Saturday, August 4, 2012

Love is Eternal

Love is Eternal

There is one Love, one Power, one eternal Presence that exists everywhere all the time. It is the source of life itself. Its nature is peace and wholeness and beauty. It is the one creative energy that gives rise to all of existence. It is the one true Reality.

And because it exists everywhere all the time it exists in me and in each and every being everywhere. The love of Spirit lives in each one of us, and this divine love is eternal.

So I accept on behalf of myself and each and everyone of us that we are made up of this divine, eternal Love. It is the very fabric of our being and it is woven into every experience and every relationship. I realize once again that love never dies, and that any love we have ever felt is alive in us. So I am remembering to let myself be consoled by this truth. Even in times of loss and shock and sadness there lives in me this flame of eternal love. I recognize that the peace of the Spirit lives in me and in each of us and this Peace cannot be disrupted by any event or situation. It is the clear light of the divine Spirit that is guiding me into perfect right thought and perfect right action as I navigate through the emotions of life. I am alive and I am well and I let myself be surrounded by loving people. I open to the subtle beauty that exists everywhere. I am patient and kind with myself and others. I am strong in my faith and I walk in peace as I know deep inside my soul that love is eternal.

I allow this beautiful truth to carry me to a feeling of goodness and gratitude. I allow myself to be lifted up by the activity of prayer and I dwell in the atmosphere of quiet joy.

As I release all ideas of making anything happen, I realize that it is the action of the Law of Spirit that responds to my hearts calling. And I let it be.

And So It Is

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