Friday, March 7, 2014

Affirmative Prayer for Peace in Ukraine

Affirmative Prayer for Peace in Ukraine by  Suzanne Sackett, RScP

There is one Magnificent Power - ever-present in love, harmony, and balance - flowing in, through, and as all Life…and it is God, Spirit, Creation.

This Divine Nature expresses fully as my life, as all things, all beings -- consistently and perfectly creating lives of love, health, peace, flow, balance, and communication. It is the very essence of all life for all people in Ukraine and Russia; for all people everywhere.

As I feel complete peace in mind, heart and soul, a feeling of well being fills my world. Peaceful is my way of life. This same peace lives within each person living in Ukraine and Russia. In all that they do, they are guided by Infinite Wisdom. In all that they think, Universal Truth is revealed. In all that is said, the Love of God is shared. The awe of Spirit blesses all of their relationships, exchanges, intentions, and their lives are ones of peace, love, happiness, and prosperity.

This rich, gentle, and endless stream of peace of the Absolute fills my heart to overflowing. I am truly grateful. I release these truths into the Omnipresent Law of Mind, knowing that as I have claimed it to be so, so it is!

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