Saturday, March 3, 2012

Prayer for Success with a Project

Here is a prayer for inspiration and success with a project:

There exists an absolute, divine order in nature. Today I call that divine order Spirit. Spirit is the perfect intelligence that orchestrates every detail of life. The loving presence of Spirit is creative and powerful. It is the clear light of Spirit that leads the way to complete success in all things. It is the source of all inspiration.

I am an essential part of creation. Within me exists the perfect order and intelligence of Spirit. My mind is the mind of Spirit and my affairs are the affairs of Spirit. It is the power and  the creativity of Spirit  that expresses through me. The light of Spirit lives in me. I am one with Spirit.

I accept that my project is guaranteed success, for I am allowing myself to be guided by the pure light of the living Spirit. It is divine inspiration that moves me to create. Because my mind is an outlet for the perfect intelligence that orchestrates all of life, my project is infused with brilliant ideas and great outcomes. I am serene and confident as I complete the perfect project on time and share it openly. This project is a blessing to all who encounter it.

I give thanks for the success of this project and for the joy of creating it.

I release this Word into the natural receptivity of Spirit, knowing it is the law of nature to respond without restriction to its highest intention. With quiet expectancy, I let it be.

And So It Is

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