Saturday, May 31, 2014

Affirmative Prayer for Clarity

Affirmative Prayer for Clarity

There is One Mind, One First Cause, One Source. There are many names used to refer to this One: Spirit, Divine Presence, Tao, Source Energy, God.

I am a focal point in the mind of God. God is expressing and experiencing life as the physical form that I am embodying right here and now. I know this to be true for me and for everyone and everything.

In this now moment, and in every now moment, I embrace the clarity of the mind that is God. I focus my Consciousness within, tapping into the Divine Wisdom that is always present. I listen with my heart open. I allow this Inner Knowing to guide me with the next step to accomplish my heart’s desire. My way is easy and sure with my trust in this clarity.

I am so grateful for this ever-present connection to God! It is pure joy to have an inner guidance system that is all-knowing. My life is blessed through the divine right action that is communicated to me.

With complete faith in the Conscious Knowing that I am, I release my truth into the Law of Mind. My clarity in life is always available and I rejoice in using it.

And so it is!

Suzanne Sackett, RScP

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Coming Home to the Truth

Coming Home to the Truth

There is one Supreme Being, a glorious presence that illuminates all of life with its wisdom and clarity. It is all-inclusive and ever-present. It is completely generous, giving its gifts of goodness freely and fully.

This presence lives in me. I am one with the Supreme Being, the lover of life. My life is illuminated by the wisdom and clarity of the One.

I accept for myself a coming home to this deeper truth about my life. This deeper embodiment of oneness and wholeness. I open to the wisdom and clarity of the divine One and let my steps be guided and guarded. I am safe and worthy and I am growing in love every day.

I give great thanks for this powerful realization of the deeper truth about my life.

I trust in the law of creation to bring this forth in my experience and I let it be.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Affirmative Prayer for Resolution of a Court Case

Affirmative Prayer for Resolution of a Court Case

There is one powerful presence, it is the presence of the perfect loving Spirit. This presence is the only power, it is the all-inclusive giver of life. This presence presides over all activities and it is the peace at the very center of all beings. Its intelligence and wisdom guides all of life into its most perfect expression.

This presence lives in me and in each person involved in this situation. I am, and each one involved is one with the peace and wisdom of the living Spirit.

Therefor I accept that the wisdom and intelligence of the Creator is present in all the preparations and proceedings for this court case. I declare that there is peace at the heart of each person and that the clear light of the Spirit guides all communication and all decisions. I accept on behalf of each one involved a coming home to the light and truth of the living Spirit within them.

I am grateful to know that the living, loving Spirit brings its peace, wisdom and clarity to this situation.

I let go and trust the great giver of life to respond to the highest and best for each one involved. 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Affirmative Prayer for Recovery from an Infection

Affirmative Prayer for Recovery from an Infection      
There is one loving Spirit, one pattern of perfection, one unstoppable life force that gives itself fully to all of creation. It is the force and flow of life that restores wholeness over and over. It is infinite and eternal and never stops generously giving the gift of life to all beings.

This one loving Spirit is living its life as me. I am a result of the pattern of perfection. The life force in me is continuously expressing more wholeness through me.

I accept, from this understanding of my oneness with the loving Spirit, a greater expression of wholeness in my life right now. I declare that this appearance of infection has no power over me or my body and that that life force that has created me is actively renewing every cell and organ and fluid in my body.

I am assured by means of this prayer that I am guided and supported by this loving presence that brings full resolution without delay.

I am grateful for the power of the truth to raise my awareness to the spiritual level and I celebrate the good that unfolds as a result of this knowing.

I release this word into the creative medium that is continuously responding in full measure.

And So It Is

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Affirmative Prayer for Navigating Change

Affirmative Prayer for Navigating Change

The Universe is absolutely rich with blessings. Life itself is eternal and infinite and its essence never changes. This essence of life is love and peace, order and balance. There is a harmony that guides all of life into its most perfect expression and grace abounds.

I am one with life, one with its love and peace. Life expresses perfect harmony through me. Live expresses peace and love through me.

I accept for myself a powerful connection to the natural harmony that lives in me. I allow myself to be guided by this inner harmony and wisdom during times of change. The peace and love of God light my way as I navigate the changes in my life. My essential nature always brings me back to perfect balance. I flow into life as life flows into me. I know that I am safe, guided and protected. I allow the best of me to come forward.

I give thanks for this realization of my true nature and its expression in times of change.

I release this prayer and I let it be.

And So It Is