Monday, February 27, 2012

Perfect Healing

This prayer is for perfect healing including the healing power of medical treatments.
There is one perfect, infinite, almighty Spirit. It is this Spirit which creates, nurtures and sustains life. It is the flow of the divine Spirit that animates all that is. Eternal Life, ever present as unconditional love, perfect peace and creative intelligence is guiding and informing all that is into its perfect expression. This beloved Presence includes all that is. It is the only source and the only power.
I am an emanation of this perfect life. I am one with all of the power and all of the intelligence of the beloved Spirit. The flow of life animates me in every moment.
I accept for myself that my physical body is an emanation of the perfection of the almighty Spirit. I am nurtured and sustained by the unconditional love and peace of the perfect One. My well being is absolutely assured as I claim perfect healing for myself. There is nothing that can block the flow of perfect life through me. I accept that I am open to the healing power of the medical treatments as they do their perfect work in my body. I declare that every cell, tissue and fiber is right now finding its perfect way of being. I accept comfort, ease and grace for myself and for my family and for all those in service to my healing.
I now give great thanks for this perfect flow of life expressing as my wholeness. I celebrate the gift of well being.
It is with faith and confidence in the highest and best manifestation, that I now release this word of prayer into the receptive medium, knowing it is fulfilled.
And So It Is.

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