Saturday, August 11, 2012

Love Divine

Here is another prayer about Love from a friend

There is one infinite presence and power of Spirit, one love divine, one eternal life; everywhere present, all wise, all knowing, all powerful.  Spirit is light, peace and joy.  Spirit is the source of all and that source is unlimited, and ever expanding.  In each moment Spirit is creating anew. 

Each one of us is immersed in this power and presence of Spirit.  Each one of us is whole, complete and perfect in Spirit.  The eternal love of Spirit is the love within me.  The steadfast peace of Spirit is the peace within me.  I am an expression of Spirit and I am joy and peace.  The life of Spirit is the life within me.  The source of all good is the source of good for me.  I am love.

I am guided by Spirit’s wisdom in this moment and every moment.  There is nothing in me that can stop the love of Spirit.  I express joy and peace and love in each word that I speak and each thought that I think.  I let go of all hurts and shame with grace and ease.  I shake off the old ways of blame and find that place of strength within me to begin again.  I let go of what others think about me and align with the love and peace within me.  I allow the Divine Love to act through me now shattering the illusion of suffering.  As I recognize the Love of God within me, I trust my clear guidance and allow myself to be healed.  I allow for more good to show up in my life.  I allow my inner wisdom to show me the way to live fully and act lovingly with compassion and grace.  As I align with Spirit, I take up the mantle of Love and break through any barriers that impede the Love of Spirit.

With deepest gratitude for this time of remembering the truth, that Love is the only power, I rest.  I let go and I let it be.  And so it is.  Amen. 

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