Saturday, December 21, 2019

Affirmative Prayer for Love and Goodness

God is Love, It is the self-givingness of Spirit, the desire of Life to express Itself as creation. Love is a cosmic irresistible force. Love, as God, is everywhere present; Its nature is irrepressible, unbreakable, tender and robust.

And so love shows up as me. It is in and through and as every aspect of my being. I am inseparable from it, I am here on purpose through the will of God's love. I am a vessel and instrument of this force, it is my source and sustenance. There is no place I end and the rest of love begins. I am connected to all that is,  enfolded in the one life as a drop of water in the ocean of love.

From this understanding I speak my word for and about myself and all of life. I affirm the love  and goodness which is the substance of my being. I am willing and grateful to recognize my infinite connection to all of life. I open to a growing sense of peace and comfort as I lean into and rest in this awareness. In moments where I forget or temporarily lose my way--- I am kind and forgiving with myself; I reach out for support and deepen my daily spiritual practice. I surrender any thought, idea or belief in lack, limitation, separation or fear. I turn inward and breathe into the Truth of my being which is rooted in me and unchangeable. I welcome the uncaused joy of life to well up in me and support my growing gratitude.

With appreciation and awe I celebrate and accept the spiritual truth of my being. I let go and let God, confident that this is already known and done in the heart and mind of the One.

And so it is.

Amada Colt, RScP

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Compassion and Kindness

Opening to this reverence for light, and heart felt giving where only one thing is happening and it is all God. It is that infinite flame of love and compassion everywhere present growing in the heart of all creation. It is the power and intelligence that informs and guides the whole, perfect and complete nature of life, the seen and the unseen. All is enfolded within and a part of this Divine One, Mother-Father God.

And so I am made of this one divine substance, connected to all that is, always within and as It, brought into being by and as a part of this one loving consciousness. It is in and as every seen and unseen aspect of my life, my very breath and heartbeat. I am at home in God, a child of God.

From this awareness I speak my word for and about myself and all beings, creatures, and life. I allow and welcome compassion and divine intelligence to inform and guide me as I move through this season of love and light and giving. I trust my intuition to guide me. I lean into my daily prayer and spiritual practice. I expand my gratitude and meditation. I seamlessly ask for prayer. I do all this that I may be filled up and better able to give. I am kind, generous and forgiving with myself and others. I remember that many experience acute emotional and financial challenges during this time and gauge my responses and actions accordingly. The gifts of kindness and compassion infuse my interactions.

I am so blessed and grateful for the gift of spiritual practice and prayer.

I celebrate this Spiritual Truth and shift in consciousness. This prayer is known and already done in the heart and mind of the One.

And so it is.

Amada Colt, RScP

Saturday, December 7, 2019

A Healing Prayer for a Loved One

In this prayer you can fill in the name of a loved one or your own name.

Healing Prayer

One great power almighty lives itself as its creation all through the universe. Every molecule is this divine power in expression. Each one of us is built of this God stuff which is whole and perfect.

So it is that I must be an expression of this divine creation, made of stardust and God’s inspiration; and as that’s true for me it is so for ____. He/she is a distinct, exquisite, perfect demonstration of this one miracle called life. It lives and has its being in all the facets of _____’s experience.

This prayer is for ______’s ongoing healing. Understanding that all is working well on the unseen side of life to heal the body, I declare that the intelligence of the universe is flowing with its healing energy powerfully through all of _____’s body cells now. The body works automatically under this divine instruction to heal itself, body, mind and spirit. Treatment and medications augment this healing process, and anything unlike perfect health is released now. The healing prayers of all those around _____ accelerate this healing journey and bring comfort through the process. Life leans in to  support _____ now through his/her healing journey; all is well.

Grateful that this healing power is already at work creating wholeness, balance, vibrant health and ease in _____, I release this prayer to those spiritual laws that do the work.

And so it is. Amen.

Andra Sandberg, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa, CA