Saturday, November 28, 2015

Affirmative Prayer for Patience and Acceptance

 Patience and Acceptance

Everything is Divine.  The Presence of one almighty, invincible, infallible Spirit fills all life with It's own essence.  This essence is perfect love, unconditional love.  This essence is constant in love and constantly expressing love.

The essence of Spirit is what gives me life.  I am the presence of this One within a unique design I know as self.  There are many forms, many “selfs,” many unique designs and all are expressions of the One.

Knowing this to be true, I recognize this Presence within all people, all life.  I understand that every face I encounter is the face of Spirit, the face of God.  I know the Great Spirit that I call God loves It's own creation.  Spirit/God is patient to let every unique design grow and evolve at whatever pace it chooses for its self.  The Spirit's love for all the selfs of It's creation is infallible, perfect, constant. 

This is the love that lives within me. The patience of God abides within my own soul. This great love is the source of my patience as I allow the world to be just what it is.  I accept the truth of my own evolution, I am expanding.  The realization of my own goodness and value increases every moment. I eternally progress in awareness of my own divine nature and the divinity of all people of all life.  Evolution may appear as chaos, loss and even disaster, but the Truth of life’s Divine nature endures as the perfection of Life reveals Itself.  I see that Truth now, I see beyond appearances to the perfect gift of Love and eternal infinite Life.

The love and approval Spirit has for It's own creation is alive within me and fills my heart with hope as I release the word into the Law of divine Principle, which always responds with the affirmative action of Love.

For so it is.

Sherry Vierra, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Affirmative Prayer for Family Relationships

Family Relationships

Spirit is without beginning and has no end. It is the eternal action of love expressing in everything always present. This Presence is the light of wisdom, the glory of life, the sweet comfort of love and the hand in which all things are held.

I am held in this divine hand and I am the substance of it. I am created by Love, for Love, as Love. This is the truth of my being, Spirit is present right here and right now as me. I know this to be my truth and the truth for everyone, everywhere, always.

This knowledge fills me with the courage to be love in every circumstance with all people. I know my family to be Spirit present with me in human form. I am filled with peace and patience because I know that the Presence of Spirit cannot be obliterated or diminished by any action. There are many lessons for me to learn from my family and I embrace them. I accept what comes knowing that all comes from the creative and eternal action of love. I release my fears, I allow my family to make their own choices. I trust that all paths lead us to the love that created us. I do not put my trust in my own understanding but in the infinite, eternal love of Spirit. 

This trust fills me with joy, and I rest with peace in my heart as I release the word into the creative hand of the loving Law.
And so it is.

Sherry Vierra, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Saturday, November 14, 2015


Treatment for Forgiveness…

One.  One Life, One Mind, One perfection, in, through and as all Life.  This One is the eternal presence of peace, kindness, and love.  All of life springs forth from this One for it is both Creator and all of Creation. 

I am a divine expression of this One in form.  All the aspects of the Divine are alive within me, as me and express through my being now and always.

As I remember this truth I open to a place of self-forgiveness.  I release all ideas of wrong doing, less than, or incompleteness.  By means of this prayer, I remember that I can never be separated from my Good, my God.  I affirm I am always supported and supplied by a loving presence that knows only my highest good, even when I forget.  I claim the qualities of clarity, wholeness, ease, balance, calm, compassion and love for I know they are my birthright as an expression of God.  I declare a return to a vibrant state of being that expresses peace, kindness and love in all thought and all activity.

It is from a deep place of gratitude that I give thanks for this shift in consciousness.

I release this my word, unto the Law of Mind knowing it is received and acted upon immediately.  For this or something even greater is being demonstrated in my life right now.  All is well. 
And so it is.

Susan Robinson, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Saturday, November 7, 2015

A Prayer for New Life

A Prayer for New Life

The pulse of this universe continues eternally, and its breath is my breath now.  This pulsation reminds me that there is something at work here beyond full comprehension; its powerful creative process timelessly continues one heartbeat at a time.   

I include in this prayer all new life as it emerges from this creative mystery, its elements made of recycled star dust, billions of years in the making.  New life emerging one cell division at a time follows the pattern of the universe, radiant, beautiful, intelligent, and perfect.  Each cell smiles with this new life as it continues to grow.

The miracle of this life with all its complexity and appearances, reminds me to see the real joy, awe, and amazement that is here in every situation.  This new life holds the hope and promise of the future; it comes preprogramed to have infinite possibilities, well equipped to face the challenges of its lifetime.  And as life begins over and over again, this miracle that creates unique expressions of its divine self, rejoices in its unique creations, each one perfect as is.

Affirming all is well, I bless this time of incubation where hearts beat in unison, in love, and expectancy, awaiting the greater yet to be.  This prayer goes out to all new life infusing it with peace, harmony, love, and joy.   And all those that nurture this life are blessed by its loving expression.

Letting go and releasing this word of prayer, I relax in great faith that the laws of the universe are already working to make it so perfectly.

Andra Sandberg, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa