My ways are guarded and guided by that which has created me, the Keeper of all of life. And because I am one with this Power I remember that my pets, and, indeed, all pets, too, are included in this deep, powerful love of Spirit.

I accept for myself, my pets, and all pets everywhere, a gentle awareness of good in each one. I let my life open to the Intelligence that creates all and that is yearning to create more and even more wonderfulness by means of me, and my pets. My pets are held in safety, precious good health, and are a source of joy for me, and I am for them.  I deepen my awareness of the Consciousness within each pet, and honor that by providing excellent care, nutrition, exercise, and affection.  I am gentle and kind with each of them. I declare my awareness is keen and attuned to all that my pets offer in return. 

I am so grateful for this realization of the truth about our pets. I give thanks for all that conspires to keep my pets well and safe, and for the well being of all pets.

I release this word into the creative law of the Spirit, in faith and confidence that it is already so.

And so it is.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Peace

Prayer for Peace by Angél Fiorito   

 In this moment is the fullness of the peace and presence of the All Mighty. This Presence has always been here and will always be here, shining as the source and substance of all-that-is. Known by many names; Spirit, Love, God, the One Life; these are just a few of the names that attempt to put into words That which is infinite. It expresses as beauty, love, peace and harmony. It is the Peace that passes understanding and lives within and through all things. Out of this One Life come the many, yet the many live - within this One.

This Peace is here now, within me and within every person, place and thing. As I breathe in this moment I feel my oneness with the Love and Peace of God. I remember that I am a part Spirit’s expression, here on this earth as a vehicle of the love and peace that God is. This is true for each and every one of us. We are each a part of all that God is.

In the midst of life’s activities and challenges, the Peace of Spirit is found. I embrace this Peace that is ever available, in each breath I take. For Peace exists in and through everything. Like the eye of a storm it exists in the center of all circumstance, ever present. Peace can be revealed in the silence and in the noise, for it is always here. It lives in the heart and soul of who I am, who we are. So I accept for each one of us the uplifting and nurturing of knowing the Peace of God, as we go about our human experience. Right here in this moment, and in every moment, exists the Peace that passes understanding, as surely as we breathe.

What a blessing it is to remember this Truth! My heart is filled with joy, knowing that all God is, I am.

So there is nothing more for me to do. I simply release my Word and intention into the Creative Medium within God, know as the Law, and I let it be.

And so it is.

To learn more about  Angél Fiorito  click here 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for our Parks

Affirmative Prayer for Parks by Rev. Joyce Duffala

There is only One Life and that is the Life of God. It is the Source of all life on our planet, for indeed, It expresses Itself as everything: every plant, every animal, every human, every being on earth and beyond.

I am one with It, for I am of It, as is the reader of this prayer. Its very Life courses through our bodies and being – ever-nourishing, ever-revitalizing. And as I know that this is true for us, I know that this is true for all life forms associated with our parks – plant, animal, and human.

So I recognize that the harmony of God Itself is present in our parks systems; that everything that is needed to keep all systems in balance – including human resources, financial resources, and the well-being of the natural environment itself – is present and available.  I accept our collective growing awareness of how our parks are sourced with everything necessary to flourish, and to allow all who use the parks to experience the love, peace, and safety of the Divine One Itself.

I am grateful for the many ways that the well-being of our parks, and all who care for them and use them, shows up in our collective experience.

And with this sense of gratitude, I simply release this word to follow its natural, spiritual course and become apparent in our experience. 

And so it is.   

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Nurses

Affirmative Prayer for Nurses by Rev. Joyce Duffala

God is Love. God so loved the idea of creation, that it took form as creation, and therefore God is everywhere present. This means that Love is everywhere present.

This Love has found expression as me, as the one reading this affirmative prayer, and as every nurse in our community and beyond. These nurses are not only expressions of Love, they are also surrounded, uplifted, and guided by Love Itself.

So this word is on behalf of nurses, that in their service, they know themselves to be Love. And as they know and realize this essence of Love, they also sense It around them, reflected in and returned by those for whom they care, and those with whom they work. All, together, experiencing the mutual healing of Love expressing. I further accept that our nurses are loving not only towards others, but also toward themselves. And I accept an increase in their awareness that Love guides them in the ways of self-care and self-compassion, allowing them to rest as needed, and to serve with peace, joy, and vitality.

I give thanks for the many ways that this knowing manifests in form for the highest good of nurses and for all whom their work touches.

And with gratitude I release this affirmative prayer to that Law of Mind which makes it so.

