Saturday, June 29, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Joy

There is one powerful Presence, It is the  Presence of the Creator. That Source of all of life that gives Itself fully to Its creation. Its nature is love and peace and joy. It delights in expressing Itself. This Presence is eternal  and infinite joy.

I am included in this one powerful Presence. It is the Source of my life and It gives Itself to me fully. It delights in expressing Itself as me. Its love, peace and joy live in me.

I accept then a greater experience of joy in my life. I claim that that natural joy of the one powerful Presence  has Its home in me and finds expression through me. I live my life guided by this light, by this love. I allow joy and peace to be revealed in my every moment. All my activities and all my relationships benefit from this opening to more joy. All of my difficulties and challenges are released in the light of this joy. There is a natural joy to being alive and I delight in it, I live by it. I lay all my burdens down and rest in the joy of the one powerful Presence.

I am grateful for the joy that is expressing in my life in greater and greater ways as I open to the fullness of Its expression.

I trust the laws that govern all of life to respond to this my Word and manifest a greater experience of joy in my life.

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