Saturday, April 25, 2020

Affirmative Prayer for the Center for Spiritual Living

In the quiet of this moment God's presence is palpable. It is all-consuming in its vastness. It is self-givingness. It is generous diversity of expression. God has kissed the universe in a brilliance that infuses all life - each and every being, word, action, and form. God's omnipresence is without beginning, without and without selectiveness, and without exception. It is complete, blanketing all that there is in Divine love. God's existence is here now in this holy instance and for all time. It’s power unfathomable to human understanding, is nevertheless fully available at all times, and all places and to everyone.

I know my unity with the One I feel it, I breathe it and I am immersed in it. It is the Intelligent Creator of each thought I have an of every cell in my body. God's heart is in my heart and is the heart of all. It is alive in every one of us; a golden thread that moves through all people all cultures all religions.  It is the heart of the Santa Rosa Center for Spiritual Living.

I affirm that our Center is a blueprint of perfect health. God's infinite and deep abiding love holds us in its loving care. It is alive in us around us and by means of us.

There is a Divine healing energy that enfolds us in wholeness. God ensures that conditions for growth are perfect and intact. God always triumphs and does so now as we realize that we are a vital part of the path currently unfolding for the elevation of our wonderful planet and our contributions to it. Divine Perfection out pictures itself through our Center, its leaders and the entire Fellowship. Divine circuits are engaged in maintaining and sustaining our well-being and expansion. And divine wisdom alive and thriving in our Center continues to prosper us in always for always.

I am gratified to be aligned with seekers, speakers, and discoverers of Truth across the entire planet. As I joyfully mingle my prayer with those of my entire spiritual family, a feeling of grateful completeness encompasses me.

With no need to hold on or grasp, I tenderly relinquish this prayer. There is simply a gentle melting into a peaceful sea of calm acceptance.

 And so it is

Sheri Pool
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Resilient Spiritual Community

Creative Intelligence, Eternal Love, Wholeness and Abundance are everywhere present, and in within each human and creature in every moment expressing their highest good. In this moment and in this place Great Spirit is omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent. The Creative Force in the universe supports good everywhere and in every creature.

The intelligence, love, and grace support the good in my life, and in the life of each of us. Spiritual Truth is within us and in our lives, with our country, and with our world during this pandemic.

God is good and supports us to work as one to raise the standards for all humanity, and improve environmental sustainability. We will survive, thrive, and live to see a better time. We move everyday towards a world which works for everyone.

I commit to spiritual practice to raise my consciousness to believe in the highest good for all. I meditate and work toward a thriving and resilient Center for Spiritual Living in Santa Rosa, my community.

I am grateful there is a power greater than I am. We can use It. We will use It. This truth of the higher power that is Good, Love, Light, Infinite Power, Mind, and Presence and is available to us for our use.  

I release this Word into Spiritual Principles and know that it is already true.

 And so it is.

Laura Hudgins

Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Ease and Grace

Breathing the infinite ease and grace of the Divine, where there is no other. It is the all eternally unfolding as life, through life, on behalf of creation for its highest and greatest good. It is the known and the unknown, boundless love and intelligence, everywhere present and available 24/7.

It being everything, then I am made of It, by It and am at home in It, residing in Mother Father God. It shows up as me and all life. I am inseparable from my divine substance and source. Even if I forget,  It remains the unshakable, incontrovertible truth of my being. It wraps itself around me, is the source and substance of my body, mind and spirit. As this is true for me this is true for all.

With this understanding I speak this word for and about myself and all beings and life. I declare that in the presence of the unknown I welcome and am filled with the ease and grace of the Divine. I  surrender to and trust in the boundless intelligence and love of God. I let go of the idea that I need to know and understand everything. The chatter in my mind softens and grows quiet. I open my heart to the indwelling God and allow trust and faith to grow and manifest in greater ways in my life. Grace and ease unfold brilliantly.

In gratitude I celebrate this spiritual truth. I let go and let God, assured that this prayer is known and done in the Mind of God. All is well.

And so it is. Amen.