And so it is.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for our Neighborhood

Prayer for Neighborhood Safety

There is one life, that life is God’s Life, that life is perfect. It is the perfect life of God that is the creator and the guardian of all that exists. It is the life of freedom and peace.

This one life of God is fully present in our neighborhood. Each person and all of the animals, plants and property that are a part of our neighborhood are united in the peace and freedom of God.

I declare safety in our neighborhood to be the natural order of things. The power that has created life is watching over all of the activities of our neighborhood and is ensuring peace, freedom and safety. All those who are in service to protect our neighborhood are guided by the love and intelligence of God.

I give thanks for safety in our neighborhood as a natural expression of the love of God.

I let it be.

And So It Is

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Natural Resources

Prayer for the Natural Resources in our Community

In and through all things is the one Source of all of existence. This one Source is constantly creating, constantly giving Itself to all of Life. It is abundantly evident in Nature and in all Natural Resources. It is the perfect pattern of Intelligence that guides and informs all activities.

I am one with this natural order, one with this wisdom and intelligence. Because I am confident in the oneness of all of life, and that I am included in this oneness, I have confidence in the power of this prayer.

I state then, on behalf of all of the Natural Resources in our community that the very Source of life itself is fully active in the restoration of perfect balance. I accept that each person involved in the use of and protection of our natural resources is guided by this same Intelligence. I accept a new found reverence and appreciation of the great bounty that has been afforded to us and that we are led to ways that preserve this bounty for the generations to come. I know that the great Giver of life has supplied and will continue to supply more than enough to meet the needs of every living creature. I put my faith in the power of Mother Nature herself to heal and restore any areas that are in need of this. I declare that as we each become more mindful of our oneness with all of life, we become faithful stewards of all our Natural Resources.

I give thanks for this new awareness of this natural and beautiful truth. I allow myself to be guided by the bigger picture of life and my place in it.

I release this Word into the receptive medium that receives its impress, manifesting in full measure its highest good.

And So It Is. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Mothers

Here is a Prayer for Mothers by Adrianne Bowes

 Spirit is a divine power for love, goodness, and wisdom. It is everywhere, always available, beautiful, and energizing. I place my reliance in this presence of Spirit.

Spirit surrounds me with love, comforts me with compassion, and provides guidance to me throughout the days and into the nights.

The mind of God lives in me. It is clear and full of strength and knowledge. Whatever I ought to know I do. Whatever I ought to do I shall do. As my worries are gently turned away my heart expresses love joyfully and completely to every person and situation I encounter. I rediscover that I am a loving and wise presence for my children.

 I release this prayer into the heart of Spirit, accepting the truth: I am a part of the great whole, a mother, and a beloved child of God.


To learn more about Adrianne Bowes, click here.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Industry in our Community

Affirmative Prayer for Industry in our Community

There is one Mind, one organizing Intelligence that guides all of the affairs of life into the highest and best expression. This Intelligence is the only power and Its nature is love, peace, joy, success and inspiration.

This one Mind is my mind. All of life is included in this perfect pattern so I know that the industry in our community is included in this. All of the people, all of the activities and all of the products are an expression of the loving nature of the one Mind.

I declare that all industry in our community is expressing through the power of the one Mind, therefore success is guaranteed. Nothing can hinder the impulsion of life to express more life, so I know that all industry is blessed and guided by this organizing Intelligence. Prosperity, sustainability, integrity, safety, and success prevail. There is an abundance of new ideas and processes for the evolution of industry. There is a focus on values and ethics that serves the highest good of every person involved and the highest good of the environment in which this industry is taking place. Workers are well compensated and consumer’s needs are met in perfect balance. This creative process is taking place through the wisdom of the Creator. There are no delays, no obstructions, no inequities and no agitation that can disrupt the perfect pattern of the one Mind. Peace and love prevail, joy and success abound.

I celebrate the realization of this truth and the power of this Word to manifest complete success.

I release this Word into the Spiritual Laws that govern the universe in calm expectancy.

And So It Is

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for the Homeless in our Community

A prayer for the homeless.

The power and presence of Spirit dwells in all things and in all beings. Spirit is the magnificent and glorious intelligence that is the source of all of life. Spirit is the source of all good. This one power of the living Spirit is all-knowing and wise. Spirit is ever renewing every aspect of life through the one creative mind.

All that exists, all things and all beings are a part of this power and presence of the living Spirit. This includes each person who is currently without a home. Each one an essential and precious aspect of the one Life.

