Saturday, February 18, 2017

Prayer for Safe Travel

Prayer for Safe Travel

There is one Life Divine that is everywhere present.  This Life is Spirit expressing in all things, see and unseen. It is love, peace, and joy. Like a bright light always shining, Spirit’s wisdom is always available fully in life.  Spirit is the source of all creation and wonder.  Spirit is the magnificent, powerful, all knowing core of our being, brilliant and bright.

I am one with Spirit. All of these qualities are right here where I am. I am love and peace, power and wisdom.  I carry these attributes with me all of the time.  Wisdom is always available to me. Spirit’s power is carrying me forward. The light of Spirit shines on my path and makes perfect my way.  Joy and love are right where I am. And the ever present life of Spirit is my life now.

From this place of unity and fully understanding this expression of Spirit within me, I now speak a word for safe travel. I am open to Spirit’s wisdom expressing in my life as a safe journey. I open myself to that still small voice within me and I pay attention to it all the time. I affirm that Spirit speaks to me and guides me every step of the way. I declare a safe and easy trip no matter the length or the circumstances. I know that Spirit is my co-pilot and I breathe into that declaration right now. Spirit’s got my back and I lovingly accept Spirit’s wisdom and guidance. I now declare that any obstacles that block my way are easily removed; they just fall away. As allow Spirit to support me, I can relax and enjoy every step of my journey. 

Ah, what a joy it is to connect in this way to the truth of my being.  And I am grateful for this time of remembering the truth. I am thankful this time of reconnecting with the One Life within me.

As I release this prayer into the law of mind, I can let go. I can rest in this truth and watch it manifest. 

And so it is.  Amen

Bette Smith, RScP
Center for Spirutal Living, Santa Rosa

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