Saturday, May 30, 2020

Listening from the Heart

Breathing in this one life, where only one thing is happening. It is God, the Beloved, the Divine everywhere present, in through and as the one Consciousness, the substance of all being. It is the Body Mind and Spirit of all life.

And so it is the body mind and spirit of my being. There is no spot where God is not in around through and as me. This is true of all life, for all beings. I am inseparable from its boundless love, infinite intelligence and power. There is no place where I end and the rest of this Divine Life begins. It is everywhere present enfolding every atom, every grain of sand, every soul, every aspect of Its creation. All is within the loving presence of the Beloved.

With this understanding I speak this prayer for about myself and all beings. I relax into the care and embrace of God. I know that I am never alone, God abides within around and as me. I allow this awareness to inform, comfort and guide me in however life is showing up. I breathe into the strength, kindness and love of God when I am afraid or triggered. I slow down and become thoughtful. Then I respond in ways that promote unity rather than divisiveness, whether this is in social media, conversation or my thoughts. I first heal my thinking, nurturing my heart and mind connection. I listen to others with an open heart, I soften and hear beyond apparent anger and blame. I may choose to say nothing. I welcome the personal and spiritual growth opportunity. I open to constructive connections and dialogue, especially when I disagree. I sense values that we agree on. I actively support a world that works for everyone. I am a work in progress and so is everyone else. I forgive myself and others when we falter.

I accept this shift in consciousness. With a grateful heart I let go and let God, confident is is already known and done in the heart and mind of the Beloved.

And so it is. Amen
Amada Colt, RScP

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Affirmative Prayer for Acceptance

God is divine. God is the underlying reality for all there is and everything I see. God supplies all. God is always there.

I am connected to God. Spirit is in me. My thoughts are Spirits' thoughts. I am one with infinite Spirit which flows through me now in love and acceptance. God's desires and mine are the same.

Spirit welcomes my trust in the divine. I see clearly now the real me is also divine and ready  to accept my true calling. I accept this good that is mine right now. I am filled with peace and clarity in my mission. I fully realize the good I desire is already mine because of who I am, a Spiritual being.

I love the awareness of my exceptional talents and abilities. I am thankful for seeing who I really am and the wonderful part I play in the Universe. My heart feels gratitude for the lessons in life the divine provides me now.

I let go of all self-sabotage and negative thinking. I surrender to the divine. I trust that it is already done. I release my word to the action of the law, which is always listening and always responding to my Spiritual Mind Treatment. I place into Creative Law that my needs are met unconditionally. 


Karen Potts
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Affirmative Prayer to Open to the Infinite Flow of Life During Shelter In Place

In and through and as all beingness, there is only One. It is the seen and the unseen divine substance of life. It is the source and sustainer, this presence that is always creating from itself anew in each moment, acting for the highest and greatest good of all creation. It is the beauty, symmetry, balance and harmony imbued in all life. It is the foundation and underpinning of all existence. It is everywhere present, all powerful, the substance of love, ever unfolding.

And It is right here, right now, in through and as all life. It is the source and activity of this prayer. And so it is what I am made of. I live and have my being within the One. As this is true for me it is true for all of life. I am made from and by the Divine and so am irrefutably connected to all beings, to all life. I am, through God's will, an individual outlet for divine expression. There is no place where I end and the rest of life and God begins.

From this understanding I speak my word for and about myself and all of life. I open to the infinite flow of the divine. I recognize that all diverse expressions of life are divine vessels, living in boundless potential for good, joy, generosity and creativity, how life is unfolding. I lean into the realigning of priorities where all of Life's stakeholders are valued equally. I deeply appreciate all medical, first responders and other essential workers and military who continue to serve and show up for all of us. I affirm the ever present God is with all, especially those who have lost family and friends. I affirm gratitude for the love and caring that is expressed in the daily course of events, by individuals, humanitarian groups and organizations that continue to give generously to those in need. I accept that infinite intelligence, love and kindness are everywhere present and available to all concerned. The current situation recognizes no boundaries as the world collaborates and share solutions and resources. I rejoice in the generosity, dedication and ingenuity expressed in my community and throughout the world. I claim and affirm growing patience as I and others abide by the shelter in place order and physical distancing, as humanitarian consciousness grows. I recognize God is everything, God is infinite intelligence and therefore science that is 100% available to inform government agencies, local, national and world leaders and advisors.

I rest in this awareness. I am grounded in this spiritual truth. I let go and let God, confident it is already known and done in the heart and mind of God.

And so it is. Amen

Amada Colt, RScP

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Affirmative Prayer for Quiet Joy

Affirmative Prayer for Quiet Joy 
The One Mind, the Powerful Intelligence that is forever creating life out of Its love is ever-present and fully active. Its natural state is Joy. It is forever rejoicing in It unfoldment.

I am an expression of this Creating Power. The One Mind expresses through me. Its Joy lives in me. I am one with the One Life Force.

I accept this new awareness that there is no limit to the quiet joy expressing in my life. Awe and wonder are reestablished in me. The dust and grime of the journey of my life have no hold over me. I am enough. I am doing enough. I rest in a quiet appreciation of the simple beauty of life unfolding within me and all around me.

This truth I celebrate and I trust its continued revelation in my life.

And So It Is

Diane Tapogna, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Affirmative Prayer to Follow Divine Guidance

The one Spirit knows no big or small.  It is all powerful, expressing in the beauty of the seasons, in the universe where the sun shines daily, all is in harmony and balance.  Spirit shines forth as love, kindness, generosity, and wisdom. Spirit is always present.

I am one with this all powerful Spirit that knows no big or small, but easily expresses in us all.  

This Spirit guides me and each of us to reach out to each other through these unsettling times. Our Center provides love and kindness and wisdom as we pull together in all ways, using the modern ways of communication.  Each leader and member is acting in ways that help and strengthen our experience of oneness.  We endeavor always to follow divine guidance. 

I am thankful for our Center and it's leaders and these words.

I release this treatment as I recognize Spirits guidance being carried out.

And so it is.

Roger Vincent
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Affirmative Prayer for Food Security

Food Security 

The Nature of the Divine Life is Abundance and Harmony. There is an unlimited supply of all things necessary for life to thrive from the One Source, the Source of Life itself. Peace, kindness and compassion are aspects of the unconditional Love of the Spirit. God holds the solution and the resolution to every appearance of lack or limitation.

The Divine Life includes everyone, everywhere. The One Source supplies its goodness to all beings. I am a recipient of the abundance and harmony of Spirit’s Love. My life is filled with kindness, compassion and peace. Whatever solution is needed arises from the goodness of God.

I accept that an abundance of resources flows into my life including a steady food supply. I, my family, my loved ones and my neighbors have an abundance of healthy fresh food every day. My body is nourished and strong. Abundance and harmony are present in my everyday experience. I trust that peace, kindness and compassion surround me and I am filled with the love of the Spirit. Any appearance of lack or limitation is right now dissolved and an influx of supply flows into my life, so much so, that I am able to share with others.

I am so grateful for the knowing of this truth about abundance in my life and for the assurance of food security for me and my loved ones.

I release this Word into the Law.
And So It Is

Diane Tapogna, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa