Thursday, March 15, 2012

Peaceful Rest, Divine Tranquility

A prayer for peaceful rest and divine tranquility

There is one absolute cause, the source of all of life, the divine Creator. This is the infinite loving presence that gives itself to everything and everyone all the time. Its nature is perfect peace. It is the divine tranquility. It is the stillness that lies within all that moves. It is that which cannot be contained and cannot be defined, yet can clearly be felt. It is the fullness of life, unwavering in its love.

And it is this One that includes all that is. So it must include me. I am one with the source of life itself. The peace of the divine creator lives in me. I am made from the stillness that lies at the heart peace itself.

From the recognition that I am one with the peace of the divine source, I accept for myself peaceful rest. I am fully able to relax and trust life to bring to me that which I need. I sleep well and wake up refreshed. I feel the stillness and tranquility of the divine One deep within me and I experience it in all of my affairs. I am able to lay aside any agitation or worry and I allow the beautiful peace of life to embrace me. My mind is quiet and calm and my body is at rest. I enjoy the blissful stillness of divine tranquility.

I give thanks for the perfect unfolding of peaceful rest and tranquility in my life. I am grateful for the gift of stillness and quiet in my life.

I release this prayer into the embrace of the receptive nature of the divine One. And I let it be.

And So It Is.


  1. ohhhh yes yes yes yes yes :::

    Our Act of Peaceful Rest, Divine Tranquility

    . . . to be memorized and said before bed . . .

    . . .so sweet sweet

    :: . . . SO - gone to rest

    :: . . . SO - into the embrace of the receptive nature of the divine One

    Blessed are we . . .resting embraced

  2. Wow, very nice. Just reading it I felt calmer. It comes off smoothly.