So, I remember that each and every person is at home in the life of the Spirit. I accept that the every person belongs to this life and through the power of the one who has created life I declare that all needs are met. I accept that there is shelter, safety and a feeling of being at home for all and all alike. I know that the wisdom of the living Spirit is guiding all those who are willing to create homes, neighborhoods, support systems for those in need, for anyone who is homeless. I accept comfort, warmth and nourishment for each one. I affirm hot showers, clean clothes, financial abundance and overflowing resources. I accept good food and access to health care. I affirm that respect, freedom of choice, mental health and peace of mind are the natural right of each person and are all fully available to anyone open to receive this goodness.  I know that there is a power in the universe that knows the best solution in every situation. I affirm that the generous, giving nature of the loving Spirit if fully active in each and every one. I declare that this or something better is manifesting in the life of all homeless individuals in our community. A claim for each organization that is in service to the homeless a great influx of resources including money.

It is with a humble heart that I give thanks for this realization of the spiritual truth that exists within this life for the benefit of all beings.

I let the law that governs all of life respond fully to this word by placing my faith and trust in its power for creating good.

And So It Is

Friday, January 11, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Firefighters

A prayer for firefighters

One Life, one Power, one Mind, everywhere present, all the time in all people as love, peace, power and safety.  In me, in each one reading this prayer and in all firefighters. The one Life living its perfect expression in every moment.

I accept on behalf of all firefighters: safety, respect, support and success. I affirm that all needs are met; that whatever tools, technology, information, systems or communication that may be needed are supplied. I accept well being, understanding, abundance and peace of mind for each and every one.  Whatever assistance is needed in any situation is fully available I accept an outpouring of appreciation and recognition for the gift of service. I declare that all of their affairs are guided and guarded by the loving Creator.

I give thanks for the realization of this powerful truth about firefighters.

I let this word go as I release it into the Law of Mind that manifests its highest intention.

And So It Is

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Fathers

A prayer for fathers

There is something that includes absolutely everything. It is called by many names and yet it is beyond all names and forms. It is the universal, loving Presence, the Creator, and the Source of all of life. It is the only power and It is perfect in Its wisdom and guidance.

It is the power and intelligence of this loving Presence that lives in me and expresses through me at all times. And as this is true for me it is true for all fathers everywhere. Each and every father is included in this universal, loving Presence. All fathers are one with the Creator, one with the Source of life. Its nature is their nature.

From this understanding, I accept a blessing on behalf of all fathers. I claim the creative power that has created each one is right now guiding them into excellent parenthood. Their thoughts and actions are governed by the love that is their divine nature. I accept on the behalf of all fathers all the respect and support they need to fulfill their role as father. I declare that love, peace and well being reigns in all of their affairs and that the highest good is expressing in each one’s life.

I celebrate this revelation of spiritual truth-a movement in consciousness that manifests fully for each one open to receive its blessing.

I let it be; knowing the law of mind makes it so.

And So It Is

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Families

Affirmative Prayer for Families

There is one Life, one loving Spirit. Its nature is harmony and peace. All of existence belongs to this one Life. Everything is included in this one Life. God is the source of all love and each and every being is included in this love. All of Life is connected to the one powerful loving source.

Therefore I am one with Life, one with the loving Spirit. The harmony and peace of the Spirit lives in me and as this is true for me it is true for all families everywhere. All families are included in the love, peace and harmony of the Spirit. All families are connected to the source of love and life.

Because I am one with the one Life, one with the one Mind, I affirm the power of this prayer as I speak this word on behalf of all families everywhere. I accept for them harmony, peace and love. I affirm that the benevolence of the power that has created them and brought them together is lighting their way. I accept kind and clear communication. I accept a balance of giving and receiving. I accept abundant resources and complete safety. I declare that all families are built on a foundation of trust and that joy expresses freely though each member. I declare that each member of every family everywhere is treated with respect and kindness.  All of these statements of affirmation are a reflection of the nature of the divine Spirit so I know that this or something better is manifesting for each and every family in our community.

I celebrate the beauty and truth of the living Spirit expressing through the families in our community and I let it be so.

And So It Is

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Elected Officials

Prayer for Elected Officials by Jennifer Mann

There is one life. That life is God’s life. That life is magnificent
and perfect. Whether they are consciously aware of it or not, that
life is continually shared by all beings. God is all-powerful and all
knowing. It creates solely from profound love for its creation. There
is nothing that exists outside of that love.

I know that my entire life is a miracle. Everything that brought me to
today is somehow perfect. As I know that is true for me, I know that
it is true for all elected officials—worldwide. Each person has been
placed exactly where he or she needs to be through NO MISTAKE.

