Sunday, August 25, 2019

Affirmative Prayer for the Amazon Rainforest

There is one all-powerful loving Presence, one loving Spirit. It is the creator and sustainer of all of life. It is the healing presence that is continuously restoring wholeness to all of creation. Its nature is peace and harmony. This one source of life is generous, giving itself fully to all of its creation. It is alive and active in every circumstance and situation and in all beings everywhere. Nature is its beautiful expression.

We are each an expression of this powerful loving presence. Its healing power lives in us. We each have the capacity to bring greater wholeness, peace and harmony to the world by use of this creative power that lives in us. Our consciousness is a channel for the perfect intelligence of the divine Spirit to restore well-being to our planet. So, too, are the rainforests a perfect expression of Spirit.

I therefore declare that the healing power of the loving Presence is fully active in the rainforests of South America. The harmony that governs all of life is right now restoring harmony and peace. Mother Nature is returning to its perfect order through the creative intelligence. All people who live in the reach of the fires are protected and safe through the love of the Creator. Every person involved in making decisions that affect the rainforest is divinely guided by the perfect intelligence.

I release all fear and enter into a state of healing consciousness. I envision a circle of perfect love revealing and restoring wholeness to every part of the rainforest. I place my faith and trust in the action of the loving Spirit. I take action that supports the highest good for the rainforest and for anyone affected. Beauty abounds.

I celebrate this opening in my awareness to realize the truth about the essential nature of the Spirit as it is right now bringing wholeness and healing to the rainforests. I rejoice in the Spirit that is active right now.

I trust in the Law of Mind to respond to this my Word.

And So It Is.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Affirmative Prayer for Gratitude

There is only one. One presence, one consciousness, one source and creator of all that is. It brings the invisible into form. It is compassion, unconditional love, inherent in all beingness. It is called mother father God, everywhere present, the known and the yet to be known.

It is the source of my being. I am an individual expression of it. It is every part of my seen and unseen being, as my body, heart and soul. I am Inseparable from this my good.

With this awareness I am filled with gratitude. I affirm my intention to maintain a daily practice of gratitude. I notice and share with my spiritual community how this benefits my life as it informs my attitudes, and perspective. I allow generosity and appreciation to express ever more fully in my life. I am willing to let go of anything unlike my good, making more space for goodness and gratitude to express in around through and as me.

I am excited and expectant with this shift in consciousness. It is already known and done in God. And so it is.

Amda Colt RScP

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Affirmative Prayer for Shelter

The Love of God is unconditional. This Divine Love provides for all, gives to all. It is the source and supply for all that is needed. The Living Spirit is generous and kind. God’s Love is all-powerful and expresses itself through all of creation.

The Love of God is here and now in me and in my situation. Divine Love provides all that is needed to me, through me. The generosity of the Living Spirit is evident in my life. The all-powerful presence of God is active in my life.

I accept that all my needs are met. I and my family have food and shelter and all that we need to live life fully. Safe and comfortable housing comes to me through the generosity of the Living Spirit. I open my consciousness to accept this as my reality. Guidance and support come to me from this Divine Love. The generosity of the Living Spirit is my provider. I am at home in the Spirit.

I place my trust in God and celebrate all the good that flows to me and to my family.

I let it be so, and so it is.

Diane Tapogna, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa, CA