Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Prayer for Balance

A Prayer for Balance

There is just One; one Mind, one Heart, one Divine Infinite Source from which all things flow. And this Source is abundant, overflowing with goodness. It is the perfect harmony that coordinates every aspect of life. It is the balance between dark and light, between giving and receiving. This one Source is the giver of life, the creator of life and it is active in every moment, in every person and in every situation. Its nature is peace, balance, harmony and joy. 

Because this One Divine Source is infinite, it is everywhere all the time. It is here in me, as me. It is all that I am. Every attribute of the One Divine Source is alive and available to me. Its nature is my nature. The peace, balance, harmony and joy of the Divine One live in me and in everyone I am in contact with. 

I accept therefore, that my life is unfolding perfectly. All of my activities are in balance. I am both energetic and restful. I am active and I am relaxed. I listen well and I speak when it is time to speak. I am an great giver and I am a great receiver. I am  a perfect conduit for the love of the Divine. I take time to sit in quiet communion with the inner intelligence of my soul and I come to know my deepest truth. I release all hurry and worry and fall in step with the natural rhythm of life. My life is in balance; both inner and outer in alignment with my best self. I accept for myself peace, balance, harmony and joy. 

I am so grateful for the new awareness of balance in my life. I give thanks for the guidance that leads me to make good choices. I appreciate the natural order of life.

I release this affirmative prayer into the receptive aspect of the Divine Mind, knowing that it is already so.

And So It Is.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Prayer of Thanksgiving

A Prayer of Thanksgiving

The One Loving Spirit that continuously creates life out of Its own generous nature, is fully present in everyone and everything. It is the infinite, eternal intelligence of this One Loving Spirit that guides all of life into its perfect expression. It is the all-knowing, abundant, healing power that brings wholeness and goodness to every situation. 

I am, we all are, a unique expression of the One Loving Spirit. I am, we all are, a perfect channel for the love of Spirit.

So today, I express my gratitude, appreciation and thanksgiving for the gift of life itself. Life, the perfect expression of the Divine, is the source of all my good and I recognize and realize Its power to make me whole over and over again. In fact, I have always been whole. So I accept for myself a greater realization of that wholeness in every aspect of my life. I realize this wholeness not only in how I see what is in front of me, but how I interact with and contribute to the life around me. I am an essential part of the perfect expression of the Living Spirit, and as such I express gratitude and appreciation to those around me. Gratitude and thanksgiving become a way of life for me. I open to the fullness of life and trust the universe to reveal more good every day.

With this grateful heart then, I release this prayer in faith and confidence that it will fully manifest in my life.

And So It Is

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Honest, Sincere, Kind Communication

Here is a prayer for honest, sincere, kind communication. Enjoy.

There is one Life, the Life of the Divine Spirit. And this Life is love, and peace. It is  harmony and well-being.

I am one with this Life, the Life of the Divine Spirit. All of the qualities and attributes of the Divine One live in me, through me and as me.

Therefore, I accept for myself an open heart, a willingness to be visible and vulnerable. I accept a tender recognition of my goodness and of my areas of growth. I am honest and kind with myself and that naturally extends to my communication with others. I speak and write and even think in a soft and kind way. When I am upset, I take time to inquire within, to uncover false ideas and to realign myself with the spiritual Truth. I breath deeply and pause before speaking. I easily forgive myself and I easily forgive others. My communication is honest, sincere and kind. My thought atmosphere is filled with the harmony of the Divine Spirit. I claim that the universe itself is supporting me in my efforts to communicate lovingly. My highest good is at hand and I am blessed to receive it.

I give thanks for this new awareness of the Truth and for all the blessings that unfold from its  realization.

Feeling confident in the power of this word to shift my experience, I release it into the creative mind of the Spirit and allow it to manifest fully in my experience.

And So It Is

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Recovery from the Storm

Recovery from the Storm

There is one all-encompassing Power for good in the universe. It is the Power of the living Spirit. Its nature is peace and love. Its nature is harmony and order. It is the unlimited in Its possibilities and potential. It is the great healing force and it is present and active in every circumstance and situation. Spirit is the almighty protector, constantly restoring life to its most harmonious expression. God, the source of life itself is the great provider.

And this Power, this almighty Force, this healing Presence is active in each and every person and each and every situation. And especially at this time, It is present for those affected by the Storm.

I accept for each one of us a deeper realization of this truth: That the Power of the Living Spirit is active in our lives. That anything that appears to be in disarray is right now being restored to order and harmony. That all grieving hearts find comfort and solace. That all needs are met, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. That those who are able to help are immediately in touch with those who need help. All relief efforts are beautifully orchestrated. I declare that Love and Peace prevail. I affirm that safety and comfort are present for each one. I accept an outpouring of resources and support that lifts up everyone providing for every need. I accept a deepening of faith in the ability of the Living Spirit to manifest full recovery from the storm.

I give thanks for this greater realization of the truth about life.

I release this Word into the natural laws that govern the universe in grateful anticipation of its complete fulfillment.

And So It Is.