Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for the Perfect Job

Affirmative Prayer for the Perfect Job

There is one organizing Power in the universe. It is the all-abiding wisdom and harmony of the Spirit. Its power is infinite and absolute. It constantly brings greater and greater harmony to all of life. Spirit’s nature is abundance.

I am one with this organizing Power. Its all-abiding wisdom and harmony are fully available to me. Spirit’s abundance is my divine inheritance.

I accept that I am right now stepping into the perfect job for me. I declare a falling away of any appearance of struggle, lack or barriers and accept that divine wisdom is leading the way. I realize that abundance is my divine inheritance. I walk in confidence as I enter into this complete faith in the power of the Spirit to bring to me my hearts desire. I realize that all my needs are met through the one true source, the living Spirit. My life is unfolding in perfect harmony.

I give thanks for this realization of the power of Spirit.

I release this Word into the Creative Law that manifests everything.

And So It Is


  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to construct and post these prayers. They are beautifully worded and extremely potent.

  2. This is terrific, especially for friends in need who are intimidated by traditional religion. Thank you for sharing your New Thought faith and expression with the world.
    Cheers, ab