Saturday, September 19, 2015

Affirmative Prayer for Financial Abundance

 Affirmative Prayer for Financial Abundance

Recognition:  God is the one Infinite Intelligence operating in the Universe, out of which everything else arises.  There is nowhere and no thing that God is not.  God is love, God is wholeness, God is beauty, creativity, peace and abundance.  God is the Divine Source that created and sustains Life, showing Itself in the beauty of a rainbow, the innovation of a new idea, the love in a baby’s smile, the industry and cooperation of a beehive, the profusion of color in a meadow.  God is that ineffable Presence that gives unique life to each form and thought, even as the compilation forms a grand unity. 

Unification:  God is the Power and Presence within me, giving me life, forever embracing me in love and light.  I am in the midst of God and God is in the midst of me.  God is my source and my supply.  All that is, all that I have, all that I do is God expressing Its evolutionary desire through and as me. 

Realization:  As I open my heart and mind to greater awareness of my “godness,” my life expands and blossoms like a flower opening in the warmth of Spring’s loving sunrays.  I experience more love, more happiness, more creativity, more success.  Because I know there is never a shortage of God, I know there is always more of every good thing.  Abundance is spelled G-O-D and my cup is overflowing.  My bank accounts are full, my debts nonexistent, I have money to share and money to spare.  I am a member in good standing of the Divine Givers and Receivers Club!

Thanksgiving:  With a heart full of light, I give thanks for this knowing.  I give thanks for the shift in consciousness that demonstrates as financial abundance.  I give thanks for the love and support I feel all around that makes way for my truth to unfold as my reality.

Release:  In gratitude, I release my word to the Law of the One Mind, that Law that knows only ‘yes,’ that Law that receives my thought and acts upon it without hesitation.  It is done and I accept it.  And so it is.

Helen Graves, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living Santa Rosa
#aworldthatworksforeveryone  #theglobalvision


  1. Thanks,Helen. I treated today using your financial abundance prayer and within a short time an expected deposit arrived sooner than scheduled. Gratitude to Divine Spirit and to you for your words that called to me today.

  2. I'm delighted you had such a wonderful demonstration, Nancy. Your shifting consciousness creates more light for all of us!

    Abundantly yours,

  3. Thank you Helen. I am studying Affirmitivr Prayer and have struggled with getting past flowery words. Your prayer I can feel and connect in with. Thank you for taking the time to post yours here for me.

    Much love,
    John Conrad Gracey
    Denver, CO
    Mile Hi Chirch