Amada Colt, RScP

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Affirmative Prayer for the Center for Spiritual Living

There is One Life. This Life is the everlasting One. The One who’s never born, never dies. It is the One who makes All from Itself. It is the Source of All. All form in Its beautiful intricacy is the One. This One is Infinite Intelligence which is guiding all the activity and non activity of creation.  It is the fountain of love itself, flowing love in and through Its creation. The Creator and created form a dance of joy and love. This flow of Divine Love permeates the entire creation. It is one fabric of interconnection, of love, of joy. The fabric is whole and complete and Its felt sense is joy and peace.  From the vantage of this One the dance is the dance of joy, flowing between form and formless in one whole being,

 I am one with this eternal Life, this Love, this Infinite Intelligence. I am one with the dance of form and formless. I am one with the deep and abiding peace. For I am an integral part of this fabric of life. I am whole and complete at all times.

As this is true for me it is true for the Center for Spiritual Living. The Center is one with Life. It has unending Divine Love pouring in and throughout it. Each person who is part of the Center or simply has heard of the Center or come to the Center is included in this fabric of Life. Every being is one with the love, the intelligence, the joy and the peace. And the Center as a whole is an entity of love, peace and joy.

During this time of social distancing there is no distance between the individualized beings within the fabric of this Center, this Life. We are united by the teachings, the love of our Center and the ground on which we all stand, the Ground of All Being. We are guided by Divinity to act from these beliefs at this time. The Center itself is within the fabric of the Beloved and is guided and sustained by love Itself during this challenging time. During this pandemic, the Center is an ongoing entity that, with the actions of individualized beings, emanates love and peace and joy. We know the teaching that Divinity is within and can be accessed at any time and this sustains us now. We are guided by Infinite Intelligence that is lighting the way to our well being.

I give thanks for the realization of the whole fabric of Life and Its peace, joy and love that is always here. I give thanks for this sense of well being that is always present within.

Release: I release my Word to the One who already has said yes.

 And so it is.

Jan Peterson
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Monday, April 13, 2020

Affirmative Prayer for Rising Up

There is the Creator, the Divine Architect of all life, the loving Mother Father God everywhere present. It is the substance, foundation and lifting up of all life, the one Spirit and Truth of being, creating and birthing anew in each moment, rising up infinitely.

It is the source and sustenance of my life. I am a place where God shows up, an individual expression of It, here through the love, power and intelligence of the Beloved. As this is true for me, it is true for all. No being, no part of creation, no thing is ever separate from this truth. All is at home in the One.

I speak this prayer for and about myself and all life. I accept God's infinite boundless Goodness in the appearance of all situation, condition and circumstance. I recognize this opportunity for spiritual growth as I rise above and see beyond preconceived notions, limiting attitudes and habits. I welcome a growing heartfelt connection and compassion for all humanity, all life. I look within for what is being called forward to shift in my consciousness. I realize I am born anew in each moment through the grace of God, and give to others according to my natural gifts. I am kinder and more forgiving with myself and others. I allow myself to be raised up and guided by God's infinite Good and Intelligence. Healing is Truth revealing in every aspect of life--- in body, mind and spirit.

With gratitude I realize this spiritual truth. It is already known and done before these words were spoken.

I let go and let God.
And so it is. Amen.

Amada Colt, RScP

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Affirmative Prayer for Vitality and Rebirth

Divine spirit is the animating force in, though and around all of life. Seen and unseen, material and immaterial, It is the creative source of everything, the life force within all that is alive, known and unknown, eternally expressing as joy, beauty, grace, peace and everything in-between. Call it God, Universal Spirit, Divine Blessed One or any other name, It is the all and everything in all places.

As God is in all places fully expressing, it is right here in each breath I breathe. Every cell in my body is an expression of the One. Every thought I think is the mind of God expressing through me. Every beat of my heart is the rhythm of Divine Spirit flowing thru me. And so as this is the animating force expressing in my life, it is also true for and about anyone who has eyes to read these words and feel this prayer.

