Friday, December 12, 2014

Affirmative Prayer for Safe Travel

Affirmative Prayer for Safe Travel

There is one perfect Order, one Intelligence, one harmonious Flow to Life. It is the Living Spirit Almighty and It guides and protects all of creation. The one Power, the one Life Force is always present in every circumstance and every situation.

Each one of us, all of humanity is a part of this Divine Order. All of life is guided by this intelligence and strengthened by this Power. I am, we each are, guided and protected by the Creator of Life in all ways and at all times. This includes all travelers everywhere.

I accept for all who are traveling, a safe journey, perfect departure and perfect arrival. Wherever assistance is needed it is provided. The way is made clear and the movement is easy and harmonious. All travelers are held in the safety and protection of the Living Spirit Almighty. The solution to every appearance of a problem already exists, and is fully active and available. Resolution is assured by the great order of the universe. The perfection of Spirit prevails always.

I rest in ease and confidence in the power of this word to move all appearances to the contrary out of the way and bring the highest good for all travelers. I give thanks and I trust that it is already done.

And So It Is

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