Monday, April 16, 2012

Lovingly Connected to Spirit

Purpose: I am lovingly connected to Spirit.

Begin by recognizing your highest idea of Divinity: There is one universal power that has created all of life. Everything that exists is a part of the matrix of this one life. There is a pattern of perfection that extends itself across all boundaries. It is the love of the divine Spirit that connects everyone and everything. This love is infinite and eternal.

Then remember the unity of all of life including yourself: I know that I am included in this infinite, eternal love. I remember that my oneness with the divine Spirit can never be broken for I am Spirit in expression.

Knowing this Unity and knowing the power of  affirmative prayer, affirm the desired outcome is already true: I accept then that I am living the life of the divine Spirit. I claim for myself that I am able to feel this loving connection in every circumstance and every situation. I feel the love of the divine in my body, in my mind and in my soul. Love is the very fabric of my being. I realize in this moment and in every moment I am one with the love of Spirit.

Next let yourself feel gratitude for this Truth: I am so grateful for the realization of this truth that I am now and forevermore lovingly connected to Spirit.

Now it is time to relax and trust the natural laws of the universe by releasing this prayer:  I release this word into the receptive nature of the Spirit and I allow it to be so in my experience.

And So It Is

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