The vitality and rebirth that is expressing in this season of spring is evidence of God's regenerative spirit. I awaken and become more conscious, and embrace the full expression of rebirth and renewal that I see happening in nature as my own. I affirm this is happening in my life and in the life of this spiritual community that is the Center for Spiritual Living. Just as the birds are gathering all they need to create a safe home for the expectancy of new life, I am trusting that we all feel the calling into a deepening of faith to trust that regeneration is right here. I lean into life and it’s ability to come alive, to release what is no longer needed, to allow space for the miracle of new life, new love, more peace, deeper gratitude for the abundance of beauty, friendship, family, and joy. I feel and experience the expression of light, that is known by some as the Christ Consciousness, during this time of celebration for spring time as deep calling unto deep brings me into a state of peace and quiet expectancy of the good that is in the world. I claim and affirm this for all beings in all forms. I see it moving from the four corners of my own heart out into the four corners of the world to unite us all together as one is this truth.

May you join in the celebration of gratitude this call into my awareness. Oh blessed be the changing season. I give thanks for the song of the bird that awakens the song of my heart. I am humbled in love and thanksgiving for this celebration of a new way of being in the world. May we share the good news each in our own way.

And so, as I bring these words to an end, I rest assured that all is well on the unseen side of life and allow myself to feel this blessing as I release and let these thoughts fly into the law of Divine Mind. Breathing in, relaxing and knowing the answer is "yes my beloved", I let it be. And so it is.

Claire Victor, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Easter Prayer

All creation, all form exists as a manifestation of and for the desire of the one omnipotent Life that I call God but is known by many names. It is the essence of all that is seen and also exits beyond all form. From within It's creation It expresses the love that It is, all beauty, wisdom and joy are expressions of the One. It is the creator of the natural laws that the universe experiences but never limited by nature.

This One is the essence of all that I am, of all people everywhere. Each individual is a specific expression where God reveals and experiences Itself. The mind, the heart and the life of God are expressed within me, every particle of my body is embodied by the loving, living essence of God.

Understanding the great Truth the loving nature of God, I can confidently proclaim that the perfect love of the Creator always responds for the good of It's creation. That means that God responds to me. As I am confident that God is eternal for It is all powerful, I understand that God cannot be thwarted or destroyed. Therefore, every apparent death is meant with resurrection for the energy that is God cannot be destroyed. I proclaim that whatever loss I have experienced is transformed into new life. Every fear I hold, I release into love trusting in transformation. The great symbolism of the resurrection of Jesus is a promise for all.

In this profound realization I proclaim, “hallelujah, I am risen.” Hallelujah, the world rises and my heart rejoices.

From this place of joy, I release this prayer into the powerful, loving Law of the supreme love of God that supersedes even natural law. 

And so it is, Hallelujah, Amen.

Sherry Vierra, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Friday, April 10, 2020

Affirmative Prayer for the Center for Spiritual Living

There is only One. Indivisible and yet dividing into an infinite number of possibilities and expressions. In the many faces of this One there is a pervading unity. An underlying presence that is infused into it all. It is like the silence that gives space for the sound or the deep oceans that express in the individual waves. This One is infinite intelligence and boundless creativity. It knows how to birth solar systems and babies. It knows how to live and to grow and to unfold in each one of its creations in absolute perfection. And It also know how to let those creations die and fold back into itself once more. It is an endless cycle. It is a force that is for life and for expansion. 

That force is expanding in me right now. It is literally creating my cells anew in this very moment and it is doing so from a place of infinite intelligence. I am a note in the silence. A wave in this ocean of abundance. And so is the Center for Spiritual Living Santa Rosa. 

I know that this Center will continue to bring joy and spiritual unfolding to its members especially in these times of change. It will continue to create from this place of divine inspiration.  While I acknowledge and have immense gratitude for the physical space the Center has offered to its members. I also know this center is more than just a place. It is a coming together around ideas and a willingness to be a participant in a loving community. That is still a creative reality right now. We are a community that can accept new realities. So, I confidently know that we are already using new platforms and methods to loving build a connection in a changing reality. I know that we are in this process of life and birth and death and running towards the spaces where growth occurs. In doing this we are expanding and growing and becoming more abundant. Knowing that our source comes from that deep ocean of peace and that ever present silence, we are bolstered in times of change. We step onto that bridge called faith and we accept grace as the only destination worth seeking. 

I am so thankful I can know truth. I feel blessed every day to be able to experience the world from the center of awe.

I surrender to that Divine Intelligence that needs to no instruction. I allow myself to be a vessel for divine instruction and I release all control knowing that it is done.

