Friday, March 9, 2012

Safe Travel

A prayer for safe travel.

There is one infinite intelligence, one loving Spirit in and through all of creation. It is the very source of life itself. God, Spirit, Source, Life- by whatever name we call It- It remains the same. It is the one true Reality and It includes everything. It is eternal and immortal, ever present and all-knowing. It is the one Mind and it guides all of life into its perfect expression. Moving and flowing everywhere all the time, this divine order aligns all of existence according to its absolute, perfect pattern. All of creation is safe and protected by the loving Spirit.

I am one with this perfect pattern, this divine order is fully present in me and as me. The source of life itself exists in its entirety in me. I move with the flow of life as it moves through me. I am included in the loving embrace of the Spirit.

And because I am one with the Spirit, I know that I am safe and protected as I travel. I open to this flow of perfection. I let the divine intelligence inform me. I accept for myself safe travel as I allow the perfect pattern of divine order bring me to every arrival and every departure with ease and grace. I accept the action of the loving Spirit in all of my activities. I rest in this knowledge of the protection of Spirit and I relax and enjoy the moment.

I give thanks for this feeling of safety and protection as I travel. I appreciate the good that unfolds. I am grateful for the joy that lives within me, available in every moment.

I release this word into the Law with faith and confidence and I accept its manifestation in my life.

And So It Is

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