As the campaigning ends, each individual assumes their post with the
trust and faith of all constituents. I claim for these representatives
and ambassadors that they remain open and willing for good and more
good as they take responsibility within their positions. Whatever
circumstances and conditions arise, I accept that their highest self
continually presides with mindfulness in all situations.

Expanding into the awareness of gratitude for getting to remember the
way it works on the unseen side of life, I surrender this prayer to
the activity of the Law where it is made manifest for the good of all
and the harm of none.

To learn more about Jennifer Mann click here

Monday, January 7, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for the Elderly

A prayer for the elderly in our community

God is timeless love. God is eternal and infinite. There is no limit to the love and power that God is. God is wholeness, beauty, joy, vitality and creativity. God’s intelligence is the guiding light for all of creation.

All beings everywhere are one with God. Every attribute of God is alive and fully available to each individual including those in our community who are elderly.

I accept on behalf of each individual who is advanced in years a full and healthy experience of life. I declare that there is no limitation or hindrance that can block the natural vitality that comes from the perfect intelligence of God. I accept well being, balance, health, perfect vision, excellent hearing, strength, flexibility, creativity and joyous expression for each one. I declare that there is more than enough food, shelter, safety and companionship for each and every individual. I accept clear thinking and powerful discernment. I affirm that each person is valued for their unique contribution, and that each voice is heard. Life is full and generous and gives itself freely to all and all alike. Because God is love, I know that there is more than enough love for each and every one. Because God is the one perfect intelligence I accept that each person and each institution that serves our senior citizens is supported fully, sourced in the abundance of the divine. I claim a generous outpouring of resources for all who are in need. I know that God is fully present in all of this, orchestrating the highest good for everyone.

So, then I rest in the goodness that is so clear when I remember the goodness and power of God to take care of all of creation. And I do give thanks. Thanks be to God.

As I am steeped in the feeling of gratitude, I know so clearly that there has been a shift in my mind and therefore in the one mind, allowing all of this to come to its fullest expression. This being true then, I let go and let it be. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for our Local Economy

A prayer for our local economy

There is one loving Presence, one perfect Life. It is the life of the divine Spirit and Its nature is perfect circulation, abundance and  balance. It is the very movement of this divine Spirit that flows through all aspects of creation, generating and giving freely the highest good in every moment.

All of creation is participating in the balanced and generous flow of the loving Spirit. There is nothing that can hinder the flow of the Almighty. This includes everything about the economy. It includes all money, all financial affairs, all transactions, all accounts, all business, all institutions  and all individuals.

From this understanding of the oneness of all of life and the way the nature of the divine Spirit is also the nature of all of our affairs, I accept a healthy, balanced, abundant economy. I declare that there is growth and expansion in perfect right order and in perfect right timing. I affirm that the economy in our community and the economy of every individual is fully guided by the powerful, loving Presence that has created life itself. Nothing is lacking or missing, there is only the free-flowing abundance of the one loving Presence. I accept the full manifestation of a healthy economy for each individual and each business. Perfect balance and abundance are fully active in our economy.

Feeling the fullness of this declaration and standing in the power of its truth, I rest in gratitude.

In faith and confidence, knowing all is well, I let go and trust in its full manifestation.

And So It Is

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Doctors in our Community

A prayer for Doctors in our community

There is just one Mind, one Heart, one divine infinite Source of all existence. It is the one healing Power, the one perfect Intelligence and it guides all of life into perfect expression. This is the truth of all that is formed and all that is unformed, seen and unseen. This is the life of God the living Spirit almighty and It is eternal.

All beings everywhere are one with this one Mind, one Heart and this includes the Doctors in our community. Each one is born of the one perfect Intelligence that has created all of life.

From this recognition of oneness I accept for all Doctors in our community divine guidance in every aspect of their work. I accept on their behalf excellent listening skills, clear communication, unlimited access to information and resources, kindness and excellent discernment. I declare that all the support systems and institutions that are needed for Doctors to do their healing work are fully in place. I accept peace of mind, health and renewal for each one. I declare on their behalf that everything that supports excellent medical and surgical care is fully available including testing procedures, medications, equipment and personnel. I accept respect and value for their contribution to the well-being to our community. I affirm the highest good for all Doctors for the benefit of all and the harm of none-this or something greater.

I celebrate this shift in awareness regarding the Doctors in our community. I give thanks for all the healing that unfolds as a result of this prayer.

I release this Word into the Law of Mind and Spirit and let it be so.