Nicole Arnone Cipolla
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

I Accept my Grace

God. Beloved. Infinite Wisdom. Divine Presence. Creative Intelligence. Universal Spirit. Eternal Architect. The Grand Maker. The Farmer of universes: the Planter of all seeds- large and small; far and wide. All has been designed by the Thing Itself. The Original. It is Infinite Source. It is the cause of every galaxy, every solar system, every star, every planet, ecosystem, animal, bacteria, atom, fiber. It is the tides, gravity, breeze; everything seen and unseen, all that is know and yet to be known. It is the ebb and flow of all existence. Equally present in every space and time. Providing Itself to and through all of Its creation in the form of peace, love, joy, and purpose. Rich and lavish Goodness is abundantly provided to each perfect being.

Each and every creation of the Divine is intentional and integral expression of Life. I know this is equally true for myself. I know it is true for the food I eat, the water I drink, the air I breathe. So this next breath, I draw a little deeper and hold it a little longer. I turn my awareness inward. I notice the Goodness that is within my body right now. The air within my lungs, the beating of my heart, the blood flowing through my veins, every cell in my body, every fiber of my being, every piece of knowledge I've learned, every emotion I have yet to feel, every thought that passes my mind. Everything about my existence is a perfect divine expression in action. Always. Everything -without hesitation or exception.

And as my emotions and thoughts form my words, I speak absolute Truth right now: I am an intentional and integral expression of Divine Life. I am royal by nature: A true masterpiece. I live and breathe purpose. I allow Goodness to pour through me in the most natural and practical ways. I lace joy, beauty, and love through my words, thoughts, tasks, and chores. I share sacredness in every direction with smiles, helping hands, and laughter. I bless my community with grace, empathy, and compassion. I humbly embrace the divine invitation, and I allow my cup to flow over with abundant opportunities. I accept my grace. I accept my beautiful humanity.

I celebrate my Divine Goodness. I allow joy and gratitude to fill my body. I revel in the eternal bounty that fills my heart. I humbly delight in my practical Goodness.

Knowing God is Good. I release these words into the Law that always provides a sublime yes. It is done well.

And So It Is

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Affirmative Prayer for Good Leadership

Good Leadership 
There is a Power for Good in the universe. It is the Power of the Creator that gives rise to all of life. This Power creates life out of its loving intelligence and wisdom. Its nature is caring support for all of life. Harmony is the result of the action of this Power for Good. This Power is unlimited and universal.

This Power for Good is present everywhere all the time. This Power for Good is right here in my life, fully active. The loving intelligence and wisdom that has created life is here and now in my life. And as this Power for Good is in me it is in the leaders who govern my world. The loving intelligence and wisdom that had created life is available to and active in all leaders.

There for I accept leadership in my world that is rooted in goodness. I accept the loving intelligence and wisdom are the basis for all decisions. I declare that my life and the lives of my neighbors, friends and family and all people everywhere are right now receiving the caring support of the Power for Good. Harmony is forever restoring the lives of all people everywhere and especially all people effected by the current situation.

I feel the quiet comfort of knowing the Spiritual Truth that the Power for Good is the only power and it is fully active in my life and my world.

I let it be as it is,

And So It Is

Diane Tapogna, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Grounded in Spiritual Practice

Resting in the fullness of infinite love, boundless connection and intelligence there is only one thing happening. It is all God, enfolding all in its irrepressible goodness.

And so I am made of this one divine substance, inseparable from this everywhere present good, the source and sustenance of all. It breathes through me and beats my heart; I am an individual expression of It, a place where the Divine shows up. As this is true for me it is true for all of life.

With this understanding I speak my word for and about myself and all. I accept how life is showing up in Its expected and unexpected ways. I ground myself in daily spiritual practice affirming the highest and greatest good for all. I recognize that Infinite Intelligence is always available to inform and guide our leaders and those providing health care, crucial services and medical materials in our community and the world.  Resources are available and generously shared. I practice this awareness in all I think say and do. I turn from divisive, unhelpful attitudes and invest in our common humanity. I am compassionate and responsible in how I show up in the world, choosing safety for myself and others. I remember that peace and guidance is everywhere present, 100 % available in the midst of however life shows up.

I gratefully accept this spiritual truth that is already know and done in the heart and mind of God.

And so it is. Amen

Amada Colt, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa