Sunday, February 12, 2012

A prayer for following my intuition

There is one light of being, one clear voice, one divine Mind. It is the presence of the perfect loving Spirit that expresses through all that is. Every thought every experience is sourced in this one. One love, one light, one expression- ever available and all knowing. It is the wisdom that is beyond time and it is the source of all of life. It is the divine intelligence that orders nature itself. And everything belongs, everything is included-every thought and every feeling, every memory and every experience. This is the all-inclusive nature of the divine Spirit and it is the divine Spirit that guides life into its perfect expression.

I am included in this one Mind, all of my thoughts and feelings and experiences are taking place according to the perfection and wisdom of the One. Its wisdom guides me and lights the way before me.

I now claim and accept for myself absolute clarity. My mind and my thoughts are focused. All that I need to know and all that I need to do comes easily to me and I recognize it and take action when ever and where ever it is appropriate. I stay in tune with the loving heart of the divine Spirit that lives within me and guides me on my way. All of my feelings have their natural expression and I make space for them, I accept them. My intuition guides my on my path of healing. My intuition is strong and its voice speaks to my every need. I surrender to the life that is given to me.

I am grateful for this healing that is my life and for the perfect unfoldment of my being. I give thanks for the way life is perfectly expressing through me today.

I release this prayer into the spiritual law that does its work upon it, manifesting life’s perfection through me.

And So It Is.

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