And So It Is

Friday, January 4, 2013

A Prayer for the Children

A Prayer for the Children in our Community

There is one loving God-Presence. Its love is perfect and kind and unconditional. It is the love of the supreme Father and the love of the divine Mother that is eternally giving itself to all of Its children. What ever name we call the Beloved, Its power to heal is absolute. It is the powerful protection of God that reigns over all of life. It is the nurturing generosity of God that sustains all of life.

Each child, all of the children in our community, are included in this love.  Each one is fully united with the divine Presence, each one protected and nurtured by God.

I accept therefore on behalf of all the children in our community a life filled with love; pure, powerful, unconditional love. I affirm safety, shelter, nourishment, learning, fun, self confidence, respect, joy, health and wonder for each and every child. I accept that each person that is in some way responsible for the care of children is kind, and patient and loving. All needs are met by the generosity of the living God. All systems that are in place to care for children such as schools, medical care, food, housing, have all the resources they need. All children get the positive attention they need and deserve. All families are united in harmony and love. All siblings, parents, grandparents, teachers and others are divinely guided to support each precious, individual child fully and completely. Children are cherished for their uniqueness and encouraged in their creativity. The voices of the children are heard and valued. We all bow down to the beauty and preciousness of each child. A guiding hand is always available to each child and to each one caring for children.

I am so grateful for the powerful realization of God’s protective presence for every child. I give thanks for the love that is present always.

I let this prayer of faith be complete unto itself, knowing that it is the hand of God that expresses and manifests its highest intention.

And So It Is. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Prayer for the Air in our Community

A prayer for the air in our community

There is one pure, loving Spirit that exists everywhere, all the time.  This Spirit is forever renewing Itself. It is the very breath of life. Its nature is balance and order. It is the intelligence of the Spirit that guides all of the natural resources into perfect expression.

The very air that we breathe is an essential aspect of this perfect Spirit.

I declare that the air in our community and the air everywhere is right now expressing its own natural perfection. I accept that the power of the divine Spirit renews and refreshes the air continuously. I accept divine guidance and new found awareness for each one who has an impact on the quality of the air around us. I affirm that new technologies are right now being formed that protect the precious air that we breathe and also protect the plants that purify the air. Our air is the breath of God, ever renewing itself and always nurturing all of life.

I am so grateful for this realization of the truth about our air. I give thanks for all that conspires to keep the air pure for the well being of all beings.

I release this word into the creative law of the Spirit, in faith and confidence that it is already so.

And So It Is

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Prayer for Agriculture in our Community

A Prayer for Agriculture in our Community

There is one Life, one Power, one Presence that guides all of existence into its most perfect expression. Its nature is balance, harmony and abundance. This powerful, guiding Presence is infinite and eternal. It is all-knowing and forever giving.

Every aspect of agriculture in our community is included in this one Life.

Therefore, I recognize and realize the perfect balance and harmony that is expressing through agriculture right now. I accept divine guidance for all those in charge of making decisions that affect agriculture. I accept excellent stewardship of the soil and water in every field and garden. I affirm the nourishing abundance of all of the crops that are grown here. I affirm the safety of all those who work in agriculture in the growing, processing and distributing of the food and other products. I know that we are all richly blessed by the nourishing foods that are produced in our community. I accept the highest good for every aspect of agriculture in our community and for the environment in which it takes place. I bless all of the wildlife who share this land with us. I declare that perfect harmony and balance are fully present in all of these activities.

Feeling and sensing the power of this universal truth, I give thanks as I release this prayer into the natural law that governs the universe. And I let it be.

And So It Is

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Practicing Affirmative Prayer for our Community

Happy New Year

For the entire month of January members and friends of the Center for Spiritual Living in Santa Rosa are committing to include in their personal daily prayer practice, prayers for the city, town, or community where we live. You are invited to participate in any way you desire, knowing that when you do pray, you join a community of like-minded people whose prayers, with yours, can reveal what goodness comes about when we join together and engage our natural capacity to be loving.

Agriculture January 2
Air January 3
Children January 4
Doctors January 5
Economy January 6
Elderly January 7
Elected Representatives January 8
Families January 9
Fathers January 10
Firefighters January 11
Homeless January 12
Industry January 13
Mothers January 14
Natural Resources January 15
Neighborhood Safety January 16
Nurses January 17
Parks January 18
Peace January 19
Pets January 20
Places of Worship January 21
Police Officers January 22
Public Services January 23
Schools January 24
Service Workers January 25
Teachers January 26
Teenagers January 27
Transportation January 28
Utilities January 29
Water January 30

Wildlife January 31

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