Thursday, June 28, 2012

Beyond any Appearance is Oneness

Here is a prayer by Brenda Kobrin

Beyond any appearance is Oneness

Life is infinite creative power--always loving, always whole, always creating new versions of itself in an infinite variety of forms, styles and expressions. Each one of Life’s unique expressions of Itself is whole, complete and perfect in and of itself, lacking nothing and eternally connected to the whole of creation. 

This includes me. This includes all of us.

I see many differences of expression, of thoughts, of ideas throughout the world and yet I know that we are all One. I see examples of fear and prejudice expressing in our world, and yet I know that the truth that lies beyond any appearance is Oneness. On our path of expansion we are experiencing an infinite variety of ways of being, each one adding our own flavor and tone to the richness of universal being. So, I honor the differences I see. I appreciate the contrasts. I accept for each of us a recognition of “the others” as US. We are One, we are Life, we are Infinite. We are each playing our unique roles in this amazing production. We recognize the other players as essential and important to the whole production of this amazing play called Life. 

I celebrate the recognition and I know that only good can flow forth from it with greater expressions of love and appreciation for all that is and all who play their part.

 So, with great gratitude I sit back and watch this unfolding of magnificence and I know that it is good. And so it is.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Full and Healthy Life

Here is a prayer by Susan Robinson

A Full and Healthy Life
There is One Power and Presence in and through all Life. All that has been, is now and will ever be comes from this Divine God Source. It is the form and the unformed, the seen and the unseen. It is that which gives birth to galaxies and stars and the tiniest of atoms. This infinite universal intelligence is One, One Mind, One perfect and complete entity that is boundless. All that is, is made in its image, is illuminated with its light, is infused with its love, for God is the very essence of Love.

Right where I am and all that I am is God. Every breath, every heartbeat is the activity of this Divine Source within and as me. I am united with this Universal Presence in every way possible, all thought, all activity, all action. Through this union of oneness, through the Love that is Life I am connected to everything and everyone. As this is true for me, it is true for all.

So by means of this prayer I am remembering that the wholeness and the oneness of God does not know how to divide and that I can never be separate from the Power and Presence of God. I claim a release of any thought or idea that anything other than this is the truth of my being. I affirm that I am at home in the Universe, that my being is an integral part of a master plan and that my life is unfolding perfectly within it. I accept the One Mind of Spirit is the voice of intuition that guides my every step that illuminates the path of my experience and brings forth into my experience all that I need to lead a full and healthy life. Love is the motive power and inner impulsion that moves me forward into greater expressions of being.

In deep gratitude I celebrate this conscious shift in my awareness.

With full faith and confidence I release my word to the Law of God, trusting that this or something greater is already so. And so it is. Amen.

Susan Robinson, RScP
Director, Youth and Family Ministries
Center for Spiritual Living Santa Rosa

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Treasure within Despair

Here is a prayer by Suzanne Sackett

The Treasure with Despair

There is one Essence, one Life, one Spirit, one Good. It exists in all things without exception. It is in the sunlight and the shadow, in the warmth and bitter cold. It is present in the loving heart, and in the defended heart, in health or in sickness, in joy or in sadness, in life or in death. There is no separation. This Essence is all there is.

This Essence, this Life, this Spirit, this Good exists within me and as me, without exception. It is present whether I am acting consciously or not, whether I am living selflessly or not, whether I am connecting lovingly toward others or not. There is no separation. Essence is all I am.

I sense, respect, and cherish this presence of Spirit in me, in all people and all things. Deep within me, I embrace the gift, the treasure, within the despair I experience. Wherever I am, Spirit is.

I thank God, Spirit, Good for the presence of God, Spirit, Good within me and I celebrate each day, the deepening of my awareness of this oneness.

I release my word into the Divine Intelligence, to the Creative Law of Mind that listens, comprehends and ALWAYS, ALL WAYS, says "Yes".

Friday, June 8, 2012

My Perfect New Home

A treatment by JoAnn Newton

My Perfect New Home

There is One Life.  One Spirit.  One Infinite, Loving Presence.  One Energy that molds the planets and all that is upon them.  One Divine Reality that is all knowing, all-powerful, and everywhere present.  It is the Infinite Source of all Good, the Light of Divine Wisdom, and the Creative Power of Right Action. This Perfect Life is at the center of everyone and everything as Pure Love, Eternal Truth, and Complete Wholeness & Goodness.

This Life is my life.  All that God is, I am.  The essence of this Living Spirit is my essence.  I am created from Pure Love and every aspect of my being is this Love in expression.  I live and move and have my being in the very heart of the Divine and every attribute of It is my inherent nature as Its beloved child.  This Presence and Power surrounds me, in the midst of my being, my life and my affairs, and fills me and flows through me as an individualized expression of Itself in this moment and every moment.

As I breathe in this Truth, I claim and accept that all the good of the Living Spirit Almighty is my divine inheritance and I see this good manifesting now as my perfect new home.  This home fills all my needs and desires and is a pleasure to be in where I feel safe, secure, nourished and at peace.  I release any thoughts of fear and concern and trust that the details and conditions will unfold easily and effortlessly.  I declare that the gift is already given and that my perfect new home has already been reserved in my name.  So I accept an opening in consciousness for this Spiritual Truth to come into form.

I am grateful for this revelation of Truth and I celebrate my perfect new home that is manifesting now.

I release this Word into the Law of Divine Mind, knowing that it is already done and trusting that all is well.  And so it is.

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Spirit is Right Where I Am

Spirit is Right Where I Am

There is one loving Spirit that is everywhere all the time. It is the one powerful intelligence that guides all of life into its perfect expression. This is the one great Reality, the one divine Presence.

This loving presence is fully alive in me, guiding and protecting every aspect of my life.

I accept a deeper realization of the presence of the loving Spirit in my life. Spirit is right where I am in every situation and every circumstance. Past, present and future are all contained in the loving embrace of the divine One. It is the perfect intelligence of the living Spirit that guides me to respond to life as it presents itself to me. I am safe and protected in God's perfect grace.

I give thanks for the greater realization of the truth of my life, that Spirit is indeed right where I am.

I release this prayer with faith and confidence and I let it be.

And So It Is