Sunday, February 12, 2012

All is well in my new home

Purpose: All is well in my new home
I begin by recognizing the highest idea of Divinity: There is one loving energy that extends itself to all living beings. It is the love of God and It expresses fully and completely in every circumstance and every situation. It is the absolute all-in-all and It is the only power. It is perfect intelligence and harmony. It is the home of all that is, the ground of all being.
Then I remember the unity of all of life including myself. It is the life of the divine Spirit that is my life. It is all that I am and it includes this situation. Everything is included in the loving energy and the harmony of God. I am one with the living Spirit and always at home in God.
Knowing this Unity and knowing the power of affirmative prayer, I affirm the desired outcome is already true: I realize that all is well in my new home. I am fully adjusted to any differences or changes in my life. My family, friends and pets are also adjusted to this change. My new home is filled with peace and harmony. I am confident that all is well.
(Take time here to express your deepest feelings about what it is you wish to experience and to discover your highest understanding of the spiritual reality behind the situation)
Next I let myself feel gratitude for this Truth: I give thanks for the peace and harmony that is evident in my new home.
Now it is time to relax and trust the natural laws of the universe by releasing this prayer: I let go of any struggle or pressure within me and I release this prayer, knowing its highest intention will be fulfilled.
And So It Is

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