Monday, February 20, 2012

To be free of back pain

Purpose: To be healthy, comfortable, with free movement and flexibility. To be strong and well.
Begin by recognizing the highest idea of Divinity: There is a power for good that underlies all of life. It is the foundation of all that exists. It is the one power and it expresses itself through all that is. It’s nature is wholeness and perfection. There can be no disturbance or disruption to the flow of good from this one power. It is perfect love and perfect peace. It makes itself new with every passing moment. Infinite and eternal, there is nothing that is outside the dominion of this great healing power. It is God and It includes all of life.
Then remember the unity of all of life including yourself. So then It includes me. I am a perfect expression of the healing power of the universe. My body is the body of God. I am one with the expression of the perfect love and the perfect peace of God. I am continually being made new by the healing power of God itself.
Knowing this Unity and knowing the power of affirmative prayer, affirm thedesired outcome is already true: My body is now perfectly healed by the power for good that flows through me. I am strong and flexible and free. I am completely comfortable in my body and my body is functioning with grace and ease. I release any idea that the wholeness and well-being of my body could be interrupted. Instead I accept that that God’s power for good is healing me now and in every moment to come. (take time now to really feel that what your are longing for is already true)
Next let yourself feel gratitude for this Truth: As I feel and know this spiritual truth about my body, I give thanks for the perfect peace that is mine right now. I give thanks for the wholeness and well-being of my body. I am grateful for God’s perfect love in my life.
Now it is time to relax and trust the natural laws of the universe by releasing this prayer: So, now, I trust that the receptive nature of the law of cause and effect is fully active, responding immediately to the highest intent of this prayer. I release any strain or doubt and let myself be filled with faith and confidence. I accept the power of this Word to manifest complete wholeness and I release it now.
And So It Is

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