Friday, March 23, 2012

Right Livelihood and Perfect Job

A prayer for right livelihood and perfect job

There is one divine Source, one Creator, one perfect Intelligence that gives itself fully to all of life. The universe itself is moving according to the perfect pattern of this one Love. And this Love is infinite and eternal. All of existence is included in the loving action of the one divine Life. The possibilities for greater good are limitless.

I am included in the loving action of the divine. The source of Life gives itself to me fully and freely. All my needs are met by this one perfect Intelligence.

I accept that the universe is supporting me right now. I connect with every opportunity and every possibility that presents itself to me with openness and grace. My faith is deep and full and I step into every situation with confidence. I trust that perfect intelligence that has ordered the universe to bring order to my life. Right livelihood is my divine inheritance and I am confident that the perfect job is awaiting my acceptance right now. I realize that I am fully supported, inspired and enlivened to move fully in the direction of my dreams. I am filled with happy expectancy, knowing that all is well.

I give thanks for the fulfillment of right livelihood and perfect job in my life.

I release this word into that law of creation that responds fully and immediately

And So It Is

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Peaceful Rest, Divine Tranquility

A prayer for peaceful rest and divine tranquility

There is one absolute cause, the source of all of life, the divine Creator. This is the infinite loving presence that gives itself to everything and everyone all the time. Its nature is perfect peace. It is the divine tranquility. It is the stillness that lies within all that moves. It is that which cannot be contained and cannot be defined, yet can clearly be felt. It is the fullness of life, unwavering in its love.

And it is this One that includes all that is. So it must include me. I am one with the source of life itself. The peace of the divine creator lives in me. I am made from the stillness that lies at the heart peace itself.

From the recognition that I am one with the peace of the divine source, I accept for myself peaceful rest. I am fully able to relax and trust life to bring to me that which I need. I sleep well and wake up refreshed. I feel the stillness and tranquility of the divine One deep within me and I experience it in all of my affairs. I am able to lay aside any agitation or worry and I allow the beautiful peace of life to embrace me. My mind is quiet and calm and my body is at rest. I enjoy the blissful stillness of divine tranquility.

I give thanks for the perfect unfolding of peaceful rest and tranquility in my life. I am grateful for the gift of stillness and quiet in my life.

I release this prayer into the embrace of the receptive nature of the divine One. And I let it be.

And So It Is.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Safe Travel

A prayer for safe travel.

There is one infinite intelligence, one loving Spirit in and through all of creation. It is the very source of life itself. God, Spirit, Source, Life- by whatever name we call It- It remains the same. It is the one true Reality and It includes everything. It is eternal and immortal, ever present and all-knowing. It is the one Mind and it guides all of life into its perfect expression. Moving and flowing everywhere all the time, this divine order aligns all of existence according to its absolute, perfect pattern. All of creation is safe and protected by the loving Spirit.

I am one with this perfect pattern, this divine order is fully present in me and as me. The source of life itself exists in its entirety in me. I move with the flow of life as it moves through me. I am included in the loving embrace of the Spirit.

And because I am one with the Spirit, I know that I am safe and protected as I travel. I open to this flow of perfection. I let the divine intelligence inform me. I accept for myself safe travel as I allow the perfect pattern of divine order bring me to every arrival and every departure with ease and grace. I accept the action of the loving Spirit in all of my activities. I rest in this knowledge of the protection of Spirit and I relax and enjoy the moment.

I give thanks for this feeling of safety and protection as I travel. I appreciate the good that unfolds. I am grateful for the joy that lives within me, available in every moment.

I release this word into the Law with faith and confidence and I accept its manifestation in my life.

And So It Is

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Prayer for Success with a Project

Here is a prayer for inspiration and success with a project:

There exists an absolute, divine order in nature. Today I call that divine order Spirit. Spirit is the perfect intelligence that orchestrates every detail of life. The loving presence of Spirit is creative and powerful. It is the clear light of Spirit that leads the way to complete success in all things. It is the source of all inspiration.

I am an essential part of creation. Within me exists the perfect order and intelligence of Spirit. My mind is the mind of Spirit and my affairs are the affairs of Spirit. It is the power and  the creativity of Spirit  that expresses through me. The light of Spirit lives in me. I am one with Spirit.

I accept that my project is guaranteed success, for I am allowing myself to be guided by the pure light of the living Spirit. It is divine inspiration that moves me to create. Because my mind is an outlet for the perfect intelligence that orchestrates all of life, my project is infused with brilliant ideas and great outcomes. I am serene and confident as I complete the perfect project on time and share it openly. This project is a blessing to all who encounter it.

I give thanks for the success of this project and for the joy of creating it.

I release this Word into the natural receptivity of Spirit, knowing it is the law of nature to respond without restriction to its highest intention. With quiet expectancy, I let it be.

And So It Is

Friday, March 2, 2012

Two Really Short Prayers

Here are two really short prayers:

1) Love Is

2) All Is Well

Enjoy savoring these words. Let you mind rest in them. Take them into your body, your breath. Let them be reflected back to you in all that you see.