Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Overflowing Abundance

Begin by recognizing the highest idea of Divinity: There is one abundant universe and it is a creation of the generous loving Spirit. This Spirit gives all of its gifts fully without restriction. It is overflowing resources, infinite possibilities and opulent goodness. There is nothing held back or excluded from the generous overflow of the divine good. 

Then remember the unity of all of life including yourself: I am one with the divine Spirit, the loving God that has created me. The same intelligence, the same mind that has created everything lives in me, it is my mind. I am the perfect emanation of the generous Spirit that has its life as me. 

Knowing this Unity and knowing the power of affirmative prayer, affirm the desired outcome is already true: I accept for myself that I am naturally drawn to activities that bring financial well being into my experience. I see, hear and feel the abundance of the loving Spirit all around me and I participate in this goodness. I allow Spirit to give itself to me as freedom and overflowing abundance. I easily and joyously exceed my financial goals. My life is filled with riches. I am wealthy in my divine inheritance. 

(take time now to add your own words and feelings of acceptance)

Next let yourself feel gratitude for this Truth: I am so grateful for the overflowing financial abundance in my life. I give thanks for the truth about me that I am rich beyond measure and I am daily exceeding my financial goals.

Now it is time to relax and trust the natural laws of the universe by releasing this prayer: It is so good to feel the truth and power of this Word and to release it into the spiritual law that governs all of life. With faith and expectancy, I let it be. 

And So It Is


  1. I really like your library. I'm very glad I find it and read it. Thank you for your generosity, for share with us. If in any moment you want to translate to Spanish will like to help.