Friday, July 26, 2013

A Prayer for Our Sunday Service

 This prayer was sent to me by Practitioner Rupali Robinson

There is only Life, one Power,  and one Presence.  This one is the Source of all that is and that is yet to be.  It is the ebb and flow of every activity, seen and unseen, for it is the creative force in back of all Life...eternal, without beginning or end, ever available, ever giving of its Love, Light and Wisdom.  This one Power (that I name God) is the Power for Good.
Right here, right now- -- where I am, God is.  There can be no path to God for God's essence and presence indwells each of us!  We live and move and have our being in, as, and for this One.
And so it is from this awareness, I speak a blessing for today's celebration.  I accept that the music, the message and the ministries for ourselves, the children and the young adults are fully received...allowing an opening for every heart's desire to made known and strengthened as we share this time together.  I accept that each service invites in a healing for any concerns, a softening of any constrictions in mind or body, and illuminating of solutions sought.  I call us to remember----we are heaven made---for God is an all and all are in God.
With great gratitude and conviction, I surrender this prayer... knowing that as it is spoken, it is it is believed, it becomes....
I rest    I relax     I let go       I let God be God         and     so it is.
Blessings, Rupali
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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Balance

Affirmative Prayer for Balance

There is one Spirit and Its nature is balance and harmony. It is the great Giver of Life and It is complete in Its expression. Always, absolutely perfect, is the intelligence of one Spirit. Its nature is divine right order and peace. It is the only power and It is Love.

 I am complete in Spirit. The balance and harmony of the one Spirit is fully expressed through me and all of my affairs. There is nothing that can disrupt my unity with the One. All of the peace, love, power and intelligence of the one Spirit is available to me.

I accept for my life perfect balance and harmony. I am guided by the divine One in everything I do. I know when and what to give and I am open to receiving in just the right measure. I trust Life as the source of all that I need. I am guided to know when to step forward and when to step back. I see clearly the bigger picture and I take action where action is needed and I rest where rest is needed. All of this is orchestrated by the great Intelligence that orders the universe, and I am easily reminded of my part in it all.

So I rest in a grateful state of knowing that all is well.

I release any striving to make it so, as I trust that natural law that responds fully to my hearts longing.

And So It Is