Monday, January 30, 2012

Highest Good for an Individual

Purpose: To know the highest good for an individual (say their name here)

Begin by recognizing the highest idea of Divinity: There is a power for good that is evident through all of life. It is the very nature of life itself to express more and more good in every moment. This is the life force that gives itself to its creation in every moment and every situation. It is the one healing power, perfect in its expression. Its nature is generosity, abundance, harmony and peace. It is Love. And It is creative.

Next remember the unity of all of life including yourself and this individual. I am one with this power for good. It moves through me, expressing as me. There is no circumstance or situation that can cause me to be separate from this Love. And this is true for (name of individual) The power for good lives within (name of individual). It creates through her/him. Its love is the very fabric of his/her being.

Knowing this unity and knowing the power of affirmative prayer, affirm the
desired outcome is already true: I now accept on behalf of (name of individual) that the highest and greatest good is now flowing through the life of (name of individual). That same power for good that has created the universe is now fully active in his/her life.
(take time now to express your best feeling and understanding of what is desired)

Next feel gratitude for this Truth: I am so grateful that life is expressing its perfection as (name of individual)

Now it is time to relax and trust the natural laws of the universe by releasing this prayer: I release this Word into the receptive medium that responds in the affirmative for the highest good and I let it be so.

And So It Is

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