Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Prayer for Successful Surgery

Prayer for Successful Surgery

There is one perfect healing Power, one supreme Intelligence that is at the heart of all of life. It is the rhythm of the seasons and the patterns of nature.  It is the complete order and  interconnectedness that expresses through all of existence. It is wholeness and well-being. It is love and peace and joy and beauty. It is the light of this one Power and Intelligence that guides every activity into the best and highest outcome. It is success.

All of us, everyone of us, are fully united with this one Power and Intelligence. Its life is our life, Its perfect order and  wholeness are imprinted on our very souls. We are each one with the all in all. The love, peace, joy and beauty of the universal Life are present in each of us.

So from this place of unity I accept on behalf of anyone facing surgery, a complete and absolute success. I accept wholeness and well-being. I declare that the perfection of the one Power and Intelligence are fully active in this person’s body. All the people who are involved in the medical and surgical care are divinely guided and participate graciously in the success of this surgery. I accept the perfect healing for body, mind and spirit. I affirm that love prevails, and where love is peace, joy and beauty also reside. 

I  rest in the gratitude that this realization has brought to me. What a blessing to remember this truth, that successful surgery is in the hands of the One. I appreciate the power of these words to manifest the highest good for anyone who accepts them as the truth.

I now, with a sense of completion, turn this prayer over to that which has in its nature the ability to make it so—the One Life.

And So It Is